Seven Unfortunate Lifetimes, All Thanks to a Single Moment of Impulse - Chapter 49

Seven Unfortunate Lifetimes, All Thanks to a Single Moment of Impulse - Chapter 49

I woke up while clutching my sore neck.

Lying in the snow for the whole night, my body is the same as frozen.

That bastard child really made me faint and let me sleep in the snow for a whole night! My heart hated it so much that I nearly vomited blood.

I worked so hard to raise a child.

For him I searched his mortal and immortal souls.

Several time I almost lost my life.

For whom else have I a cloud fairy put in so much effort? I almost saw victory, but Jin Lian butted in and stole my fruit! Old and new hate formed together.

I wished I could throw his scattered soul to let to deer horse demon eat it away.

Let him become a fertilizer to nourish the earth! Behind the anger, there are many grievances and unwillingness.

It’s still alright if Jin Lian is a bad person, but Chu Kong actually followed a bad person away…… How much did my teaching fail in the end? I patted my face.

I can’t give up like this.

All these debts, after Chu Kong regained his memories, I’ll then slowly let him pay back! I stood up.

I felt a fierce evil energy rush behind me.

I immediately chanted a protecting seal.

I turned and only heard a screaming.

Then a meaty horn poked onto my stomach.

A soft touch poked my stomach a little bit.

I raised an eyebrow, looked at the familiar demon and asked: “Are you going to use this horn to stomp me to death?” It seemed that the deer horse demon is still extremely vengeful.

After so many years, he’s still thinking of taking revenge on me…… Usually he doesn’t dare to do anything to me.

Finally today he caught me when I’m injured.

He must want to bully me to death.

But why after living for so many years, his intelligence is still so easy to read? I stretched my hand and hold his cool, meaty horn.

The deer horse demon turned stiff.

It seemed like he thought of some bad memories.

He didn’t make any movements.

I wondered: “Since you’ve come to take revenge, why are your actions so gentle? Your reactions are also a bit slow…….

” I looked at the snow on his back and understood.




“You must’ve secretly observed the whole night and didn’t dare to take action.

Now you see that I’m going, you impatiently acted and recklessly rushed out, isn’t that it?” The deer horse demon turned stiffer.

I patted his horn and laughed: “Being stupid like this, how did you survive, ah?! How did you catch those scattered souls?!” The words blurting out of my mouth made myself shocked.

The deer horse demon being a professional hunter of scattered souls must have a way the drive away the likes of Jin Lian whose scattered immortal soul entered someone else’s body! Continue reading on MYB0X N0 VEL.

COM It felt like a light opened in front of my eyes.

I touched the deer horse demon’s horn.

I squatted down and looked into his eyes.

I used all my gentleness from this lifetime: “Deer horse demon, little demon, sister asks you, oh, do you know how to drive out a scattered immortal soul that has entered someone else’s body?” My words went into the deer horse demon’s mind.

He took two steps back in horror with a look of ready to run away.

“Don’t be afraid.

Sister is a good immortal.

Come, you tell me, is there a way to drive out a scattered soul?” He nodded hesitantly.

I was overjoyed.

My eyes contained tears.

I came up two steps and touched his furry face.

“Little demon, you see there’s no place where life doesn’t meet.

You and I meeting each other is also a fate.

Regardless of how we used to be in the past, here, we smiled and turned from enemies to allies to create a better tomorrow.

What do you think?” The deer horse demon took two steps back.

He slanted his head and looked sideways at me.

Apparently he doesn’t believe what I said just now.

I gritted my teeth, continued smiling and went closer: “I won’t hide anything; fairy sister needs to ask your help on something….


” The deer horse demon turned and walked away.

My body moved and stopped in front of his body: “All right, say your condition.

What do you want before you agree to help me?” He looked at me.

I took a deep breath and bowed: “I’m sorry for pulling your horn in the past.

” He hmpfed two times.

I said: “I’m sorry; I shouldn’t have brewed wine with it.

” He looked at me in disbelief as if he is asking: “You brewed my horn?” I honestly apologized: “I’m sorry, yesterday on New Year’s Eve; I accidentally drink it all and didn’t leave a little for you……” The deer horse demon hissed to the sky.

His eyes seemed to contain a puddle of tears.

He turned and leaped into the sky.

At this time, I don’t have any time to care about face, rushed forward and hugged his neck.

I shouted: “I already have apologized to you, what more do you want?! I was wrong! All was my fault, alright?!” He tossed his head and struggled to run.

My heart was ruthless and I shouted: “Good! Stomp face! I let you stomp my face! You are free to step on! Free to vent your anger!” The deer horse demon instantly looked at me.

I let go of him.

I tied my messy hair.

I lay with my head on the ground and said: “Come stomp.

Free to stomp.

After you finished venting your anger, go with me to find someone.

” In snowy days, the breath you breathed out will turn white when it touched with the air.

The deer horse demon lifted his hoof and placed it above my face.

I closed my eyes.

In my heart, I thought: Chu Kong, this old mother, because of you, put everything into fight.

I didn’t think that I waited for a half a day and still didn’t see the hoof fell on my face.

But some warm water dropped on my face.

I opened my eyes.

I saw that the deer horse demon is silently crying above of me.

Tears fell down.

Really miserable.

My heart went soft.

I raised my hand and touched his face.

