Seven Unfortunate Lifetimes, All Thanks to a Single Moment of Impulse - Chapter 31

Seven Unfortunate Lifetimes, All Thanks to a Single Moment of Impulse - Chapter 31

This shout of me echoed for a long time before it stopped.

My face slowly began to burn while my voice was echoing.

I turned and glanced once at Chu Kong.

He was also staring at me.

“Ah……sorry, I didn’t know you two are in such a relationship.

” The voice of the woman came in our direction.

A touch of blush quietly spread from Chu Kong’s neck to his ears.

I swallowed, shook my head and gained back my sanity.

I stared at the girl ferociously: “What nonsense are you sprouting?! I and he don’t have any relationship!” Although the bodies that I and Chu Kong are using did have a relationship…… The woman continued to say naively: “Then why are you eating vinegar1?” This…….

this really is a really good question.

My face burned.

I rubbed my forehead and said: “Who was eating vinegar? I…… I just wanted to remind you that you’re already married to Zihui.

You should not have a second heart.

A woman should not serve two husbands.

” She punched her head.

“Just now I’ve forgotten that I was married to Zihui.

” She must really have been abandoned because she was stupid! “Blame it because so much time has passed.

” .



The woman looked at the roof.

“I’ve waited for so long that my memory isn’t good anymore.

” Her speech was really slow.

I couldn’t bear to tell her that she has indeed waited for too long.

So long that even the last power of the soul is beginning to fade away.

If she continued to wait, someday, she’ll completely disappear from this world.

“Why do you want to wait for Zihui here? Why don’t you go look for him?” Continue reading on MYB0X N0 VEL.

COM The soul turned this way; if she haven’t waited in this place for thousands years, then it must be for at least a century.

The girl shook her head.

“I don’t remember.

But I remember I can’t leave here.

” She looked at me full of hope.

“So can you help me bring him here? I’ll repay his debt.

I’ll find any ways to repay.

” I turned and glanced at Chu Kong once.

Chu Kong shook his head stubbornly: “I don’t want to help.

That stone demon isn’t a good thing.

” “No, you’re wrong,” the girl anxiously retorted after hearing Chu Kong.

“Zihui is really good.

He’s really good.

” “Oh, if your Zihui is so good, why did he leave you in this place? Your soul is so damaged; you must’ve stayed here for hundreds of years now.

Why didn’t he miss you? Why didn’t he come personally to retrieve you? He is your husband, but he doesn’t care deeply about you and is still thinking of finding new love.

” Chu Kong paused.

I felt that his words have a deeper meaning.

I instantly looked at him.

He gave me a cold stare, and then he continued: “Such a cold hearted stone demon.

You tell me, what’s good about him?” The woman was silent for a long time.

Her translucent body sat down on the stone the chair.

She covered her face and shivered.

“I’m sorry, I was not good enough……” Chu Kong hasn’t answered yet, but I couldn’t stand it anymore.

I stretched my hand and covered his mouth.

Then I said: “Lady, don’t cry.

Who is good or who is bad; in this short-lived life we can’t say that clearly.

I’m different from this man who argues with you.

I’ll help you.

” Chu Kong pushed my hand away and said gloomily: “Do you want to be beaten?” I ignored him.

I felt that now he won’t use his hands against me.

The girl heard my promise.

She stayed at the table for a while.

The she floated excitedly to me, while she is saying thanks.

She stopped three steps away from me and said: “Your……your body has a bad smell.

” I was surprised, raised my hand and sniffed.

Chu Kong used this body to train together with the soldiers.

It’s tainted with men’s blood sweats.

But when we fell into the river most of it has been washed away.

At this point, there’s really no smell on this body.

I stared at the woman.

“There’s no smell, ah.

” “There’s……,” the girl retorted.

“You have to be careful……” She seemed to have remembered something and was about to say it, but no sound came out of her mouth.

She clutched her head and squatted on the ground.

It seemed very painful.

I was scared seeing her like that and was about to go to her, but Chu Kong pulled me behind him.

“Do you think you’re still an immortal? A soul entering a body can easily die.

