Desolate Era: Hatching a Phoenix at the Beginning - Chapter 120

Desolate Era: Hatching a Phoenix at the Beginning - Chapter 120

Chapter 120 System, Are You Tricking Me? The Kun Peng that had transformed into the fish form floated above everyone’s heads.

Ye Chen then retreated to the side with the other Divine Beasts.

Ye Chen wasn’t sure how much it could devour in its fish form.

However, Ye Chen knew one thing clearly.

If the Kun Peng preserved the thing it swallowed in a special location, its body would change.

For example, when the Kun Peng was treating Little Purple, it looked totally like it was pregnant.

In the past, the Kun Peng’s body would also change slightly after it went out to eat.

It was abnormal for the Kun Peng’s body to change for a long time while its maturity and level remained the same.

Hence, Ye Chen figured that the Kun Peng had kept some of the food.

The Kun Peng didn’t have Fire Spiritual Energy like the Immortal Phoenix.

After it captured its prey, it certainly couldn’t roast it properly.

Therefore, its stomach must be containing the blood of various mutated beasts.

This was the key to opening the arrays.

However, if it were to release the blood… “Everyone, gather together.

Little Purple, activate the Ice Fire Armor again.

” Ye Chen sighed in frustration.

Little Purple nodded and didn’t ask anything else.

It obediently activated the Ice Fire Armor.

“Master, is something dangerous happening now? Should we ask Idiot to come back?” The Immortal Phoenix looked at the Kun Peng and was a little worried.




“There’s no danger.

It’s just that it’ll be dirty.

” Ye Chen pulled Monkey, who was sticking it head out to watch the fun, back.

“Stop looking.

Otherwise, blood will splatter all over your face.

” “Poof!” As soon as he finished speaking, a blackish-red stream of blood spouted out from the Kun Peng’s mouth and struck the gray door on the ground directly! “Idiot, you!” Monkey didn’t have the time to completely enter the defense area of the Ice Fire Armor, so one of its legs was covered in blood.

“You should have reminded me in advance!” Continue_reading on MYB0X N0V EL.

COM “Don’t blame me.

Master has already warned you.

It’s just that you, Monkey.

You’re too slow!” The Kun Peng, who was above them, finally spat out the blood that had been in his mouth for more than ten days and it immediately felt refreshed.

Soon, it transformed back into its usual Roc form to quarrel with Monkey.

“Alright, stop arguing.

Why do the two of you quarrel whenever you have the time?” Ye Chen was amused and interrupted the argument between the two Divine Beasts.

“Let’s pay attention to the situation of the door.

” He looked at the door on the ground.

The gray door was covered with blood spurted out by Kun Peng.

Logically speaking, it should have been in an extremely filthy state.

However, Ye Chen noticed that the color of the door didn’t change.

In the blink of an eye, the blood that was splattered on the door had disappeared.

He walked closer and realized that the curved patterns on the door were filled with black and red dirty blood.

When he came to the door gap, two system notifications popped up.

(Hidden prompt message: The arrays have become weak.

The required consumption of Spiritual Energy has decreased by 40%.

] (Hidden prompt message: The door is damaged.

Make a water-type or fire-type attack to reduce the original requirement by 10%.

] “Making any water-type or fire-type attack will probably destroy the balance of the internal arrays.

” Ye Chen thought for a moment and came to this conclusion.

If it was as Little Purple said that there were two interconnected water and fire arrays behind the door, then the reason why they could coexist until now was probably because they were in a state of harmony, the same as the Yin Yang Taichi Fish in Ye Chen’s body.

And now, probably because of Zhurong’s attack, the entire Mystic Realm had been destroyed.

Therefore, the Mystic Realm’s door had been damaged, allowing Little Purple to see the attributes of the arrays inside through the door.

In such a situation, the arrays were no longer completely sealed.

Instead, they could be affected by external forces.

Therefore, by using Spiritual Energy to make one side stronger than the other, the balance of the arrays in the door would be broken.

“I don’t have any water-type Divine Power.

I wonder if ordinary attacks with Spiritual Energy will work.

” Ye Chen ignited the Undying Divine Fire in his palm and reached his hand out to the door under his feet.

“I’ll use my usual Undying Life.

It’s more convenient to control it.

” Under the burning of the Undying Divine Fire, another system notification appeared.

(Hidden prompt message: The arrays have become weak.

The required consumption of Spiritual Energy has decreased by 50%.

] “This is convenient.

I only need half of my original ability.

” Ye Chen stood up with a relaxed expression and looked at the nervous Godly Sea Steadying Needle.

“Didn’t you guys already discuss it just now? Don’t be nervous.

Try your best to release your power.

The door will open.

” He said comfortingly.

Under Ye Chen’s encouragement, the Godly Sea Steadying Needle went forward and placed the bone pillar that it was perched on between the cracks of the door.

It started to release its power.

In an instant, the salty smell of seawater spread throughout the Mystic Realm.

At the same time, an inexplicable pressure appeared.

Ye Chen wasn’t far behind the Godly Sea Steadying Needle and he felt his legs trembling slightly.

“Master, do you think that Five’s ability is so powerful?” The Immortal Phoenix had already transformed into its disguise form and hid on Ye Chen according to his instructions before.

And now, it also stuck its head out of Ye Chen’s arms.

“Big Sister, you don’t understand.

” The Kun Peng was also in its disguise form.

It came to the Immortal Phoenix’s side and cut in proudly.

“Five’s race was once called the Gods of Ocean after the Giant Kun Pengs declined!” The Immortal Phoenix couldn’t stand the Kun Peng’s smug look, so it chased after the Kun Peng again.

Ye Chen stared at that gray door firmly.

He noticed that the door under his feet was shaking, giving him a bad feeling.

“Master, the door seems to be opening, but the Spiritual Energy below seems to be very chaotic!” Little Purple retained its smallest form in which it could open the Titan’s Eye.

It became anxious.

“If we go down directly, we might be torn apart.

Let’s grab the Godly Sea Steadying Needle and leave together!” Just as it finished speaking, another system notification appeared in front of Ye Chen.

(Hidden prompt message: The door is damaged and the Spiritual Energy inside the arrays is messed up.

Please use Spiritual Energy attacks at appropriate times to maintain the balance of the arrays.

] This system didn’t finish speaking at once?! The first time Ye Chen made a Fire Spiritual Energy attack, it was to reduce the consumption of Spiritual Energy of the Godly Sea Steadying Needle.

However, it broke the balance inside the arrays, causing the current dangerous situation.

However, if Ye Chen used Water Spiritual Energy to attack now, the amount of Spiritual Energy needed would still increase after the arrays became balanced.

So, what exactly should he do?