“Don’t cry anymore.

Otherwise, when I go back to heaven and come down again, I’ll take you down for a ride.

I won’t let other people laugh at you just because you have one horn.

” He cried silently.

I also take a while to comfort him.

He reorganized his emotions.

I was still thinking if I should just go when the deer horse demon bit my sleeve and let me continue on my road.

This demon is a surprisingly good thing…….

So I no longer hid anything from him and straightforwardly told him: “My Chu Kong is missing one mortal soul.

The scattered immortal soul of a bad immortal went into his body.

That scattered immortal soul still has evil energy.

It wants to lure Chu Kong into the evil ways.

So after we find Chu Kong, you go and drive the scattered immortal soul out.

Then I’ll go purify it and then you can eat it directly turn him into feces and poop him out.

” The deer horse demon obediently nodded.

I touched the purple pearl in front of my chest and borrowed its power to find the specific place where Chu Kong is.

While hunting Chu Kong down, I was afraid to rest.

I was afraid that if I’m a little late, Chu Kong will be on the point of no return.

While looking for him with a really scared heart, I turned somewhat dishearten.

The purple pearl on my chest finally sensed something.

My heart felt happy.

I followed the bright purple pearl and went down of the road in the sky to see the environment below.

I was shocked.

Here, it’s actually the place where Jin Luo hid the stone demon’s heart in the past…….

It’s also the place where Chu Kong has disappeared.

I shook my head to stabilize my mind.

Now here is only a mountain of a pile of stones.

A lonely figure is there.

I took a closer look.

Isn’t that Chu Kong?! The moment I saw him, it was like life entered my heart.

I didn’t beckon the deer horse demon and went straight down.

I took a deep breath.

I didn’t wait for Chu Kong to see me, I whirled my arm, didn’t say anything and hit Chu Kong straight in the face.

From when he was small till he is an adult, I’ve never beat him like this.

This time, I definitely can’t be soft-hearted.

Chu Kong has been thrown far away with this punch and hit on a stone before he stopped flying.

He got up on one knee and coughed through the dusts.

I didn’t give him the chance to catch his breath.

My body moved and fell in front of him.

My mouth is reading a spell.

A chain emitted from my fingertips and rapidly winds Chu Kong’s whole body like a snake.

Black evil energy formed from his body like that night wanting to shatter the chain into pieces.

With my other hand, I pulled out the fan.

I shouted short: “Clean!” From my whole body, emitted immortal energy to cleanse the evil energy.

Ever since Chu Kong’s soul scattered in front of me, I spent a lot effort on practicing.

Although it’s still far away from a decent immortal, but it’s still enough to beat the Chu Kong who only cultivated for ten or more years even if his body has Jin Lian’s scattered immortal soul.

The evil energy dispersed.

The chain tightly tied around Chu Kong.

My expression turned serious and looked at him condescendingly: “What are you not satisfied with me? I can talk slowly with you about what kind of person you want to be.

I can compromise, but I can’t tolerate you walking into the evil ways.

Being a God or an immortal even if you don’t have the heart to do something for the humans, you still need to be an honest and good.

” “Xiao Xiang.

” Chu Kong looked up.

His appearance is clean like in the past.

But the smile on his lips showed great frustration.

“You never asked for my opinion? Why do I have to be a god or an immortal? I practiced cultivation just because I wanted to protect you, but what you want is not my protection.

” My throat is choking.

I think that now no matter what I say to him, will not get to him.

I turned and called the deer horse demon.

I was waiting for him to come when I felt a dense overflow of evil energy.

I turned back astonished.

The evil energy on Chu Kong’s body got richer.

The chain binding him began to rot.

That Jin Lian……what has he done to Chu Kong?! I was startled.

I rushed forward to grab Chu Kong’s hand.

He turned to dodged and avoided looking at me.

I got angry.

With the fastest speed I rushed to him.

I exchanged a few blows with Chu Kong.

There is a sword on his waist.

Several times he wanted to pull it out, but he didn’t pull it out.

I know that he doesn’t want to use his hands with me.

My heart felt warm then it became ruthless again.

I used force to trip his foot and pulled Chu Kong’s clothes making him fall on the ground.

I pressed him tightly and shouted: “Deer horse demon!” A hiss sounded in the sky.

The deer horse demon came from the sky.

Chu Kong struggled.

I pressed his neck and said: “You either kill me or either wait to be captured.

” I handsomely finished speaking, but Chu Kong gritted his teeth.

He touched a stone and gentle threw it.

While the deer horse demon is about to touch the ground, the deer horse demon felt a pain.

He became unstable; his body turned one side and came straight down on my body.

I was in panic.

Chu Kong took the opportunity and stood up quickly.

I also wanted to stand up to catch him, but the deer horse demon is putting a heavy pressure on me.

I scolded: “You a thing that can’t do anything right but everything wrong!” Chu Kong went away on a cloud.

And I managed so difficult to find him.

How can I let him escape?! This goddamn thing that can’t let people stop worrying!Comments: Never expected XXZ and the deer horse demon to form an alliance.

The deer horse demon is kind of cute ^^.

I’m afraid to see Chu Kong killing XXZ in an accident or on purpose.

Even though I know that XXZ won’t die, I think this Chu Kong place in my heart will drop considerably.

Still 2 chapter left before the big ending.