Desolate Era: Hatching a Phoenix at the Beginning - Chapter 129

Desolate Era: Hatching a Phoenix at the Beginning - Chapter 129

Chapter 129: The Big News in Fan City Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee TranslationsOnly Ye Chen and the other rookies who came to the Primitive Burial Ground from other worlds had the inventory.

Everything they obtained could be stored in their inventory.

They didn’t need to use their physical strength to carry it and they didn’t have to be afraid of being discovered and coveted by others.

Furthermore, the items stored in their inventory would remain fresh.

Such a good item was their advantageagainst the people of the main world.

“put this mutated beast’s corpse in my inventory before.

The inventory is a kind of space compression ability that allows me to take things out of a very large space or put them back at any time.

” Ye Chen explained.

He showed the usage of the inventory to the leader of the Feather Dragons.

The leader of the Feather Dragons, which had been locked up in the array for over a hundred years, certainly hadn’t seen the inventory.

It was very interested in this sort of “cultivation art.

” After learning that it was impossible to learn it, it seemed a bit disappointed.

However, the leader of the Feather Dragons was relieved to know that Ye Chen had food.

It told Ye Chen to stay in the array for ten days and use the abundant Spiritual Energy here to improve his abilities.

With Spiritual Energy, food, and a good relationship with the rare species, Ye Chen was very satisfied.

He rested for a few hours in the room that the leader of the Feather Dragons had opened up as requested and felt much better.

Only then did he take out the golden feather and went to look for theImmortal Phoenix for its protection.

After all, practicing the Art of Zhurong would allow him to improve his abilities faster.

For his safety, Ye Chen decided to take more precautions.

However, Ye Chen didn’t know that just as he decided to practice the two cultivation arts and help the Feather Dragons escape from the array, another piece of news caused a huge furor in the main world.

The people in Fan City heard another big news.

The Li Residence and the material storehouse guarded by the City Lord’s guard captain had been robbed.

The two incidents had yet to die down, but their worthiness was nothing compared to this news.

Demon Flame Mountain had transformed into a huge monster! This was breaking news! From the perspective of the entire East Continent, Fan City was extremely remote.

It was a small city in White River County at the edge of the East Continent’s Mystic Region.

It was located between mountains, and there was Demon Flame Mountain closest to the sea that even mutant beasts wereunwilling to approach.

Ports couldn’t be built there, and its development was extremely slow.

If not for the fact that there was a port that was connected to Fan City by a road that led directly to the county government, people in Fan City would have been even more uninformed.

However, because of what happened at Demon Flame Mountain, several cargo ships were overturned.

Merchants who relied on mutated beasts to escape quickly rushed to the nearest city and brought the news to Fan City, allowing the citizens of Fan City to feel how good it was to be able to receive news.

In the beginning, people were skeptical about this news.

But after a day, another group of merchants who escaped from the sea came to Fan City and brought similar news.

This time, the authenticity of the news was confirmed.




“A monster the size of a mountain disappeared in an instant! I heard from the merchants that they don’t even know what kind of mutated beast it is!” “L told you there was something wrong with Demon Flame Mountain.

How would there be a volcano that even fire-type beasts are unwilling to approach?” “Not only that, I heard that low-level fire-type beasts might even be burnt to death!” “I know right! Also, I heard that there aren’t any vein of Spirit Stones under Demon Flame Mountain.

Where did the Spirit Qi come from for it to burn?” Continue_reading on MYB0X N0V EL.

COM “That fire is naturally burning, but it can melt the Spirit Stones.

How strange!” “Theard that when the city was built in the early years, a master once said that there was a vicious beast hidden in Demon Flame Mountain.

Has the vicious beast come out now?” “Will that ferocious beast threaten Fan City?” “Tm afraid so.

Rumor has it that the master kept a kind of fire-resistant water-type beast around Demon Flame Mountain.

They’re said to be able to counter the power of Demon Flame Mountain.

” “Are those mutated beasts still around?” “Why haven’t I heard of such a huge incident before?” “T’ve never heard of such a thing.

How did you know that?” “It’s something from decades ago.

I was still out at sea at that time, so I certainly noticed it.

I remember that it was the Li family that guarded that Mystic Realm at that time!” “Speaking of which, among those big families in Fan City, the place that the Li family was in charge of guarding is indeed near Demon Flame Mountain!” “Don’t talk nonsense.

The Li family isn’t that capable! I remember very clearly that the Li family always hired a group of very powerful people to guard that Mystic Realm.

Nothing happened for almost 200 years.

Then, 30 years ago, that group of people somehow all ran away.

Since then, the Li family hasnever hired anyone again!” “Ah, it’s been so long.

Who knows what exactly happened?”“Theard from the merchants that after the monster came out, a human with two bird-type mutated beasts became its master.

It seems that it was awakened!” “Twonder if they will send experts here to investigate it and get rid of the harm for people in the city!” In the streets and alleys of Fan City, everyone was talking about Demon Flame Mountain turning into a giant beast.

For the past few days, the City Lord, Yi Yong, had been furious over the robbery of the Li Residence’s underground palace.

When he received this news, he was immediately stunned.

The abnormality of Demon Flame Mountain had been around for a long time.

Over the years, many masters from the East Continent had come here, and there were even continent-level masters among them.

However, they all told him that there was nothing wrong with Demon Flame Mountain, so theformer City Lords continued to entrust the task of guarding this mountain range to the Li family.

But now, the truth was that there was indeed a giant mutated beast in Demon Flame Mountain.

Let alone whether this mutated beast had disguised itself as a mountain range or the mountain range had transformed into a mutated beast, it didn’t make sense that the continent-level masters couldn’t see it.

Therefore, Yi Yong tured his gaze on the Li Residence again.

Although no one in the Li Residence admitted it, the robbery of the underground palace did happen.

After the treasures in the underground palace were stolen, such a huge incident happened around Demon Flame Mountain that was guarded by the Li Residence.

This made him suspect whether the twowere related.

“But the people from the Li Residence have always been mediocre.

How did they fool the continent-level experts?” Yi Yong couldn’t figure this out.

After a moment of silence, he found all kinds of information about hidden auras, but didn’t find any cultivation arts or treasures that fit.

“If that’s the case, there’s only one possibility left…” Yi Yong muttered, “The Li family has colluded with some experts that searched Demon Flame Mountain.