Seven Unfortunate Lifetimes, All Thanks to a Single Moment of Impulse - Chapter 37

Seven Unfortunate Lifetimes, All Thanks to a Single Moment of Impulse - Chapter 37

A roar sounded in the air.

I looked up and saw gold lights falling down like snowflakes.

The bloodthirsty spell has been broken.

Chu Kong’s robe floated in the air.

His figure stood on the top of the snow mountain.

The wind blew his robe and long hair.

I couldn’t see his facial features, but even just a silhouette hit my heart.

I couldn’t help my heart from thumping really hard.

That thing……why is he putting such a beautiful pose… Suddenly Chu Kong moved and turned in my direction.

Zihui who was beside me, smiled, waved at him and shouted: “Shifu, long time no see.

” I couldn’t see Chu Kong’s expression, but suddenly I felt the ground under me trembled.

Zihui quietly put away the hand that was still on my waist and said smilingly: “Oops, I didn’t know that shifu is a god in this lifetime.

I really can’t mess with him.

” I narrowed my eyes and looked at him.

So everyone is an animal who bully the weak but is afraid of the strong.

“Destroying the spell, needs to die!” The demon hasn’t left yet.

He stood there and shouted at the sky.

I pointed at the long haired demon and asked Zihui: “What does that mean? The spell has already been broken.

Does he think that if he shouted we’ll be so afraid that our gal will broke down and die?” Zihui smiled with squinted eyes: “A Xiang lady is still as funny and lovely.

” .



“So noisy!” Chu Kong’s shout came from far away.

His body moved and the next time it appeared again was above the head of the long haired demon.

The long haired demon immediately jumped to get to Chu Kong.

Chu Kong only stood in that place.

He didn’t hide or avoid.

In his hand appeared an immortal seal and he put it above the long haired demon.

The long haired demon stiffened and immediately stopped.

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COM Zihui nodded in approval: “En, shifu really has some tactic skills.

” I was excited and ran to Chu Kong.

“Well done, Chu Kong! Let’s just kill and eat him! I’ll dismember him.

You go make fire to barbecue him!” “A Xiang……lady…….

” Zihui’s voice has been left far behind by me.

I ran to the long haired demon and touched his smooth fur.

“This fur will be able to get a high price.

I’ll ponder about where to knife him, but it can’t be here.

” The light in my eyes was really brilliant.

Chu Kong suddenly came over and grabbed my hand away from the fur.

“I caught him.

You’re not allowed to eat.

” “Why?!” I was very angry.

Chu Kong glanced at me once and then he looked at Zihui who just arrived.

He said with dislike: “Don’t you have someone who helps you? You can let him catch one for you.

This is what I’ve caught.

I won’t let you eat.

” Zihui coughed twice.

It seemed that he is embarrassed to have been caught in this quarrel.

Chu Kong glared at Zihui.

At this point I couldn’t be bothered with him and only glared at Chu Kong.

I expressed dissatisfaction about such childlike behavior.

“Between us is there still “you” and “me”? I scalped his fur and the money that I get for it will be spend by us.

I cut of his meat and roast it; won’t it be eaten by us? You suddenly being like this, is it fun?!” Chu Kong thought for a while and then he half turned to look at me: “Us?” I was dazed and surprised: “Otherwise with whom?” Hearing that answer, Chu Kong finally turned and looked at me.

His mouth turned upside.

Then he pressed it down and said with a straight face: “Heng, alright, I’ll reluctantly let you cut it.

Xiaoye wants the meat of the spine.

You must not cut that part badly.

” This guy…… I don’t even bother to scold someone who will get angry every three days.

I turned my attention to the long haired demon and circled around his body.

I felt that I should cut him from his belly.

I said to Chu Kong: “You turn him over.

” Chu Kong was preparing to do it, when Zihui suddenly said: “I think……” “There’s no part for you,” Chu Kong interrupted him and looked at him coldly.

“Xiaoye is generous.

I won’t bother with the past debt.

Now you must go far and hide far away.

Don’t let xiaoye see you again.

” Zihui sighed: “What I want to say is that this is a demon.

You eating it, isn’t it a bit……” I looked strangely at Zihui: “Otherwise, what do we do with it?” Chu Kong also looked at Zihui strangely: “Otherwise, what do we do with it? This is a demon, not an animal.

He guards this bloodthirsty spell; don’t know how many people’s lives he has harmed.

Eating it won’t be a loss.

” Chu Kong said it like it was the right thing to do.

It seemed that staying long with me, his level has improved! Chu Kong pulled up his sleeves.

With a little strength, he turned the long haired demon over, letting the legs facing the sky.

I jumped on the long haired demon’s belly.

I stick my hand out and said: “Knife.

” Chu Kong stretched his hand out at Zihui and said: “Knife.

