Seven Unfortunate Lifetimes, All Thanks to a Single Moment of Impulse - Chapter 46

Seven Unfortunate Lifetimes, All Thanks to a Single Moment of Impulse - Chapter 46

Following the purple pearl, I went out of the boundaries of Lu Hua Mountain.

My heart felt strange.

It’s just a missing mortal soul of Chu Kong.

How can it run so fast? Chasing till midnight, I felt a faint burst of a demon’s energy coming at me.

I once heard Yue Lao say that there is deer-horse like demon who eats scattered souls.

Could it be that Chu Kong’s soul……has been eaten by this guy! My heart was frightened.

I sped up my cloud and went straight into the sky.

I fly to the demon.

The deer-horse demon looks like it can endure a thing or two.

With shaking head, he hurried to me.

It felt like he is in joy.

If you think about it, it’s right.

A demon that only eats souls can be that powerful.

At this point, I don’t know what he is chewing and wants to gulp it down to his stomach.

The purple pearl hanging on my neck, brightened.

My heart became ruthless.

I shouted: “Spit it out!” I kicked the deer-horse demon severely on the side.

This kick came suddenly, the demon screamed loudly.

Many souls flew out of his mouth.

The souls drifted away with the wind.

I immediately chased the souls that were drifting away.

The deer-horse demon behind me chased after me while screaming.

I don’t have a mind to mind about him.

I followed the purple pearl and rapidly chased after the souls.

A scattered immortal soul can float really fast.

It didn’t take long before I caught up.

I read the spell to collect the immortal soul.

Chu Kong’s immortal soul obediently went into the purple pearl.

The horse-deer demon also sounded in my ears.

I dodged sideways and didn’t want to fight with him.

I raised my hand and said: “Cloud come.

” The cloud of the midnight rapidly came to me.

The cloud wrapped the deer-horse demon in the direction of the sky and the sun.

The sunlight blinded the deer-horse demon.

I turned around and ran away and left him far behind me.

I clutched the purple pearl.

In the dark, I finally returned to Lu Hua Mountain.

I followed the dark road and walked home.

The closer I came to the wooden house I made, the more profound the depressed feeling became.

The words that meatball Kong said before he left the house echoed in my ears.

He doesn’t want to cultivate.

He doesn’t want to become the celestial Chu Kong of the past.



only want to live freely in the human realm.

Since he has already said that, what significance does the thing I do now have? Using all my power to search for the souls he doesn’t want.

Using my best efforts to teach him cultivation…… I suddenly have a shame that will leave my face hot and my ass cold.

I looked up at the moon in the sky.

I turned and walked in the direction of the forest of Lu Hua mountain.




In the day the little demons of Lu Hua Mountain have been beaten by me.

In the night a lot disappeared.

All the way I only heard insects.

Unconsciously I walked to lake of the mountain.

I looked at the other side of the lake and was lost in thoughts.

How many years ago when I was a tiger did a wild boar appeared on the other side of the lake and quietly stared at me…… Even in such a depressed mood now, when I thought about that scene, I laughed with a “pu” sound.

I laughed alone at the lake while stomping my feet.

But the night was really too cold, letting me gradually close my mouth.

That Chu Kong……who bicker and fight with me, maybe will never come back.

I lowered my eyes.

My mood was difficult to describe.

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COM I walked up along the side of the lake.

The sound of the lake tinkled in my ears.

The sound of the water made me feel somewhat lively and cheerful.

I find a place with grace and sat down.

I quietly stared at the sky full of stars.

For the first time I felt that the future is confusing.

If I am not obsessed with Chu Kong anymore, then what should I go do? What were the days like before I met Chu Kong? I actually couldn’t remember it anymore.

The purple pear brightened.

I hold it.

Today I found Chu Kong’s immortal soul.

If I give him this immortal soul back to him, there’ll only be a mortal soul left before his soul is completed.

If by that time, his thought is still the same as now…… I’ll go back to Yue Lao and continue to watch the doors for him.

While I was thinking like that, suddenly I heard a voice sobbing on the other side of the lake.

This sound is so familiar to me.

I looked and saw meatball Kong standing at the edge of the other side of the lake with a face full of tears and snot.

Facing the moonlight making his face sparkling, I saw him crying so pitifully.

I was startled.

I stood up and called: “Chu Kong, you……” Why aren’t you staying home? Why did you come here? I haven’t even asked when the meatball Kong at the other side cried with a hoarse voice: “Wu wa! Xiao Xiang! Wu wa!” He cried so pitifully, making me take half a step back.

Because this child has a crippled soul since small, his reactions are relatively slow.

So he didn’t show many feelings.

This sudden burst of him can’t help but make me alarmed.

He saw me take a step back and looked more panic stricken.

He didn’t care and stepped into the lake and ran staggering to me.

He didn’t wait for me to help him and plummeted in front of me.

With a body full of cold water, he rushed to me.

The water wet my shoes.

The meatball who isn’t tall enough, stretched his hand and hugged my waist.

He head glued to my belly.

He began to cry out: “Don’t go, Chu Kong is wrong.