” I was silent and honestly stood behind him.

That woman squatted for a while and then slowly stood up.

With a weak voice, she said: “Excuse me……what was I about to say? I forgot again.

” I didn’t dare to let her remember anymore and said: “It’s alright if you can’t remember.

” The woman looked at me apologetically.

“Thank you for willing to help me.

I’m really sorry for frightening you before.

Now I’ll send you out.

” Her body floated to the right of the stone room.

Half of her body went inside the wall.

She turned and beckoned to us: “Come.

” My mouth twitched: “Lady, we’re mortals.

We don’t have the ability to walk through walls.

” She said laughingly: “This is not a wall.

You come and try.

” Chu Kong went first.

I was still standing there stupidly.

Chu Kong turned, looked at me and raised an eyebrow.

“Do you still want to stay here for a while? Seeing his things, thinking about that person?” In my heart, I was thinking why this guy is getting angry…….

Chu Kong was impatient and grabbed my hand.

He dragged me to the wall.

The woman disappeared in the wall.

Chu Kong took me and also went in the wall.

We crossed it easily.

Crossing the wall, we’re in another cave.

The woman waited by a cliff and murmured: “Follow this cave and you will be able to go out.

” Her figure flashed and then disappeared in the air.

Only a lingering voice can be heard: “If you see Zihui, you must tell him that a Luo is still waiting for him.

I……just remember this.

Thank you.

” The sound drifted away.

I turned and touched the wall that was blocking us just now.

I put my hand inside.

I was surprised and asked: “Illusion?” A damaged soul that can create an illusion! This knowledge surprised me a lot.

Before if this woman hasn’t become a god, then she must be a demon creating great mess in the world.

Chu Kong glanced at me and sneered coldly: “Casually agreeing to the request of strangers.

In this world nothing is as simple as you think.

” I pouted: “What does it matter? Anyway, she didn’t harm our lives.

” “At first, she wanted to harm our lives.

” After Chu Kong said that he turned and walked away.

My steps were small.

He walked too fast.

The pain in my belly gave another jolt.

I pulled his sleeves.

I don’t know since when, but when I’m alone with Chu Kong I’ll get more daring.

My face will also get thicker skinned.

Perhaps it’s because that in front of this man, I’ve already been in the ugliest situations…… Even if I’m pouting now, I asked him the question that the woman has asked me: “Chu Kong, why are you eating vinegar?” Comment: Eating vinegar means getting jealous.

Chapter 31 Part 2: Chu Kong halted.

His body stiffened and he was silent for a long time.

Suddenly he turned and looked ferociously at me: “Which one of your eyes saw me eating vinegar?!” “All two has seen it.

” Chu Kong walked away.

“You’re thinking too much.

Xiaoye doesn’t have the free time to eat vinegar.

” I quickened my steps.

“You’re eating it now.

He gritted his teeth: “I didn’t.

” I shook my head and sighed: “In front of me you’ve done many things that pointed out that you like me.

Why do you still refuse to be honest?” Chu Kong stopped.

I couldn’t stop in time and bumped in his back.

Suddenly Chu Kong grabbed me and spun me around.

My back felt painful.

Chu Kong is pressing me against the stone wall.

The smell of man on his body stained all my feelings.

Obviously……not long ago, it was my own smell, but when it’s one another person, it let my heart beat chaotically.

Chu Kong seemed set to do this.

He reversed his position.

With one hand he is holding both my wrists above my head on the wall.

With another hand, he raised my chin to force me to look at him.

Such a scene is filled with ambiguous feelings and full of challenges.

I could feel his breath on my face: “So, Xiao Xiang Zi.

” His voice turned hoarser full of temptation: “Why do you refuse to be a little more honest?” He stared at me.

The distance was so close; I could see into his eyes.

I blinked and looked at the top of his head: “I have been very honest, ah.

” “Oh, then say, what’s your heart thinking about now?” He blew against my ear, getting my ear warm and itchy.

I moved my hands and wanted to scratch the itch, but Chu Kong held me tighter.

“Be good and say it honestly.

