Seven Unfortunate Lifetimes, All Thanks to a Single Moment of Impulse - Chapter 50

Seven Unfortunate Lifetimes, All Thanks to a Single Moment of Impulse - Chapter 50

I pushed the deer horse demon away and stood up.

I raised the fan in my hand and shouted: “Cloud, come!” The cloud under Chu Kong’s feet came to me.

I chanted a spell: “Arrow.

” Soft clouds condensate into arrows.

I wasn’t soft hearted and pointed at Chu Kong.

The cloud arrows shot out.

Chu Kong also isn’t slow.

He dodged right and left and escaped the wave of cloud arrows.

He quietly looked back at me.

His eyes showed frustration that he can’t hide: “Xiao Xiang, don’t follow me anymore.

I’m not that celestial star Chu Kong that you want.

Just take it as if you’ve never found or saw me in this lifetime.

” I was so angry that I yelled: “Damn you! I used so much effort to raise you for more than ten years.

You say to take it as if I’ve never found or saw you.

Do I need to paint my eyes in black and pretend to be blind?! What right do you have?! What do I care about which Chu Kong you are.

Even if today what I raised is a pig, I’ll still not let others steal and eat it! Come back!” Chu Kong’s lips moved.

It seemed like he wanted to say something, but in the end it went into his stomach.

I waved the round fan and summoned more clouds in the sky.

I let them turn into sharp arrows.

The fan went down.

The arrows fell from the sky.

Chu Kong avoided them in a flash but in a blink of eye, a few arrows hit him.

The moment the arrows hit Chu Kong, they’ll dissipate, but it still left on him a neither deep nor shallow wound.

My intention was to let him not be able to move, so I didn’t use rain.

But seeing his body full of blood, I still became soft-hearted.

The arrows in the sky became less.

Chu Kong’s body went soft and he kneeled on the ground.

My heart tightened.

Subconsciously I want to go help him, but I just took two steps and saw that the evil energy jumped out of Chu Kong’s whole body.

I was startled.

The Chu Kong who was kneeling raised his head and looked at me.

His left eye looked the same.

His right eye is filled with a murderous red blood.

Such a distant look from him let my backbone turn cold.

It felt like seeing Jin Lian god from the past who can let people tremble with fear.

I swallowed saliva.

In my heart I was thinking that I can’t let this lifetime’s Chu Kong be ruined by Jin Lian again even if I need to sacrifice my life.

I picked up my courage and walked towards Chu Kong.

Chu Kong blinked like his soul (figuratively) just returned to his body.

He coughed twice.

Blood spilled from his lips.

His expression has some panic like when he was a child and broke the dishes.

That bewildered look.




“Don’t come near me! Get away from me……” He stepped back like he feared that I’ll go and touch him.

“I don’t want to be that celestial star Chu Kong who is high above others.

I don’t want to go back with you.

” Hearing his words, I became more furious.

Regardless, I leaped forward.

I raised my hand and hold his shoulder.

I didn’t know if it was where the arrow shot him.

When I touch it, my palm was full of blood.

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COM My body stiffened.

Chu Kong’s shoulder went down and broke away from my hand.

His hand stroke on my belly.

Cold evil energy went into my body.

I was forced to take two steps back and looked at Chu Kong in disbelief: “You……really used your hands on me?” Although I also used my hands on him.

Although in the past I often used my hands on Chu Kong.

Although, now he isn’t the Chu Kong from the past anymore…… Chu Kong is also looking at his hands in disbelief.

He explained in panic: “Xiao Xiang, is not me……” And now, I’m so angry that I can’t hear his words anymore.

I didn’t even bother to use the utensils and flied forward.

My hands grabbed Chu Kong’s arms and my feet kicked Chu Kong’s knee.

It forced him to kneel down.

I urgently yelled: “Deer horse demon!” The deer horse demon who only observed at the side immediately ran forward.

Chu Kong struggled, wanting to escape.

I hold him tightly.

Cold evil energy came from Chu Kong’s arm on my wrist.

Chu Kong struggled more powerful: “Let go of me!” I didn’t move.

The deer horse demon came to us.

He buried his head and used the horn to touch Chu Kong’s forehead.

Evil energy flowed out.

The deer horse demon took two steps back with some fear.

To see if we can pull out Jin Lian’s scattered immortal soul is only on one move.

I gritted my teeth.

With all my immortal energy I fight to suppress the evil energy.

The harder I suppress, the more the evil energy struggled.

It felt like a bite in my heart till my bones.

I hold back the pain without saying a word.

While I was fighting with my life, I felt both fortunate and sorrow.

Fortunate, because I only encountered one of Jin Lian’s scattered immortal souls.

With my power, I’m still capable to fight him.

What I felt sorrow about is, at that time how much pain has Chu Kong tolerated to die together with Jin Lian and now……his not sensible reincarnation want to follow Jin Lian in the evil ways! Just thinking about it, it felt detestable! I couldn’t help but feel the anger boiling in my heart and severely kicked Chu Kong’s ass.

This time, he didn’t have any reaction.

Thinking about it, it’s right.

Jin Lian came into his soul.

Now I make them separate, how can he feel well? The evil energy pouring over the deer horse demon’s horn is getting more and more.

I vaguely saw that above Chu Kong’s forehead a golden light flowed out.

It’s Jin Lian’s scattered immortal soul! My heart is overjoyed and attentively suppressed the evil energy.

Chu Kong tolerated the pain and groaned.

The deer horse demon hissed and raised his head in the sky.

Attached to the horn, amidst the black mist is a golden scattered immortal soul.

It’s separated! I’m overjoyed.

I chanted a spell to purify it.