Chu Kong won’t make you angry anymore and won’t go down the mountain to play anymore! I am wrong!” I froze for a long time: “Did the demons on the mountain come and beat you out of revenge when I was away?” His face rubbed twice against my belly, making me full of snot.

“You’re an immortal, wu……Da Hua said you went away and went to heaven to be a free and happy immortal…….

you’ll live very happily, and……and will never come back! You wouldn’t want me anymore……wu wu.

” His voice was muffled and mixed with hoarseness.

I heard vaguely what he said.

I was startled, hesitated and said: “I just went to catch a demon.

” Meatball Kong hugged me tighter: “Xiao Xiang, don’t run away with the demon.

” I didn’t know if I should laugh or cry.

When I could react again, my heart felt warm.

I don’t know what kind of nerves has been satisfied.

It slowly pulled my mouth up.

He being like this, must be because he is afraid that I’m leaving.

Even if he doesn’t want to cultivate and doesn’t want to listen to me but in meatball Kong’s mind I’m still someone special with whom he can’t part with.

I seemed to hear the wild laugh from the depths of my heart.

I squatted down.

I looked at the immortal soul in the purple pearl slowly drift into his eyebrows.

I touched his head: “Is Chu Kong afraid that Xiao Xiang won’t want you?” To him, a soul entering his body doesn’t have much feeling.

He honestly nodded.

With a face full of tears he answered me: “Afraid.

” My mouth couldn’t help but rise again.

I restrained the joy in my heart, dropped my eyes and said sadly: “But the two days that you went to play down the mountain, I thought you didn’t want me anymore.

” Chu Kong immediately shook his head.

He seemed in panic: “I didn’t! I I……Xiao Xiang……I’m wrong.

Next time I won’t be like that anymore.

” He raised his head and hugged my neck.

His head rubbed against my neck.

“Xiao Xiang, don’t be angry.

I really know I’m wrong.

” I glanced at him, pinched his cheek and pulled him away.

My heart is bursting with excitement.

So when the intelligence and power are above of other, would hold such a sense of superiority.

At this moment I understand why in the lifetime of silly Xiang, Chu Kong liked to pinch my face.

So this is the perfect feeling of the combination of possessiveness and superiority.

While I was being happy in my heart, I didn’t forget tease Chu Kong.

I said: “Let’s make a deal.

” I held out my pink and indicated for Chu Kong to hold out his.

“In the future if you still need me, I’ll always be by your side.

Always stay with you.

” Chu Kong froze for a moment.

The tears began to fall again.

He wiped his tears.

His hand tightly clutched my pink: “En, I’ll always want Xiao Xiang.

Forever want.

” Before I always put a face of shifu and never calculated Chu Kong like this.

I always had a solemn face more than a laughing face, covering my original character with seriousness.

At this point I know that I should also combine education well with incentives and penalties.

Like that I can achieve a faithful dog.

I squeezed Chu Kong’s face and said laughingly: “Good child.

” Chu Kong looked at me blankly for a moment.

He raised his hand and touched my face: “Xiao Xiang laughing like this is the most like you.

” I was startled.

He also froze: “Yi……I don’t know why I said those words.

” Because with one more mortal soul, Chu Kong’s soul will be completed.

I asked him: “Does Chu Kong still not want to practice cultivation?” He looked at me somewhat afraid: “Xiao Xiang, I’m sorry.

I really don’t like cultivation.

” I nodded.

I understand him, but still felt a little sad.

Meatball Kong really doesn’t want to become the Chu Kong in my heart.

A few days passed after that night.

These few days I no longer forced Chu Kong to practice cultivation.

He is also not like the past looking for opportunities to slip out and play with the demons on the mountain.

He is only staying at my side, guarding me.

He followed me everywhere I go.

It seems that I left for half a day a few days ago must have frightened him.

Today is a fine day.

I was feeding the chickens in the backyard.

Grains fell on the ground.

Suddenly I felt a burst of wind with evil.

I didn’t need to say about the grains which have been blown away, but even the chickens have been blown away.

I looked up.

It’s the deer-horse demon I hit a few days ago.

This demon didn’t have a change of heart and actually has been seeking me out for revenge.

He actually found here.

The deer- horse demon stomped his hoof and hissed in the air.

His voice is full of anger.

I looked left and right.

Here is my home.

Chu Kong froze behind me.

He must not have seen such a big demon and has been scared to death.

Here, I can’t fully concentrate on dealing with him.

I can only distract him and lead him away.

I took the opportunity while he is hissing at the sky, picked up some chicken poop and throw it in his mouth.

“What’s there to hiss about? If you want to fight come with me!” I put an enchantment around Chu Kong and protected him inside it.

“Hide well inside it” I said that to him and didn’t care about how he is pounding and stomping inside it.

I went away on a cloud and flew from the foot of Lu Hua Mountain.

In the past Chu Kong always made that move on me.

Today finally our roles changed.

I felt a sense of satisfaction and pride.

After swallowing the chicken poop, the deer-horse demon became more furious.

He hooved pounded on the ground and followed behind me while catching up.