Desolate Era: Hatching a Phoenix at the Beginning - Chapter 150

Desolate Era: Hatching a Phoenix at the Beginning - Chapter 150

Chapter 150 Monkey’s Opportunity [The Divine Beast is purifying its Spiritual Energy.

Please wait patiently.

] Looking at this system notification, Ye Chen couldn’t understand it.

“Master, what are you talking about? It’s true that I am an earth-type beast.

” Monkey heard his shocked voice and answered a bit strangely, “Do you know what’s going on with me?” Ye Chen retracted his hand and turned to the Immortal Phoenix.

He said, “Sun God Envoy, try to sense if there is any Fire Spiritual Energy in Monkey’s body.

” “But Monkey has always been an earth-type Divine Beast?” The Immortal Phoenix looked at Ye Chen in doubt but still extended its head in the direction of Monkey, touching its forehead.

After a while, it retracted its head and its eyes were filled with shock.

“Not only is there Fire Spiritual Energy, Monkey’s Spiritual Energy is now especially similar to Senior Zhurong’s!” The Immortal Phoenix exclaimed.

“What’s going on?!” Ye Chen shook his head.

“I don’t know either, but I saw that its meridians were glowing with golden light and its entire body was burning.

No matter what, it looks like it’s using Zhurong’s Fire Melting Art to refine its attribute,” he answered before asking more questions.

“If I remember correctly, Zhurong has more Fire Spiritual Energy, right? If such a situation happens to Monkey, will there be a problem?” “Of course!” The Immortal Phoenix ran around in circles anxiously.

“It’s too dangerous for the Fire Spiritual Energy to invade its meridians! If there really is Fire Spiritual Energy refining the Earth Spiritual Energy in Monkey’s body, it will definitely be burned!” Seeing that the Immortal Phoenix was so anxious, Ye Chen was too embarrassed to say that Monkey was purifying its Spiritual Energy.

The system notification definitely wouldn’t be wrong.

However, in the current situation, even if he told the truth, he wouldn’t be able to withstand the questioning of the two Divine Beasts either, because he didn’t know anything about the purification of Spiritual Energy.

If he said too much, he would make a mistake.

It was better not to say anything.

At this moment, Monkey suddenly cried out in pain and curled up before collapsing.




“Monkey, you can’t stay here anymore! Master, let’s quickly send Monkey to the ice array and stay away from the fire array.

It might feel better!” The Immortal Phoenix was startled and immediately urged Ye Chen.

“Wait!” It was Monkey who spoke.

“Big Sister, don’t send me there.

I feel that the Fire Spiritual Energy doesn’t mean to hurt me!” It was still curled up on the ground but it forced itself to shout.

The Immortal Phoenix was stunned.

“Monkey, have you become nuts after being burned?” It touched Monkey’s body with its claws gently and asked in doubt, “You’re already so hot…” Ye Chen also took a step forward and bent down to check on Monkey.

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COM It wasn’t because of anything else.

He had just realized that Monkey’s golden fur seemed to have dimmed a little.

When he looked closer, he immediately realized something.

A layer of grayish-black mud was hidden in Monkey’s fur.

It had already dried out and become chunks, making it look very dirty.

He gently reached his hand out and touched it.

The mud fell off and shattered into powder.

“That’s strange.

Monkey didn’t have mud on its body before.

” Ye Chen couldn’t help but smell the powder on his finger.

The smell of powder was very strange, like the smell of rotten flesh and mud mixed together.

An earthy smell irritated Ye Chen’s nose, making him flick the powder off his hand quickly.

At the same time, he frowned in disgust.

“It stinks! What’s this?” Seeing Ye Chen’s expression, the Immortal Phoenix also came over and touched the mud that Ye Chen had shaken off.

Then, it used the Art of Zhurong on the mud.

The mud didn’t turn into golden lava like before.

Instead, it was quickly burnt into a pile of fine ashes.

“Master, this isn’t mud,” the Immortal Phoenix said to Ye Chen.

“If it was mud or stone, or even a semi-petrified structure like the Mystic Realm, the Art of Zhurong could have melted it.

This thing was burnt to ashes instantly.

It feels more like useless impurities that have been burned… But where did it get so many impurities in this array?” It still looked confused.

Ye Chen immediately reacted.

The day before, the leader of the Feather Dragons told him to let the Divine Beasts absorb Spiritual Energy and stop eating.

The reason was that there were various kinds of mutated beasts in the food.

The Spiritual Energy wasn’t pure enough and eating it would lower the Divine Beasts’ judgment of Spiritual Energy In fact, other than the Godly Sea Steadying Needle, which had many types of Spiritual Energy, the other Divine Beasts in Ye Chen’s hands were all Divine Beasts with only one type of Spiritual Energy.

To mutated beasts that only had one type of Spiritual Energy, what they needed to do was to unleash their only attribute to the extreme.

At the same time, the Spiritual Power of the other attributes were impurities to them and needed to be refined by themselves before they could absorb it.

And by directly consuming and absorbing it, they also took in more impurities.

Under normal circumstances, fire-type mutated beasts had to worry about impurities the least because the refining ability of fire could help them quickly extract the Spiritual Energy they needed.

Water-type mutated beasts didn’t need to worry about it either because their bodies could quickly identify the impurities due to the unique sensing nature of their Spiritual Energy and then focus on extraction in a targeted manner.

Earth-type mutated beasts like Monkey were the most troublesome.

The earth attribute emphasized on the performance of strength, so its tolerance was too strong.

Usually, a mutated beast’s identifying ability could only support its Spiritual Energy extraction when it was powerful enough and allow its ability to be substantially improved.

Therefore, mutated beasts of the earth attribute often had an obvious leap in combat power, which was when they refined Spiritual Energy.

And now, it was obvious that with the external help of Zhurong’s golden feather, Monkey’s Spiritual Energy was being purified rapidly.

Therefore, the impurities in its body were expelled in the form of filth.

To Monkey, being able to purify its Spiritual Energy in advance was definitely an excellent opportunity! “No wonder Monkey said that the Fire Spiritual Energy wasn’t harming it.

” Ye Chen relaxed and comforted the Immortal Phoenix.

“Sun God Envoy, don’t worry.

Monkey is purifying the Spiritual Energy.

Not only will it be fine, but its strength will also increase later.

” “Really?” The Immortal Phoenix was doubtful.

“But it looks very painful.

” “That’s because the power of the Fire Spiritual Energy is incompatible with its body,” Ye Chen explained.

“Don’t worry.

We’ve all seen the power of Zhurong’s Spiritual Energy.

Right now, this Spiritual Energy has already become much gentler.

It probably doesn’t mean to hurt Monkey.

” Hearing this, the Immortal Phoenix was relieved and started to wait with Ye Chen.

Monkey’s purification of Spiritual Energy didn’t last for too long.

After less than half an hour, the meridians under its skin no longer emitted golden light and gradually returned to their original color.

It also seemed to have regained its strength and stood up from the ground.

“Are you alright, Monkey? How are you feeling?” Ye Chen quickly asked.

“Although it was quite painful in the beginning, I feel much better after being burned by the Fire Spiritual Energy!” Monkey answered happily.

The pain on his face could no longer be seen.

In order to prove that what it said was true, it stomped its foot hard and shook off the impurities all over its body.

However, it was also at this moment that the boundaries of the arrays shook obviously.

A few Spirit Stone pillars cracked from the top and fell directly on them.