Desolate Era: Hatching a Phoenix at the Beginning - Chapter 131

Desolate Era: Hatching a Phoenix at the Beginning - Chapter 131

Chapter 131: The Strange Flames of the Fire Array   Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations “Why is there a trap here?!” Ye Chen shouted angrily, “If I reacted any slower, I might have been burnt!” If they were just ordinary flames, Ye Chen wouldn’t care.

Having inherited the Immortal Phoenix’s Undying Divine Fire, he wouldn’t be harmed by any flames.

Even the purity of the fire attribute in Zhurong’s Spiritual Energy wasn’t higher than that of the Immortal Phoenix’s.

Therefore, if those were just ordinary flames, they would hardly hurt Ye Chen.

However, the danger of Zhurong’s power was that its fire could refine materials of other attributes and control them together.

So, Ye Chen still found attacks of materials like lava somewhat a knotty problem.

However, after being attacked by the trap, he discovered the new function of Zhurong’s flames through the abnormality of the flames.

When the flames from the fragment of the Zhurong’s Spirit Pool hit the surface of the Ice Fire Armor, the temperature was unusually high.

Although they were burning like flames, their form was similar to that of lava.

After quickly covering the ground, the flames slowly rose and were about to flow intothe Ice Fire Armor.

Under the attack of the strange flames, even the Ice Fire Armor couldn’t quite withstand it.

“Master, quickly bring us to the ice array.

The Ice Fire Armor can’t hold on too long!” Little Purple, who was also in the Ice Fire Armor, shouted at Ye Chen from not far away.

It thickened the Ice Fire Armor under Ye Chen’s feet, allowing Ye Chen to stand above the flames to avoid the attack.

Then, it added a new layer of Ice Fire Armor in front of Ye Chen and attached it to his arm.

Ye Chen immediately reacted and grabbed Little Purple, using the Kun Peng Speed quickly.

He put the Ice Fire Armor in front of his chest and created a gap in the rugged Spirit Stones in the fire array to retreat to the ice array.




The Immortal Phoenix flew out right after Ye Chen.

At this moment, a system notification popped up again.

(Reminder: Crisis resolved.

You will be able to enter the seventh level of the Ice Fire Beetle Mystic Realm (fire array) in 10 minutes.

] Ye Chen quickly looked back.

As expected, the lava-like flames didn’t go after him anymore.

Although the fire array behind him was still relatively hot, the unusual temperature brought by the flames had already decreased.

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COM “Why didn’t the system notify me earlier? I almost couldn’t get out!” Ye Chen scolded secretly.

Among the Feather Dragons, only their leader would occasionally enter the fire array.

Therefore, most of the Spirit Stones were in a mess and there wasn’t even a decent open space.

If he hadn’t used the Ice Fire Armor to create a path, he would probably have been buried in the strange flames.

“Little Purple, Sun God Envoy, are you two alright?” After calming down, Ye Chen asked the two Divine Beasts.

“Tm fine.

” Little Purple shook its head.

“Master, it’s all my fault.

If I hadn’t suggesting touching Senior Zhurong’s Spiritual Energy, you wouldn’t have encountered such an incident!” The Immortal Phoenix quickly apologized.

“You don’t have to blame yourself.

We got into trouble just now because someone set up a trap on that thing that’s known as ‘Zhurong’s relic.

” Ye Chen comforted it.

“Go in with me again later.

We have to figure out what this trap is about.

”At this time, the other Divine Beasts who heard the commotion also rushed over.

“Master, there was a huge commotion inside the fire array! Did something happen while you were cultivating?” The Kun Peng was the first to ask.

“Laccidentally triggered the trap in the secret chamber over there.

I’m fine now,” Ye Chen replied.

“What trap is there?” A voice asked, “I’ve entered the fire array many times, but I’ve never encountered any traps.

” Ye Chen took a closer look and realized that behind the Kun Peng, Monkey, and the Godly Sea Steadying Needle was the leader of the Feather Dragons, who had shrunk in size.

“It’s Zhurong’s relic in the secret chamber.

I wanted to convert Zhurong’s Spirit Pool, but once I activated the Fire Melting Art, strange flames suddenly spewed out and attacked me.

” Ye Chen pointed at the fire array behind him.

“Do you have similar set-ups in the ice array?”“It was triggered by a fire-type cultivation art.

No wonder I’ve never seen it before.

” The leader of the Feather Dragons nodded and said, “Although I’ve never seen it before, the chamber in the ice array does seem to have a similar set-up.

”“You should have told me about such an important thing earlier.

It’s good for me and you.

” Ye Chen looked displeased.

“Tm sorry, but I didn’t know anything about the trap.

” The leader of the Feather Dragons replied apologetically, “After Divine Beast Goulong woke up, it asked my kind to practice the Art of Goulong to expand our living space.

However, it warned us not to use this art in the secret chamber.

I don’t knowanything else.

” The Art of Goulong could be used to create a new space with Spiritual Energy.

It was indeed very important to the Feather Dragons that had been trapped in the array for many years.

Although it was strange to warm them not to use the cultivation art in the chamber, it didn’t mean that there was definitelya trap in there.


I’ll let it pass then.

Take me to the secret chamber in the ice array later.

” Ye Chen said after thinking about it.

‘When they were talking in the secret chamber before, Ye Chen didn’t see Goulong’s relic clearly.

However, in order to prevent the Feather Dragons’ territory from being destroyed, he planned to return to the fire array to take a look.

“I’s about time.

Those who can withstand the heat, follow me into the fire array to take a look.

” After saying this, he turned around and walked into the fire array.

This time, other than Monkey and the leader of the Feather Dragons, the other Divine Beasts followed him in.

The groups of Spirit Stones that were destroyed previously had already grown back quickly and the strange flames had also disappeared.

Ye Chen came to the door of the secret chamber that was ravaged by the strange flames before and realized that there was something different.

“Are the Spirit Stones here different from before?” Ye Chen turned around and asked the Immortal Phoenix and Little Purple.

“Master, I was focused on guarding and didn’t pay attention to what the Spirit Stones looked like.

” The Immortal Phoenix replied hesitantly, “But I remember that there was originally a group of Spirit Stones that blocked the door of the secret chamber a little.

And now, it’s totally not blocked.

Could theSpirit Stones have been destroyed just now?” “Big Sister is right.

” Little Purple agreed.

“But it’s not just that group of Spirit Stones that have changed.

From my impression, although the location of the Spirit Stones here hasn’t changed, their shape has changed greatly!” “Theard from the leader of the Feather Dragons that the Spirit Stones here all grow on the bones of the Feather Dragons that were buried here in the past, so their positions won’t change.

” Ye Chen nodded and said, “If I’m correct, the changes in the shape of the Spirit Stones here should be because thestrange flames transformed them.