The evil energy of the golden scattered immortal soul rose up quickly.

The deer horse demon hissed in pain and shook his head while screaming miserably.

He wants to attach to the deer horse demon body! I was startled and flied forward.

With a hand, I seized the deer horse demon’s horn and shouted: “If you don’t want this last horn to also be pulled off, then don’t move!” The whole body of the deer horse demon stiffened and he honestly stopped moving, although his whole body is trembling in fear.

I took of the purple pearl from my neck.

I don’t know what use this thing has, but the things remaining on my body that I can use, there’s only this left.

So I didn’t bother about the consequences and firmly held it in my hand.

Both hand grasped the deer horse demon’s horn.

I called forth my immortal energy and emitted it.

I shouted: “Cleanse!” Suddenly there was silence between the earth and heaven.

The purple pearl in my hand lightened brightly like the morning sunshine eliminating the muddy earth.

The glory faded.

The deer horse demon’s horn is still being pinched by me.

The evil energy isn’t here anymore.

Jin Lian’s scattered immortal soul also disappeared.

I opened my palms and saw that the purple pearl in my hand has become a gray stone and didn’t shine again.

His whole life, Jin Lian wanted to get Zihui’s heart and to get the power of reversal.

Now……it can be considered that he last wish is fulfilled.

And Zihui….


between the heaven and earth, there’s no longer a person called Zihui.

All the things that he has left have completely disappeared.

I sat on the ground.

A burst of pain entered my wrist.

It has been invaded by Jin Lian’s evil energy just now.

This body can’t be used again; otherwise it’ll bring disaster to my soul and let me go in the evil ways.

I turned to look at Chu Kong.

He came to me with a body full of blood.

Then he kneeled in front of me, raised his hand but didn’t dare to touch me.

I saw in his dark pupils a few lights.

I said: “In fact, if I think about it, what you said isn’t wrong.

” He was startled.

“Perhaps you and Chu Kong are really two different people.

Without his memory your character is also different, but I still like you.

” I raised my hand and touched his head like before.

His face was pale.

His lips trembled like he was about to cry.

“I never thought that this lifetime will end in this manner.

I also have never thought that the heaven used such a way to let me give up.

” I touched his chest.

“I won’t search for that last mortal soul anymore.

I also can’t search for it anymore.

You don’t want to remember the past.

This lifetime can be considered that I did wrong.

In the future, there isn’t I to interfere with the freedom and the living alone that you want anymore.

” “It’s not like this……Xiao Xiang, listen slowly to what I’ve to tell you.

It’s not like this…….

it’s not like this!” The world slowly blurred in front of my eyes.

I can also no longer see Chu Kong’s face clearly.

The cool breeze blew against my ear and made my eyes moist.

I almost shed tears.

I sighed: “Is or isn’t……let it be as you said……” The road to the netherworld unfolded in front of me.

I walked this road seven times.

In the future, I’ll not set a foot on it anymore.

I looked back and saw Chu Kong holding that body that didn’t have sign of life anymore.

He choked and whispered: “Don’t leave me, don’t leave me……” I turned and embarked on the road to the netherworld.

No matter which Chu Kong it is, in the future, I won’t search anymore.

The netherworld.

While receiving all kind of looks from the little ghost, I entered Yanwang’s palace.

Yanwang was writing something on the desk.

Hearing the door being opened by me, he looked up.

He was startled and then looked behind me: “Where is celestial……star Chu Kong?” “In the human realm.

He wants to be a mortal.

” The magistrate on the side raised his eyebrows: “You really gathered all his immortal souls?” I nodded and just felt that I’m really tired: “The seven lifetimes of love fate have ended.

Jin Lian also completely disappeared from this world.



” I lowered my eyes, paused and then said: “I’ve completed my tasks.

Can I now restore my immortal body and return to heaven?” Yanwang and the magistrate exchanged a glance.

Both thought for a while.

Yanwang said: “You can, but is it alright letting mortal celestial star Chu Kong on the human realm like that? If this lifetime, he came down to drink the soup of oblivion, in the future he will be a mortal forever.

” How can I not know such a thing? This kind of thing is also what I’m afraid of.

In the future, there’s no longer someone who has the same memories as me anymore leaving only I alone reminiscing about the past until I also gradually forget.

The promises that we made, there be no one to fulfil them.

The experience of I and Chu Kong and all those emotions will become a thing of the past and cease to exist.

“Let him be a mortal,” I said.

“This is what he desired.

” Yanwang pondered for a while before he said: “Xiao Xiang Zi, can it be that you’re sulking? But what did that celestial star Chu Kong without the memory did that made you unhappy?” I glared at Yanwang.

There’s an unhappy feeling and a sense of being seen through.

“What does it have to do with you?! Take me back to heaven! I want to go back to heaven!” Yanwang touched his nose and advised me: “Lovers can quarrel, but a quarrel is a quarrel.

Such an important thing is not child’s play.

If in the future lifetimes, Chu Kong is a mortal, the one that’ll be bitter is still you, ah.

Besides……” He whispered: “I bet ten golden teals.

” When he said his ten golden teals, I thought about my ten copper coins.

My heart felt more anger: “Yanwang, go persuade yourself if you want to take that thing back to heaven! I don’t care anymore.

He wants to endure in the human realm, then let him endure in the human realm! Just let him be!” After saying that, I turned and walked away.

I walked to the palace door and still didn’t hear someone persuade me.

I pouted: “Hey….


that, borrow your mirror of the past to me to let me play with it for a few days in heaven.

” Yanwang looked at me with squinted eyes: “You, this brat, what for tricks are you planning?” “A woman’s secret.