Desolate Era: Hatching a Phoenix at the Beginning - Chapter 137

Desolate Era: Hatching a Phoenix at the Beginning - Chapter 137

Chapter 137 Strange Borders of the Array “That’s right.

The ice array is long!” The Immortal Phoenix cried out, “The Spirit Stones over there are cleaner, so the place doesn’t seem very small.

However, the space is indeed much narrower than that in the fire array! Turns out it’s because part of the walls here has been burned down?!” Although the Ice Fire Beetle had extremely strong defense power, it was still not enough to resist the fire array.

After all, two levels of the Mystic Realm had been burnt to ashes even though it was only thrown into the weakened Fire Kite Mountain.

The fire array had Zhurong’s original strength.

It was attacked by the Fire Spiritual Energy every day, so it would Ye Chen nodded.

“The space in the ice array is much narrower than that in the fire array.

It’s just that many Feather Dragons have learned the Art of Goulong and have expanded a lot of space there, so you don’t think that the place is small.

” Ye Chen said, “Feather Dragons are water-type mutated beasts and don’t come here often.

Therefore, it’s very difficult for them to discover the difference between the two arrays.

” The Water Spiritual Energy in the ice array was abundant and happened to match the attribute of the Ice Fire Beetle.

The Ice Fire Beetle’s semi-petrified tissues had strong defense power to begin with and they weren’t affected by the flames there.

No wonder the open space in the ice array was squeezed into a valley.

“Then, should we burn the walls of the ice array and have a look?” The Immortal Phoenix asked.

“Go and discuss with the leader of the Feather Dragons and the others.

They have spacious areas.

They should have enough space for you to unleash your power.

” Ye Chen thought for a moment and answered.

However, just as he was about to ask the Immortal Phoenix to fly towards the ice array, he saw the leader of the Feather Dragons stepping into the array and walking towards them.

“What happened?” When it got closer, Ye Chen realized that the leader of the Feather Dragons was a little upset.


Ye, some of your mutated beasts are too hard-working.

” The leader of the Feather Dragons said, “In the place I arranged for you to stay yesterday, a crack appeared in one of the rooms because of your Divine Beast’s cultivation.

Today, a Spirit Stone above fell off and almost injured our young beast!” Hearing that, Ye Chen and the Immortal Phoenix looked at each other and immediately asked, “Which room is it? Can you take me there?” .



“Of course I’m taking you there.

Why? Does it have anything to do with what you’re investigating?” The leader of the Feather Dragons was originally a little angry, but when it saw the eyes of Ye Chen and the Immortal Phoenix glowing, it couldn’t help but ask curiously.

“It has a lot to do with it.

Take me there first and I’ll explain later!” Ye Chen was very happy and he quickly urged the leader of the Feather Dragons.

The leader of the Feather Dragons didn’t get an answer.

He could only patiently lead the way and bring Ye Chen and the Immortal Phoenix to a spacious room.

“My kind is used to living in groups and we live in the newly-constructed space in the ice array.

It’s quite a distance away from here.

” The leader of the Feather Dragons explained after entering the room.

“Since you guys are heading to the fire array, we’ve carved out a few rooms on the stone wall here for you to stay.

” Then, it used its wing to point at Monkey at the side.

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COM as “This room belongs to it.

According to it, it i practicing cultivation arts here after it woke up and accidentally broke the walls.

” Ye Chen looked up at the ceiling.

The rooms were near the intersection of the two arrays and on the same side of the chamber.

It was just a short distance away.

As the leader of the Feather Dragons had said, it was obvious that these rooms weren’t spaces that had just been made.

They were hollowed out from the original stone walls.

The damage to the room itself wasn’t serious.

There was only a crack.

Outside the room was a Spirit Stone Cliff.

The crack from the inside extended to the outside, causing the few Spirit Stones to loosen.

That was why one of them fell on the ground.

“I’m not pitying this room that can be built anytime.

It’s just that the young beasts of my race have yet to cultivate a defensive art.

If they really get hit, they will definitely be injured, although their lives won’t be in danger.

” The leader of the Feather Dragons was still nagging like a parent who was complaining.

“If you really want to practice, come outside.

I hope Mr.

Ye will stop your Divine Beast from doing such dangerous actions again.

” “Master, I didn’t do it on purpose… I didn’t expect it to be so fragile.

” Monkey said in embarrassment, “I promise I won’t cause trouble again in the next few days!” Unexpectedly, the Immortal Phoenix directly rushed forward and slapped Monkey on its shoulder fiercely with its wing.

“Monkey, you’re really something.

Before I could tear down this place, you already did!” It praised loudly.

“I couldn’t even break through the fourth level before.

How long has it been? Your skills have improved!” “I practice my cultivation art every day.

How can I not have improved!” Monkey was immediately happy after being praised, but it didn’t forget to ask, “However, Big Sister, why do you want to tear this place down?”.

“There are many places to tear down! Let me tell you, this is Master’s new discovery!” The Immortal Phoenix replied happily.

“You want to tear down our place?” The leader of the Feather Dragons was also stunned right there.

“Don’t be so anxious.

Let me explain to you.

” Ye Chen calmly patted the big wing that the leader of the Feather Dragons had lowered.

“In short, we realized that there’s a problem with the shape of the fire array.

And looking at Monkey’s fragile room, I’m afraid the ice array has the same problem.

We have to burn it with fire to find the borders of the array.

” The leader of the Feather Dragons panicked after hearing this.

“But there are too many young mutated beasts among our kind.

If you want to burn down the place, I will definitely not agree!” “Don’t be so anxious.

It’s not like we won’t leave a single area for you.

” Ye Chen persuaded it.

“Ask all the Feather Dragons to retreat to your dens and we’ll add a few more layers of Ice Fire Armor.

Then, you don’t have to worry, right? We only want to investigate the area formed the earliest in the array.

Just point it out to us.

We would never cross the line.

” Ever since he realized that the leader of the Feather Dragons was easygoing, Ye Chen had gone all out and talked to it as brother.

“Alright, I will guard the Ice Fire Armor myself.

” After thinking for a moment, the leader of the Feather Dragons agreed.

Ye Chen didn’t just stand there.

He immediately cleared the Spirit Stones in the area indicated by the leader of the Feather Dragons with Monkey and asked the Immortal Phoenix to start to burn down the cliff completely.

The silver tissues of the Ice Fire Beetle quickly were soon exposed and melted under the Art of Zhurong strengthened by the Great Sun True Fire.

In the end, they all shattered into pieces.

After resting a few times in the process, it took about half a day before the Immortal Phoenix finally landed on the ground.

“Master, it’s too difficult to burn things in a complete water-type array.

” It looked at Ye Chen.

“That’s right.

Fortunately, we got something,” Ye Chen said in a deep voice.

After the array in front of him was cleared, the ground was covered in black ashes, but the shape of the borders that couldn’t be burned was revealed, just like the fire array.

“There’s indeed a problem with the borders of the array.