Desolate Era: Hatching a Phoenix at the Beginning - Chapter 144

Desolate Era: Hatching a Phoenix at the Beginning - Chapter 144

Chapter 144 Kun Peng’s Realization Ye Chen and his five Divine Beasts were a little stunned.

“I… I have a combination skill with the Godly Sea Steadying Needle.

You can’t say that we don’t know how to cooperate.

You…” Monkey didn’t admit it and refuted first.

“The combination skill doesn’t count.

That’s your kinds’ talent,” the leader of the Feather Dragons interrupted.

“Haven’t you used your abilities to cooperate with each other before?” “We have, but it’s relatively rare,” the Immortal Phoenix replied.

“For example, when I melt the floor, Little Purple will use the Ice Fire Armor to protect everyone, and Idiot will be able to bring everyone to a safe place quickly…” As it spoke, it became more and more guilty from the stare of the leader of the Feather Dragons and its voice became softer.

“This is just the basics.

You don’t even know how to cooperate with each other.

You’re wasting your own abilities,” the leader of the Feather Dragons mocked.

“Idiot, come over and demonstrate with me.

” “I’m not an idiot!” The Kun Peng jumped up.

Once this nickname was spoken, the solemn atmosphere surrounding everyone was instantly shattered.

Ye Chen and the other mutated beasts couldn’t hold it and laughed out loud one after another.

“Stop laughing!” The Kun Peng glared fiercely at its companions and turned to Ye Chen.

“Master, don’t call me Idiot anymore in the future.

Look, you’re so happy to call me by that name that it can’t even remember my name!” “Actually, I don’t know either… Pfft.

” The Godly Sea Steadying Needle also interrupted and couldn’t help but laugh.

It came late and was considered a little girl by its gender.

It was usually only close to Little Purple, so it certainly didn’t know the Kun Peng’s name that hadn’t been called for a long time.




“You guys! Don’t call me Idiot anymore.

It’s all Master’s fault!” the Kun Peng turned its back with a conflicted expression.

The Kun Peng’s name was Demon Master Kun Peng.

It had such a domineering name, but no one called it by it.

It had been frustrated for a long time.

However, it was Monkey who came up to comfort it.

“Haha, idiot, you don’t have to feel frustrated.

Look, how many times have you properly called my name? Just accept it, you’ll get used to it in the future.

” It patted the Kun Peng on the shoulder, advising it while laughing.

Its real name was the Great Sage, which was also a name that no one used.

It could be said to be the same as the Kun Peng.

However, the Kun Peng was angry.

How would it listen? With a flap of its wing, it slapped Monkey and made it tumble.

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COM “Alright, Kun Peng, stop throwing a tantrum.

Quickly go and help with the demonstration.

” Ye Chen finished laughing at the side and stopped teasing the Kun Peng.

He said to it seriously.

The Kun Peng looked at Ye Chen bitterly and went to the leader of the Feather Dragons who was watching the fun but wasn’t satisfied.

“You’re from the Divine Roc Race, right?” The leader of the Feather Dragons stopped laughing and said to the Kun Peng seriously, “You should have two forms.

Try changing to the fish form now.

” The Kun Peng was very cooperative.

Soon, it curled into a ball and started to change its form.

Water vapor flowed in the air.

Because of the power of the ice array, many small ice crystals fell from the sky.

After a while, the Kun Peng transformed into a big fish that floated in the air.

Seeing that its transformation was complete, the leader of the Feather Dragons used its claw to break off a Spirit Stone from the groups of Spirit Stones and handed it over.

“Swallow this.

Don’t digest it.

” “What’s so difficult about that? This is my own ability?” The Kun Peng felt a little strange but still cooperated and swallowed the Spirit Stone.

“What’s next?” it asked the leader of the Feather Dragons.

“There’s no need to do anything.

You just need to experience what it’s like to have a Spirit Stone in your stomach.

Then tell me why you can put it in your stomach but won’t digest it.

Don’t say that it’s your kind’s talent,” the leader of the Feather Dragons replied.

Then, he relaxed and sat on the ground cross-legged.

“I’ll wait for your answer here.

” “But this is the talent of my kind.

” The Kun Peng was stunned.

“If you want to teach us, just teach.

Why are you still keeping us in suspense!” The Immortal Phoenix felt a bit upset for the Kun Peng.

“That was originally the ability of Idiot.

If you want it to analyze why it can do it, aren’t you making things difficult for it?” The leader of the Feather Dragons was much calmer.

“As mutated beasts, you don’t understand yourselves too well.

I’m afraid that none of you grew up in the same race,” it replied indifferently.

“When we cultivate, we all need to understand what kind of mutated beast we are in order to better unleash our abilities.

You only grew to this point because you met a good master.

However, if you don’t understand yourselves, your abilities might greatly decrease when facing other mutated beasts of the same combat strength!” “You really think about them.


” Ye Chen was a little happy.

“There’s no need to thank me.

You’ve done your best for our kind, so I naturally have to help you.

” The leader of the Feather Dragons didn’t look at him.

“What happens next will depend on your Divine Beast.

It won’t understand it quickly.

While we’re waiting for it, let’s cultivate by ourselves.

” As it turned out, the Kun Peng took quite some time to understand it.

It took three to four hours.

When Ye Chen was roasting meat and preparing for dinner, it opened its eyes and started yelling.

“Master, I feel it!” The Kun Peng rushed to Ye Chen happily.

“The key to me swallowing the thing but not digesting it is that the ‘room’ in my body isn’t connected to other places!” “I know that.

Before I woke up from my serious injuries, I think I regained consciousness in that ‘room,”” Little Purple said.

“It’s a very cold place.

Although it’s in the Kun Peng’s stomach, there’s no dirt or strange smell at all.

There’s only water vapor.

” “That’s right, the key point is the water vapor!” The Kun Peng explained excitedly.

“The fact that I can swallow the thing into that special room means that the room and my esophagus are still connected.

However, even with the help of the body structure to seal it, that room still can’t be completely different from the other parts of my body.

The reason why I was able to provide all the Pseudo-Star blood to Little Purple at that time was because I had Water Spiritual Energy in my body! It formed a water membrane containing my Spiritual Energy and wrapped the entire room! That’s why the things inside can avoid being digested!” “A water membrane that can completely prevent digestion?” Ye Chen was shocked.

“Can Little Purple also have this ability?” The Kun Peng shook its head proudly.

“Master, what are you thinking? This is a characteristic of my race!” It replied.

“However, although Little Purple can’t use it, this water membrane can still be used after leaving my body!”