Desolate Era: Hatching a Phoenix at the Beginning - Chapter 124

Desolate Era: Hatching a Phoenix at the Beginning - Chapter 124

Chapter 124: Feather Dragons   Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations “You’re not lying.

Go and find the leader of the Feather Dragons.

It has something to say to you.

” As soon as the voice came, the ice vines completely relaxed.

Ye Chen quickly removed the ice vines that were wrapped around his eyes and opened them.

“Atchoo!” He felt something furry sweep past his nose and couldn’t help but sneeze.

Then, he saw everything in front of him clearly.

He was still in the cave, sitting on the skeleton.

His thighs were hurting from the petrified bones.

The Divine Beasts surrounded Ye Chen and were very happy to see him wake up.

What made Ye Chen sneeze just now was the long tail of the Kun Peng.

“Master, why did you sit here and sleep? We couldn’t wake you up no matter what.

” The Immortal Phoenix asked.

“Twas just looking up information when an old man kidnapped me and said a bunch of things to me.

” Ye Chen quickly got down from the human skeleton and answered the Immortal Phoenix, “When did I come out?”“Master, you’ve never left this place.

” The Immortal Phoenix replied in confusion.

“I’ve always been nearby.

Master, you were reading here at first and fell asleep after that.

I’ve never seen that ‘old man’ you mentioned.

”“It should be an illusion.

” The Kun Peng said, “The cultivation art I learned before can make someone fall into an illusion.

It can also control the content of the illusion.

” “also think it was an illusion too.

” Ye Chen thought for a moment and confirmed what the Kun Peng said.




Then, he asked the Immortal Phoenix immediately, “Sun God Envoy, when I wasn’t awake just now, did I suddenly have shortness of breath and did my body convulse?” “Yes, Master, your reaction at that time was very strange.

” The Immortal Phoenix quickly replied, then added, “Master, you also inexplicably ignited the Undying Divine Fire, but it was soon extinguished.

It was because of this that I discovered your abnormality!”Ye Chen felt a chill down his spine.

“Looks like this isn’t an ordinary illusion.

That old man can really kill me in the environment.

” With a sullen expression, he hunched his back and walked out of the cave.

“Master, you forgot to hide your aura!” The Godly Sea Steadying Needle quickly chased after him and wanted to release some mist, but Ye Chen stopped it.

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COM “There’s no need.

In the illusion just now, that old man asked us to find the leader of the Feather Dragons.

There’s no need for us to hide anymore.

” He said in a deep voice, “I still have to ask them why these arrays were created.

”Of course, even though Ye Chen said so, he could actually guess a little about where this array came from.

In the illusion, that voice revealed too much when interrogating Ye Chen.

The Innate Mystic Ability, Fire Melting Art, that Zhurong had modified seemed to have a very close relationship with the Art of Goulong that was extremely similar to it.

According to the person in the illusion, whoever had both of these abilities could hunt down the Feather Dragons in the arrays.

This made Ye Chen remember the structure of the arrays.

The two arrays in the Ice Fire Beetle Mystic Realm were set up in the core of the Mystic Realm, the Spirit Pool.

Since the Ice Fire Beetle trained its defense in lava all year round, its Spiritual Pond naturally absorbed a portion of the Fire Spiritual Energy.

Therefore, the ice and fire arrays in the Spirit Pool eventually became the sixth and seventh levels of the Mystic Realm.

They were the places with the mostabundant Spiritual Energy in the Mystic Realm.

Later on, someone used the characteristics of the Ice Fire Beetle Mystic Realm to place the water-type and fire-type arrays here.

There were two reasons for this.

The first was to nurture Spirit Stones, so that it would be easier to rear and protect the Feather Dragons here.

The second was to create a trap at the entrance of the arrays.

Once the door was attacked by a single force, the arrays would automatically fight back.

This way, the Feather Dragons living in the Mystic Realm would almost never be harmed by outsiders.

Even if someone really entered, the person who trapped Ye Chen in the illusion could also kill the intruder inside the illusion.

Of course, Ye Chen wasn’t worried that he would be hurt.

In the illusion, he had already obtained the right to see the leader of the Feather Dragons.

This meant that the other party already had initial trust in him.

Relatively speaking, Ye Chen was the victim in this incident.

He was only exploring the Mystic Realm normally, but was dragged into a dangerous illusionary realm by the other party and threatened by death.

This made him feel that his courage had increased significantly.

He even wanted to ask the other party for compensation.

Of course, Ye Chen wouldn’t do sucha petty thing.

He only wanted to ask how he could set up this array and how to crack Zhurong and Goulong’s Divine Powers.

Compared to the Feather Dragons, Ye Chen was more interested in the array.

After all, he had already caused two major incidents in the main world recently.

Obtaining an array to protect himself and the Divine Beasts was very important to him.

As for the Feather Dragon Marrow, although it was a good thing, Ye Chen firmly believed that with so many Feather Dragon corpses outside, he could persuade them to give him a few just by talking.

‘Thinking of this, Ye Chen was much more relaxed.

He exited the cave and went straight to a young Feather Dragon.

“Where is your leader?” He asked happily.

‘The young Feather Dragon looked at Ye Chen and then g;anced at the five Divine Beasts behind him.

Little Purple, Monkey, and the Kun Peng didn’t reveal their original forms because they were too big.

However, when they heard Ye Chen say that he was bullied by someone in the illusion, they tried their best to enlarge their bodies to back him up.

The pitiful young dragon was even smaller than the Godly Sea Steadying Needle.

How could it withstand such a scene? It immediately let out a scream and flapped its scaly wings to quickly fly away.

“Wait, tell me where your leader is.

” Ye Chen chased after it.

At this moment, a huge figure appeared in the long and narrow open space in the distance.

“Looking for me?” It was a husky human voice.

Ye Chen was stunned.

He touched the words “Feather Dragon” on the huge figure in the distance.

[Feather Dragon] (Rank: Divine Beast] (Maturity: Middle Adulthood] [Innate Mystic Ability: 2] (Attack: 12,934,600] (Defense: 13,872,100] “This is too much.

” Ye Chen covered his head.

“It’s stronger than Zhurong.


With such a powerful leader, why are you hiding here?!”