Desolate Era: Hatching a Phoenix at the Beginning - Chapter 174

Desolate Era: Hatching a Phoenix at the Beginning - Chapter 174

The moment Ye Chen said that, laughter came from his side.


Ye, are you kidding me?” Even the leader of the Feather Dragons, who had always respected these Ancient Divine Beasts, couldn’t help but laugh.

“Although Divine Beast Goulong was indeed born a little later than Divine Beast Zhurong, the two of them aren’t related by blood.

” “This is only a record in the legend.

How would I know the truth?” Ye Chen continued to tease Zhurong.

“Ask one of them.

What has it got to do with the person sleeping in the stone wall now?” Zhurong, who had been arguing with Ye Chen, had long collapsed from laughter.

“Goulong secretly learned many of my Mystic Abilities back then and showed them off in front of the Titan God.

At that time, I was unhappy about it, but it refused to admit it no matter what.

And now, it’s my grandson in the legends of the Titan Continent.

That’s karma!” “From what you’re saying, were you very close to Goulong back then? Did you even work for the Titan God together?” Ye Chen asked curiously.

This tone of speaking about its peers that it couldn’t stand made him think of the Kun Peng and Monkey who liked to bicker.

When they mentioned the other party for no reason, they would definitely mock each other.

However, in front of important matters, they would still side with each other.

Zhurong mentioned the Titan God again.

Two Ancient Divine Beasts that didn’t get along were gathered around a god.

No matter how he thought about it, he felt that they should be subordinates of the one who seemed to be the creator of his original world.

“Who’s close to it… It’s right that we were subordinates of the Titan God.

” At this moment, another familiar voice sounded.




Ye Chen raised his head in surprise and looked at where the fragment of Goulong’s Spirit Pool was hidden in the secret chamber.

“You’re awake so quickly? You wake up so often.

I thought you would sleep for a while longer.

” The voice that answered just now sounded very old.

Moreover, it didn’t pass into his ears in the form of a voice.

Instead, it seemed to have entered his mind directly.

These characteristics were clearly only present in Goulong, who had only interacted with Ye Chen once when he first entered the array.

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“Kid, how was your sleep?” Zhurong also heard Goulong’s voice and greeted it gloatingly.

“Did you experience the joy of being my grandson in a different world in your dream?” Continue_reading on MYB0X N0V EL.

COM Goulong’s voice paused.

After a while, it sounded again.

“After sensing that the altar has changed its owner, the new owner removed the suppression on my consciousness.

With such a huge commotion, of course I had to wake up.

” It clearly ignored Zhurong’s provocation and continued talking to Ye Chen.

“You can control the Spirit Sealing Altar, so I can naturally wake up at any time.

How’s your preparation going? If you want me to possess a mutated beast to weaken the array, can you give me two more days to accumulate mental energy?” Once Goulong woke up, the first thing it paid attention to was the progress of leaving the array.

“You’re very accepting of new situations.

” Zhurong ridiculed.

“The bodies we’re using for possession are already prepared.

You have to be prepared for triggering the trap in the secret chamber and weakening the array power of the secret chamber.

Also, as soon as that perceiving-type little fellow increases its strength, we have to start moving immediately.

We only have a day and a half to rest, kid.

” “One day?” Ye Chen was a little shocked.

“Didn’t you say that we have three days to wake Goulong up? Even if the Spirit Sealing Altar took us a lot of time, we should have two more days.

That should be enough for Goulong to rest.

” Goulong’s mental energy had always been relatively weak because it was forced to keep waking up.

If its mental energy was insufficient, causing it to lose consciousness halfway through recovering its original strength, it would be in big trouble.

“Three days is just the usual time.

” Zhurong sighed.

“At that time, I estimated that I would only be awake for three days at most.

However, after running around with you guys like this, I realized that on the third day, my mental energy will probably be difficult to support me, so I definitely can’t stay awake until that late.

” “You’re so weak.

” Goulong replied, “Then, take your time.

I’ll sleep first.

” After saying that, it was about to fall asleep again.


” Zhurong stopped it in time.

“I have something to ask you.

Do you know about the creation of the Spirit Sealing Altar?” At this moment, Ye Chen suddenly remembered Zhurong said that it wanted to ask Goulong some questions about the altar.

“How would I know?” Goulong’s reply sounded a little impatient.

“Although the consciousness in the fragment of my Spirit Pool is slightly more than yours, those people wouldn’t create the Spirit Sealing Altar in front of me, right?” “Then, after entering the array, did you obtain any other information about the altar?” Zhurong continued to ask.

“Before I was brought into the array, they had already sealed me up.

So, I certainly couldn’t obtain any relevant information.

After that, they moved the altar here and my consciousness was completely sealed.

I only gradually recovered after a hundred years.

” Seeing that the other party was asking a serious question, Goulong also found it strange.

“Why are you so concerned about the Spirit Sealing Altar?” Zhurong replied in a deep voice, “The fragment of my Spirit Pool has been fused into this Spirit Sealing Altar.

I want to know if it will affect me.

” This time, Goulong was silent for a while.

“That’s not the only thing you want to ask, right?” After a while, it said, “Is there any other similar Spirit Sealing Altar? That’s what you want to ask, isn’t it? I can tell you clearly that there was.

At that time, they definitely made more than one altar.

They only brought one into the array.

I’ve seen such a thing before.

” “That would be a problem,” Zhurong said fiercely.

Ye Chen was extremely puzzled at the side.

“Isn’t the topic of the two of you a little off?” He asked, “As long as one knows the Spirit Sealing Art, the Spirit Sealing Altar can be made with materials.

Back then, those people refined the fragment of your Spirit Pool and made other altars.

Is that actually normal? How will this affect Zhurong?” In his opinion, after the altar was made, the fragment of Zhurong’s Spirit Pool, which was used as the material, wouldn’t have any effect on Zhurong while it was sealed.

Otherwise, there was no way to explain why Zhurong’s consciousness would still awaken according to its original frequency when Goulong woke up every few days.

“No, this is a big problem.

” Zhurong shook its head and replied, “If there’s still an altar with a fragment of my Spirit Pool left in the outside world, it’s no different from having another ‘me’ there.

If it’s used as a spirit-sealing target, my main body will definitely fall into a deep sleep.

” “From the looks of it, the reason why you’re not affected yet is most likely because the people who control the altar in the outside world have yet to think of this method.

When they figure it out, our plan will be ruined.

” As Goulong spoke, it even had the mood to laugh.

“Senior Zhurong, you finally need my Mystic Ability to help?” Zhurong turned its head away.

“Alright, show your only original Mystic Ability.

” It mocked, “You secretly learned so many of my Mystic Abilities.

It’s reasonable for you to repay me!”