” Zihui sighed: “I mean eating something you don’t know isn’t a good habit.

” While saying that he took out a dagger from his sleeve.

He wanted to hand it to Chu Kong, bit retracted his hand.

He said: “Using my dagger, will have some points of safety…….

” Chu Kong’s expression turned cold.

I hurriedly went in front of Zihui: “En,en, good.

Later, I’ll cut the front legs for you.

” Zihui willingly handed the dagger over.

The first cut will be in the middle of the demon’s collarbone.

I raised my hand and was about to stab when the demon said with difficulty: “Broke….


the bloodthirsty spell, the lord……will not……let you off.

” I turned and exchanged a look with Chu Kong.

I poked his neck with the tip of the dagger: “Come, say honestly.

Who is your lord? Where does he live?” The demon no longer said anything.

I exchanged a look again with Chu Kong.

Chu Kong touched his chin and said: “He is like this.

Someone must’ve put him under spell.

We won’t get anything from him.

Just kill and eat it.

” “Wait,” Zihui shouted.

“You……really want to eat it? I thought you were just simply threatening it……” I glanced at Zihui once: “Do I seem like I’m pretending?” I blinked.

The dagger went down with a “shua” sound.

Blood spattered.

With a spell a flame began to spin and cast shadows of three people on the snow.

The demon’s meat is fresh and plump.

I and Chu Kong lay on the snow with round stomach.

Only Zihui holding the legs that I promised him, didn’t move.

Zihui sighed: “You really eat it…….

” Chu Kong said dissatisfied: “Do you have any comment?” He paused and seemed to be getting angrier: “From just now you have staying here.

What do you mean by that? Who told you to come? Who let you stay here? Go away!” A snow hit straight on my forehead.

I was stunned and glared at Chu Kong.

I saw that he glanced at me coldly and hmpfed: “I think, the you now is no different from that silly Xiang.

” I also hmpfed coldly: “The you now is just the same as that lifetime! Proud, arrogant and likes to bully people!” Chu Kong turned and glared at me.

He frowned tightly.

I didn’t want to be outdone by him and also glared at him.

When we were confronting each other, suddenly Zihui said laughingly: “You two being like this……other people can easily cut under it” (he means that people can come in between them).

Chu Kong didn’t say anything, grabbed some snow and throw it at Zihui.

Zihui calmly dodged it.

“Most women like mature and calm men.

Shifu being like this isn’t good.

A Xiang lady, isn’t it right?” Facing with this question I went silent for a while.

Then I said straightforwardly: “It’s true that I used to think like this in the past.

” I looked at Chu Kong’s angry face, then I turned and looked at the sky: “But now I think that everyone has his own personality.

Someone’s personality is also not bad.

” My cheeks felt warm.

I paused and then continued: “And it’s quite unique.

” Chapter 37 part 2: It was silent for a while.

Then Zihui laughed: “A Xiang lady really knows how to praise someone.

” “Who allowed you to speak?!” Chu Kong’s voice came from his gritted teeth into my ears.

“Heng, you this demon is really mature and calm, letting people likes you.

Letting people lost her soul and still thinking about you.

” Zihui was stunned and asked: “What does shifu mean with those words?” Chu Kong sneered: “I don’t have a player disciple.

” While Chu Kong was saying those words, I remembered the soul from the cave.

I said: “Almost have forgotten this thing.

Zihui, do you have a deceased wife? Her soul asked us to come look for you to let you go look for her.

Go quickly now, if you’re late, her soul will already be scattered.

” Zihui let the already cooked leg cook again on the fire.

He said smilingly: “A Xiang lady has got the wrong guy.

” I hesitated and looked at Chu Kong.

Chu Kong narrowed his eyes and look at Zihui.

I said: “That woman asked me to pass some words.

A Luo has always been waiting for you.

Don’t you know her?” The air was full of the smell of the meat.

Zihui didn’t move and replied quietly: “Don’t know.

” I pouted and didn’t say anything anymore.

Chu Kong stroked his hand.

The flame opened the meat.

The meat falls on the snow and rolled away.

“This smell is making xiaoye upset.

” Zihui smiled: “I’m sorry.

” He paused and then continued: “Where are you two planning to go next?” Chu Kong was immediately alarmed: “What do you want?” “I have nothing to do now.

If you two need help, I’ll use all my strength to help you in order to pay back Chu Kong’s grace for saving me.

” “Don’t need.

” “Good,” I shouted.

Chu Kong frowned.

I wondered: “A person taking the initiative to repay you, why don’t you want it? Having someone to run the errand and do the odd jobs is really good.

” This is what I wished for in the lifetime when I was stupid.

That lifetime, I failed to accomplish it.

Now I am able to get that wish is also good.

Chu Kong put on a stinky face: “No, xiaoye is happy to have him own me.