” I was silent for a moment and then honestly said: “The blood of the period is dripping too much.

The pocket can’t hold it anymore.

We should get out of this place very fast and find a place to change it.

” The strength grabbing my hand loosened.

I saw that Chu Kong was with a burned stunning expression.

I took the opportunity to get my hands free and clutched my stomach.

I walked forward without any expression: “Let’s go out.

” I don’t know what Chu Kong’s expression is now.

I only heard him pat his face and sighing bitterly.

He said: You’re too honest.

” At this time, even if I’m really thick skinned, I can’t help that my whole face turned red.

Chu Kong’s breath and a man’s warmth are still lingering at my ears.

While I was fighting with the big storm, I howled in my heart: “Where the hell did you learn these tricks! Seducing people……can you not be so successful?!” We followed what the female soul said.

Not long after we saw the sunlight.

Obviously we stayed in the cave for a short time, but seeing the sun again, I got a happy feeling.

I ran out in joy.

Gradually my ear heard the sound of the river flowing.

Out of the cave, I narrowed my eyes to adapt to the sun.

I saw that before us is a pebble shoal.

I took a few more steps and hear the cheerful flowing of the river again.

I looked up and saw at the other side of the river is a cliff.

It’s where I and Chu Kong fell.

I looked back at the cave and said with some emotion: “This place is actually not where Zihui used to live.

Why are the things inside the placed the same as at Zihui’s?” “Do you still have to ask?” While walking, Chu Kong regained his usual composure.

He glanced at me once dissatisfied.

“A dead woman’s most memorable memory is the moments she lived in happiness.

That place must be an illusion created by her memories.

The wall is false; the other things are then also false.

” I nodded and said with some emotion: “The one who is really seeing things and thinking about the person, is her.

” Chu Kong touched his chin and thought for a while: “Just now did she say she is called a Luo?” “En, it should be her.

Is something wrong with this name?” “No.

” Chu Kong looked wistfully back at the cave.

“I just thought about something that happened a long time ago in heaven.

” “What?” Chu Kong glanced at me again.

“It happened before someone turned into an immortal.

Even if I said it you won’t know.

” At the words “turned into an immortal” I narrowed my eyes.

I looked at Chu Kong dissatisfied.

Before I could speak, he said: “Say, did you see who that female soul resembled? Well……you can also say who looked like that female soul?” I looked at Chu Kong and said: “Who? You?” “Haha, what a joke,”Chu Kong laughed coldly.

“In xiaoye’s memories, the one who is also so stupid is the you from the previous lifetime, the downright stupid silly Xiang.

Don’t you feel that silly Xiang looked very much like this female soul? I was startled and didn’t first refute Chu Kong.

I honestly tried to find the memory of silly Xiang and compared it to a Luo.

I felt that they are quite alike in some ways.

I carefully pondered.

A Luo said that Zihui is her husband.

When they were alive they must’ve been in love before they turned into husband and wife.

Zihui must also have liked this a Luo.

Seeing that a Luo has already died for a long time, she and Zihui must be in love before silly Xiang was born.



having concluded that; Zihui wanted to marry me in the second lifetime, can part of the reason be because I looked like his “ex”…….

I was still pondering when Chu Kong laughed heartily: “Ha, knowing that someone liked you not because you have charms, I suddenly feel physically and mentally relaxed, haha.

” “Can you not laugh so cheap?” “This laugh of mine is called fun.

” I and Chu Kong have just begun arguing when suddenly a hoarse cry came from the distant: “General!” I looked up and saw Chu Yi leading dozens of soldiers running towards us.

“Is general alright?” I opened my mouth and subconsciously wanted to answer.

Chu Kong was a step faster than me: “All is alright.

Where’s the army?” “General, don’t worry.

The army is at the front.

The wounded are receiving treatments.

” “Good,” Chu Kong nodded.

“Follow ben jiang back to the camp.

When I’ve ordened the army, we’ll enter Jinyang.

” “Yes!” I heard Chu Kong chuckling beside me: “Xiaoye will let Wei country regret they came to this world.

” Hey……Chu Kong, you’re serious?