Seven Unfortunate Lifetimes, All Thanks to a Single Moment of Impulse - Chapter 39

Seven Unfortunate Lifetimes, All Thanks to a Single Moment of Impulse - Chapter 39

This hot wet kiss gradually deepened.

My heart felt resolute.

I thought that I have already said the words and got to this point.

If I don’t do it more thoroughly, I’ll feel sorry for this old face of mine! I raised my hand and put it around Chu Kong’s neck, tightly confining him and began to fiercely respond to this emotional kiss.

It’s because I felt like I trapped into the fire or it’s because I spoke all the things that was deep in my heart out, but I couldn’t stop this passionate kiss.

I couldn’t detect Chu Kong’s thoughts and feelings.

I only felt his hand moving up and down on my back.

It felt a little sentimental.

I didn’t know where I should return the fondle, but I’m itching all over my body.

We have no experience in this, but when I was in Yue Lao temple, occasionally I can look in the mirror of fate to see the wedding scene of a married couple.

I know.

The first step is undressing.

I loosened my hand from Chu Kong’s neck and probed into his waist.

I pulled for a long time before I used brute force and broke his belt into two.

Chu Kong didn’t notice what I did to him.

His hands are still on my back.

I moved my lips and bit his ear: “You need to……make some real progress, ah……” My words hardly left, when I felt my aorta being sucked by someone.

After a slight tingling feeling, a numb feeling entered my head.

I haven’t had the time to groan when I saw someone entering the territory.

All of sudden a “bang!” sound resounded in the sky.

It felt like a pot of cold water being poured down.

The night watchman’s voice came from far: “……be careful of the fire.

” .



An extremely dull tone passed through my ears.

Chu Kong was lying on top of me and didn’t move.

I held my breath; afraid that if I breathed loudly the night watchman will hear it when he is passing.

Bang, bang.

“Be careful of the fire.

” A tsunami passed through my mind.

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COM The me who has returned was frowning all over my face.

The night watchman just passed down the flower house.

Chu Kong silently pulled me into his embrace.

I tugged at his shoulder and tore his clothes.

But he kept his head down on my forehead, not letting me see his expression.

Until when the night watchman is far away that even his voice can’t be heard anymore, did he let go of me.

He sat up and quietly put a little distance between us.

I tidied my clothes.

I pretended to be calm, sat up and said: “Well ah, let’s go back.

” Chu Kong nodded and with a “shua” sound, he stood up.

But he didn’t know and I also have forgotten; his belt has just been ripped.

So when he got up, his pants fell straight down.

Chu Kong: “……” I: “……” He immediately bent down and pulled up his pants.

I turned to not look at him.

“I didn’t see anything.

” Chapter 39 p2: The wind whistled against my ear.

I could hear the air’s strange silence.

When I turned again, that side didn’t even have a shadow.

Chu Kong, he actually……fled…… When I returned to the inn, Zihui was sitting in the empty hall, all dressed.

Seeing that I was back, he smiled with squinted eyes: “Just now, Chu Kong, while holding his clothes, hurriedly went back into his room.

Then a Xiang lady came back refreshed.

How come this scene is reversed from what I expected?” Chu Kong saw Zihui and actually didn’t beat him?! It seemed that his heart must be really in chaos.

Being and immortal without desires, he almost did it with me outside…….

He has a proud temper and he also lost his pants in front of me.

The activity in Chu Kong’s heart must be as exciting as it can be.

I approached and grabbed Zihui’s collar.

I coldly asked: “You actually dare to stay here waiting for us?! Say, what for thing is that wine?!” Zihui laughed leisurely: “That wine is called speaking the truth.

When people drink it, it’ll make them speak the truth.

” I said full of hate: “Then what do you mean by letting me drink it when you went away?!” “No, actually I wanted to let you two drink it together.

But no matter whom of you have drunken it, it shouldn’t be like this, ah.

A Xiang lady and Chu Kong are really different from ordinary people.

” I scratched my head in distress.

I let go of Zihui and warned him: “Don’t need you to be the the good person.

We’ll solve our matter ourselves!” I turned and went upstairs.

With mixed feelings, I stood in front of Chu Kong’s door for a while.

I felt that we need to calm down by ourselves.

I lay on the bed for half a night and couldn’t sleep.

It felt like there’s always a Chu Kong lying next to me, close to my neck and sucking at the place where my aorta is.

At dawn, the door made squeak sounds.

The me who was sleeping lightly immediately woke up.

When I saw the guy standing at the edge of my bed, I foolishly didn’t move.

The blush on his face seemed to be as if an iron has branded it.

It burned nonstop.

