Desolate Era: Hatching a Phoenix at the Beginning - Chapter 136

Desolate Era: Hatching a Phoenix at the Beginning - Chapter 136

Chapter 136 The Difference Between the Two Arrays Ye Chen explained his guess to the Divine Beasts.

Not only that, he even mustered his courage and asked the mutated beasts to go outside the door while he activated the Fire Melting Art inside the secret chamber again.

Nothing happened inside the secret chamber.

He asked the mutated beasts to return to the secret chamber again while he stood outside and activated the Fire Melting Art.

This time, let alone having no reaction, the Kun Peng even let out a cry of surprise when Ye Chen exited the secret chamber.

It said that the Spiritual Energy flow that was flickering with golden light had disappeared.

After this, Ye Chen’s guess was completely confirmed.

After participating in the two experiments in person, Little Purple and the Kun Peng seemed to completely understand.

The Godly Sea Steadying Needle fell into deep thought and only the Immortal Phoenix had a confused expression.

“Master, have you become smarter…” It mocked, “I really don’t understand.

How did you discover the problem with the secret chamber?” “I’m your master.

It’s normal for me to be smarter than you.

” Ye Chen caressed the Immortal Phoenix’s head.

“Anyway, Sun God Envoy, you go out first.

You know the Art of Zhurong and have Zhurong’s bloodline.

If you’re not careful, you might trigger the trap again.

” “Why is the condition for triggering the trap so strange?” The Godly Sea Steadying Needle couldn’t help but ask at the side, “Isn’t this too dangerous? If the Feather Dragons enter the secret chamber and use the Art of Goulong, they will all die, right?” “If Goulong’s consciousness hadn’t awakened, this trap would have been perfect.

” Ye Chen replied, “The person who set the trap didn’t think that Goulong’s consciousness would awaken.

Therefore, he is definitely not guarding against the Feather Dragons but against humans who are unaware of it.

” After saying that, he pointed at the Godly Sea Steadying Needle.

“In order to come into this place, other than the descendant of the person who had the cultivation art tablet of the Art of Goulong, there is also our situation.

” He explained, “Although the one who helped us open the door was the Godly Sea Steadying Needle, what if the person has a Feather Dragon that can open the entrance of the array? That might be the situation he imagined.

” .



The mutated beasts that could open the arrays in the Ice Fire Beetle Mystic Realm were very likely to be the Feather Dragons.

It was only because the kind of Godly Sea Steadying Needle had similar characteristics that Ye Chen could open the door.

The Godly Sea Steadying Needle wasn’t related to Goulong by blood, so it couldn’t trigger the trap, but the Feather Dragons were.

If someone who knew about it used the Feather Dragon to successfully enter the array, then when that person used the corresponding art and tried to become the master of the array, they would definitely have their mutated beast with them.

In this case, the trap would be triggered and that person would definitely be killed.

As for the Feather Dragons in the array, it didn’t matter how many of them survived after killing the enemy that had broken into the array anymore.

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COM “In that case, those bad people are really sinister!” The Immortal Phoenix mumbled and flew out of the secret chamber.

“Then I’ll examine the door frame and walls that separate the secret chamber.

Hm!” It was obvious that being unable to participate in the exploration of the chamber made it a bit angry.

“Master, are you really going to let Big Sister investigate alone?” The Kun Peng seemed to be a little worried.

“You should follow it.

Just leave Five here to help us guard the place.

” “Then, the few of you be careful.

” Ye Chen nodded and waved at the Immortal Phoenix before jumping down from the Kun Peng’s back.

The Immortal Phoenix quickly turned around and caught Ye Chen.

“Why are you angry? It’s not like you don’t have anything to explore.

” Ye Chen smiled at the Immortal Phoenix.

“Those strange flames just now didn’t burn the walls and door that separated the secret chamber.

You can investigate them.

” “What’s there to investigate? After an array is set up, its border will always be impossible to be destroyed.

” The Immortal Phoenix was still somewhat resentful.

“That’s why I want you to investigate them.

” Ye Chen said seriously, “It’s true that the border of the array cannot be destroyed, but you have to see clearly that this isn’t the border of the array at all.

” Before entering the array, the Immortal Phoenix’s flames could easily burn the semi-petrified tissues of the Ice Fire Beetle and turn them into scorched stones.

However, inside the array, these tissues usually couldn’t be destroyed because of the protection of the array.

And yet, after the trap had been triggered, the strange flames had been able to melt the Fire Spirit Stones, but hadn’t caused any damage to the walls and door of the secret chamber.

This was a huge problem.

The fragments of Goulong and Zhurong’s Spirit Pools were the two centers of the arrays.

Logically speaking, they could only be used to set up two ordinary-looking arrays that wouldn’t have the structure of an “additional room.

” In other words, having structures with the characteristics of the border of an array in places that weren’t the array made him very concerned.

“So, Master, you want me to help investigate where this strange border extends?” The Immortal Phoenix finally reacted.

“That’s right.

Not only do we have to investigate the fire array, but we also have to investigate the ice array.

Let’s use your Art of Zhurong.

” Ye Chen said with a smile, “You have things to do now.

Are you happy?” “I’ve never been unhappy!” The Immortal Phoenix’s thoughts were exposed and it was immediately reluctant to admit it, but it still moved quickly.

With the help of the Immortal Phoenix, the investigation of the secret chamber was very fast.

Because of the abundance of Spiritual Energy and no mutated beasts living here, most of the forders of the fire array were filled with a large number of Spirit Stones.

The Immortal Phoenix’s Divine Powers were all of the fire attribute.

The only dual-attribute Art of Zhurong was useless against Spirit Stones that didn’t contain earth-attribute impurities.

It could only rely on Ye Chen, who performed the Human Forbidden Art, to forcefully destroy some overly grown Spirit Stones.

After clearing the Spirit Stones, Ye Chen saw silver stone walls glowing with colorful light, showing that those were the semi-petrified tissues of the Ice Fire Beetle.

Ye Chen asked the Immortal Phoenix to burn them and realized that they were indeed indestructible.

The area in the stone walls seemed to match the size of the secret chamber.

After making such a large area, the inside of the fire array seemed very spacious.

However, under these stone walls, he also saw some black ash, like traces left behind after the Ice Fire Beetle was burned.

“If this place also used to be the tissues of the Ice Fire Beetle, the fire array wouldn’t be like this.

” The Immortal Phoenix sighed.

“There are already so many Spirit Stones.

If another space is surrounded by walls, the roads here will probably be blocked!” Ye Chen looked at it approvingly.

“Yes, if this place also has a stone wall, the fire array will be long.

” He said with a deep voice, “It’s the same as the ice array over there.