Desolate Era: Hatching a Phoenix at the Beginning - Chapter 122

Desolate Era: Hatching a Phoenix at the Beginning - Chapter 122

Chapter 122: Reappearance of the Ancient Divine Beast Art in the Array Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations If someone wanted to raise Feather Dragons outside the foreign realm, it would be very difficult.

One reason was because of the environment and the other was because of the person’s ability.

‘The Feather Dragons were very famous for their pickiness of their habitat.

The main reason for their pickiness was because of their own physique.

The Feather Dragons were one of the first groups of mutated beasts to arrive on the Wasteland Continent.

At that time, the Wasteland Continent was filled with Spiritual Energy and their bodies had been transformed, giving them the ability to produce Spiritual Energy.

Later on, the continent continued to expand and there was less Spiritual Energy.

The Feather Dragons that had a smaller number could only release Spiritual Energy passively, but couldn’t absorb enough Spiritual Energy.

This made them slower and easier to be hunted by other beasts.

In the end, the Feather Dragons finally realized how dependent they were on the environment.

From then on, they started to look for foreign realms as their territory.

Since then, they had basically disappeared from the outside world.

In order to avoid being found, the Feather Dragons even evolved andobtained an ability.

They transformed the Spiritual Energy they emitted into Spirit Stones to weaken the senses of other people and mutated beasts.

Withdrawing from the world like this, it was already difficult to find them, let alone keeping them.

However, compared to the environmental factors, the problem of one’s ability was even more serious.

Ye Chen had seen in the Wasteland Remembrance before that the Feather Dragons were SSS-rank mutated beasts.

Although he now knew that these mutated beasts could also change their levels, this at least meant that most of the Feather Dragons that appeared in the outside world had already reached arelatively high level.

To be able to rear such mutated beasts on a large scale, the wealth and combat strength of their master were also unimaginable.

‘That was why he was so shocked by the territory of the Feather Dragons in the Ice Fire Beetle Mystic Realm.




Ye Chen and the Divine Beasts hid in the dark and used the Concealment Mirage to hide their auras.

Only then did they walk out of their hiding place to observe the movements of the Feather Dragons.

“Should we go up and greet them?” It was rare for the Godly Sea Steadying Needle to see its own kind, so it asked for Ye Chen’s opinion excitedly.

“Don’t rush.

” Ye Chen stopped it.

He focused his gaze on the adult Feather Dragons in the distance and read their data.

[Feather Dragon] (Rank: SSSS-Rank Pseudo -Divine Beast] Continue_reading on MYB0X N0V EL.

COM (Maturity: Adult] [Innate Mystic Abilities: Water Beast Summoning Art, Spirit Attachment Bone, Ice Fire Armor, Art of Goulong] (Attack: 17,200] (Defense: 21,800] [Feather Dragon] [Rank: SSS-Rank Pseudo-Divine Beast] (Maturity: Adult] [Innate Mystic Abilities: Water Beast Summoning Art, Spirit Attachment Bone, Ice Fire Armor][Attack: 9,800] (Defense: 13,500] Their attack and defense values were different, but were clearly lower than those of the Godly Sea Steadying Needle.

Logically speaking, they shouldn’t be dangerous.

Ye Chen looked at the eyes of the few Feather Dragons again.

These Feather Dragons had green eyes and looked very gentle.

They didn’t have red eyes as wild and bloodthirsty as the Overlord Pythons at the Python Race’s altar.

However, they were still very vigilant.

A few adult Feather Dragons were constantly patrolling, They let out a long roar from time to time to get the infant dragons’ response.

“They are not a threat to us, but I feel that they are too vigilant.

It’s best not to alarm them.

” After confirming the safety, Ye Chen thought for a moment and continued to persuade the Godly Sea Steadying Needle.

“But I’ma Dragon too.

If I go and communicate with them, maybe I can ask what happened here.

” The Godly Sea Steadying Needle still wanted to fight for an opportunity to communicate with the Feather Dragons.

“That’s right, Master.

We don’t speak the language of the Dragons.

Isn’t it better to let Five go?” The Kun Peng also asked.

“If we don’t go talk to this group of Feather Dragons, aren’t we giving up on exploring this place?” Monkey sounded very disappointed.

“Although the pile of Spirit Stones outside is nice, it’s completely useless to us.

I still want to see if there are any other treasures here!”While the mutated beasts were persuading him constantly, Ye Chen’s expression suddenly changed as he took the lead and walked in a certain direction.

“Master, what did you find?” The Immortal Phoenix asked curiously, “There seems to be a cave? Are there any secret treasures in the cave?” Ye Chen didn’t reply.

Just then, an extremely different system notification appeared among the notifications about the Feather Dragon Bones.

[Human remains (with secret treasures)] This notification was different from the system’s previous notifications.

‘When Ye Chen went near the secret treasures before, the system would always give a clear location notification to guide Ye Chen to find them.

But this time, the system only sent out a notification when Ye Chen saw the cave.

However, this notification was very eye-catching among the other golden notifications.

Its words were in bold and black with a red outline.

Ye Chen could pick it out at a glance.

Following the direction in the notification, Ye Chen came to a cave that was covered by Spirit Stones and entered without a word.

The cave was very low.

There was a long and curved tunnel inside that he could only enter by bending over.

Fortunately, there were also many glowing Spirit Stones that could be used to light up the cave.

After a while, Ye Chen climbed to the end of the cave.

A human skeleton was leaning against the stone wall at the end.

The few mutated beasts were in disguise to make it convenient for them to move.

The deeper they went, the more they felt suppressed by some unknown power.

They couldn’t help but stick out their heads to see what was going on.

They were all shocked when they saw this.

Of course, the Divine Beasts weren’t surprised to see a human skeleton.

What shocked them was the things on this human skeleton.

The corpse itself had already been petrified.

Its upper body and the stone wall behind it were tightly glued together.

Its clothes were already torn and the empty medicine bottles were scattered all over the ground.

In the rotten backpack, a large number of foreign realm Spirit Stones of various colors werestacked together, emitting an extremely oppressive Spiritual Energy.

Compared to the precious foreign realm Spirit Stones, what were the ordinary Spirit Stones outside? “Oh my god, there are so many foreign realm Spirit Stones.

Where did this dead person come from?!” Little Purple was a little anxious after hearing what he said.

There were only nine Spirit Stones at the Python Race’s altar, but it was already enough to strengthen the Spirit Gathering Array of the Divine Court.

And this person had a whole bag of them with him!However, among the items that were scattered all over the ground, what shocked Ye Chen the most was a rough and old white jade cultivation art tablet.

[Art of Goulong] [The Divine Power of the Human-Faced Snakes.

It was developed by the Divine Beast, Goulong, from ancient times, and he created this cultivation art tablet.

Drawing out one’s Water Spiritual Energy in the body can drive water and soil, and one can use the Spiritual Energy to create a new space, which iscalled a foreign realm.

The size of the space depends on one’s ability.

] The origins and effects of the cultivation art tablet were written clearly in the system notification.