“Alright, I know! Alright! Just let it be like this!” He came and said those strange words.

I blinked and looked at him.

He took a deep breath and turned his head: “Give……give you a chance to like me.

” The morning light came through the window and stayed on Chu Kong’s body.

His hair was loosened and was till his feet.

I looked and was in trance.

His eyes looked everywhere but me.

“Alright, today I went overboard.


xiaoye will take responsibility!” Chu Kong’s eyes glanced once at my neck.

Then he closed his eyes.

He almost shouted: “When we go back to heaven, I’ll marry you, alright?!” I was in shock.

It took a while before I reacted.

I asked in disbelief: “Are you, you proposing, marriage?” Chu Kong looked at me with his nostrils: “It’s giving you a chance to marry me.

” I was silent for a while and then stretched my hand out: “Where’s the dowry? Without a dowry, I won’t marry.

” I and Chu Kong getting together, I’ll lose ten copper coins.

Didn’t need to say about other things, Chu Kong needs to pay me these ten copper coins back.

My business like attitude makes Chu Kong’s face, which has always been red, cool down.

He stared at me for a while and then scratched his head irritably: “Back to heaven, I’ll give it to you! I’ll give you as much as you want! Really a thing that only knows how to gain more benefit!” “Wait a moment!” I sat up and asked solemnly: “You still have to tell me who Ying Shi is.

” “Ying Shi? Why ask about her?” “Of course I need to ask.

My man, from the inside to the outside can only be mine.

All the women around him, he needs to report them clearly!” The two words “my man” let Chu Kong’s face become red.

He honestly answered: “My little shimei1.

” I said with disdain: “Who do you want to deceive?! Don’t think I don’t know.

At the Morning God’s estate, the twelve celestial stars are scattered immortals that he had found outside.

I never heard you twelve becoming a disciple of a shifu.

Where did you get a shimei?” Chu Kong scowled: “In my childhood, I was a disciple of an immortal.

But because such a long time has passed and at the time I was still small, the memories are a little blurred.

Then that master of mine disappeared.

All the disciples scattered in the four directions.

I and Ying Shi were too small.

We wandered in heaven for a while and then have been recruited by the Morning God.

” Listening to him explaining like this, I finally nodded: “Then let’s go back to heaven and get married.

In the future, you maintain me.

” Chu Kong turned away and headed out.

“First find the fluorite and close the hole leaking the evil energy.

Then we’ll talk.

” He went out of my room.

The sun rose.

The room was bright.

I sat on the couch, holding my knees and silently blushed.

Marry someone, ah.

Marry Chu Kong….


such a proud guy proposed to me.

From now on, we can be together.

Want to kiss, and we can kiss.

Want to hug and we can hug.

I and he can be referred to as……us.

When it’s time to leave the inn, I finally discovered that Zihui disappeared.

The waiter of the inn said that Zihui left us a letter and a fan.

Chu Kong grabbed Zihui’s letter.

After he read it, he made a ball of it.

Then he handed the fan to me and snappily said: “He said to let you stay obediently by my side.

This fan is as an apology to us.

” Chu Kong hmpfed coldly.

“Such a broke fan, he still dared to give it as a gift.

However, we can use it as a replacement.

Use it as a self-defense instrument.

In the future, I’ll give you a better one.

” I took the fan from him and lightly let my gaze swept over Chu Kong.

“You don’t need to eat vinegar.

I don’t like him.

” “Heng, who has the time to eat vinegar.

Women are really hypocritical.

” Who is more hypocritical, ah…….

Maybe it’s because we’re hurrying to go back to heaven to marry.

And maybe it’s because, we see more and more demons being awakened by the evil energy.

I and Chu Kong accelerated the speed of our feet.

After many days, we finally arrived at Kun Wu Mountain.

The fluorite is where the air is stronger.

And guarding the fluorite is some beast.

Chu Kong estimated my and his powers and temporarily drew out a plan.

It’s as follow: Chu Kong will go and fight the beast to distract him.

I’ll go in and stole the fluorites.

After I get the fluorites outside, I’ll send him a signal.

We’ll leave the territory.

Chu Kong warned me again and again: “The beast is covered in flames and burning in rages.

Your body is a cloud.

Beware to grill in it.

So when you see fire, quickly hide.

Don’t be brave.

Stones can be taken again, but there’s only one life.

” He doesn’t need to remind me with those words.

I repeatedly nodded to express I know.

Chu Kong scheduled the time that we’ll steal the fluorite at night.

In the night, the beast is covered with flames, we can see him clearly.

But he can’t see us.

Enemy in the dark, I in the light (she means that the enemy doesn’t know anything while they know everything), is a good opportunity to attack.

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