” I was silent and haven’t had the time to speak again when Zihui said: “As the saying goes, as long as the hoe plays well, there’s no wall that he can dig down.

Is Chu Kong afraid of me?” Hearing those words, I winked and looked at Chu Kong.

Chu Kong saw the actions of our two.

Slowly his ears turned red: “Afraid your uncle!” He shouted and then turned.

“If you want to follow then follow.

Wait and see how xiaoye will handle you! This is what you asked yourself; don’t blame me for not warning you! Heng!” So I and Chu Kong’s road to go get the stones is now with one more person or better said……with one more stone.

“Use him to fill the hole.

” Zihui bought a fur coat to me at a small tent.

I wore it and felt warm.

I looked at Zihui and smiled.

Sitting on the chair inside the inn, Zihui went to get something to eat.

Chu Kong suddenly looked coldly at me: “He is just a stone demon, using him to fill the hole will let him pay back for saving him and also solve our matter.

One stone killing two birds.

” My mouth twitched: “Speaking like that on other’s people back, don’t you feel despicable and treacherous?” Chu Kong hmpfed coldly: “I didn’t say it on his back.

” “Why is Chu Kong so disgusted by me?” Zihui put a bowl of buns in front of me.

“A Xiang lady, eat while it’s hot.

” He laughed and looked at Chu Kong: “I’m so dedicated to show my gratitude, but in exchange I got such words from Chu Kong.

It really makes me sad.

Moreover, what a Xiang lady told me is that the hole is leaking evil energy.

Using pure and clean stones can block the evil energy from leaking.

If you use me, a stone demon, I’m afraid the more you use, the more it’ll leak.

” Chu Kong’s hand reached my face that was full of buns and squeezed it, letting the oil from my mouth fall onto his hands.

He didn’t let go: “You told him everything, ah!” “Isnhn’t he geoing to gelp us……” Zihui helped me translate: “She said, isn’t he going to help us?” Chu Kong interrupted him angrily: “I understand what she said!” Chu Kong pushed my face away and wiped his hand with disgust.

“You, cheap thing.

Someone gives you a little benefit and you’re bought.

Thing without a backbone.

” I swallowed the buns in my mouth and looked at him: “You have backbone.

Don’t eat my buns.

Don’t stay at the inn that Zihui found.

” “Xiaoye just won’t stay!” Chu Kong kicked the chair and stood up: “Today ye will go stay at the Red House1.

You two can stay here!” I blinked and looked at Chu Kong’s leaving figure and forgot the bun.

“Where did…….

did he say he was going to stay?” “He was talking about the Red House.

” I nodded: “Is he going to look for a flower girl, ah?” Zihui drunk a mouthful tea: “Is a Xiang lady jealous?” I buried my face in the bun: “Heng, who has the spare time to be jealous?! Let him get ten girls at the night.

Let him contract flower transmitted diseases.

” Zihui coughed twice and joked: “Since you two like each other so much, why don’t you be a little more honest? These two days we were walking together; Chu Kong was really angry.

” “That I like him…….

is it really that obvious?” “Really obvious.

” I was silent and didn’t know what more to say.

That’s right, ah.

I’ve already been so obvious…… Chu Kong, you stupid thing, confess to me, let me stay at ease with you and see what’s like! I angrily stuffed another bun in my mouth.

Zihui said: “Just tell him directly.

With Chu Kong’s temper it’ll be a difficult task to get him to his mouth.

” “It isn’t that I haven’t given him any hints! He never says it clearly with me must be because in heaven there’s still a little small white flower waiting for him! They’ll also go look at the stars……” Those words that I blurted out, made myself startled.


deep in my heart, I have been so skeptical about Chu Kong.

Giving him hints again and again, being thick-skinned and told him that he likes me.

But every time we get to that point, my heart wants him to get courage to let him tell me directly, giving me a definite answer.

But every time….


he didn’t give me a direct answer.

His performance, his behavior isn’t as good and real as one solid sentence “that’s right, I like you.

” The small white flower who is called Ying Shi that I saw in the netherworld, is always a shadow in my heart, reminding me that Chu Kong can be so gentle to another woman.

Alone I looked forward to him.

I used my chopsticks to pick in the bun.

After a long time I picked some meat out: “Nobody has ever asked me to go watch the stars.

” “If that’s so, then a Xiang lady let’s go watch the stars today with me.

” I looked up at him.

Zihui smiled: “We go to the Red House to watch stars.

” My eyebrow raised.

I was alerted at Zihui: “What do you want to do?” Zihui smiled mysteriously: “Let celestial star Chu Kong says what’s in his heart.

Doesn’t a Xiang lady want to hear?” “Don’t want……” The meat in the buns has been poked out by me.


will be a lie.

” Comments: Red house is a place where courtesans and prostitutes work aka a brothel