It Seems Like I Got Reincarnated Into The World of a Yandere Otome Game - Chapter 29

It Seems Like I Got Reincarnated Into The World of a Yandere Otome Game - Chapter 29

School Arc – Chapter 10 A calm day followed.

That day — the day of the dance lesson, Wolf’s unpredictable words were effective into bring me back to my senses.

For me, that one sentence had me trusting his sincerity.

But, it was really embarrassing.

The moment my mind wrapped around what was said, my brain tissues seemed to have boiled away.

Although it was nice that he subsequently invited me out to the dance floor for the last dance, with my head completely blanked out, my dancing must’ve been a completely terrible sight.

I can only pray that I somehow went along with Wolf’s lead.

In any case, instead of things like the game developments which I’d played in my previous existence, I decided to believe in Wolf’s sincerity.

And, generally speaking, even if it’s Lily, if she knew that I was holding a doubt like this in me, she’d surely be taken aback from my earlier impoliteness.

The me right now had the luxury to laugh at how upset I’d been a while ago.

Lily’s studies were also going as planned.

Of course, we’re still not at the point where we’ve gained back four years’ worth of delay, though.

Most of the teachers expressed their understanding for her to easily digest more rudimentary subjects during class.

Among them, some were even more proactive than the rest, there were some who suggested topics suitable for Lily, and there were even some who prepared lower-level textbooks for her.

At the end of the day, teachers like hard-working students.

That was something to be happy about.




As her lessons on magic advanced, Lily’s magical aptitude was made clear.

In other words, she showed strong aptitude in healing magic and had the potential to handle a considerably wide range of other magics.

Quite OP, I know.

When I say, 『had the potential』, it’s because, at present, Lily hasn’t used any magic except healing.

In fact, since she caused an accident in the past by means of a magical outburst, due to that trauma, she has a strong psychological aversion against using any magic aside from healing.

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COM I don’t know whether she’ll overcome that circumstance or not, but it may turn out to be the key to Lily’s magic mastery in the future.

Anyhow, that circumstance was a problem that nothing could be done about even if we rush it.

On that day, from morning onwards, I waited for lunch to arrive, my heart pounding with excitement.

My enthusiasm to start today’s lunch surpassed the usual.

If I were to be asked by how much, it was to the point where I attended the morning class lectures without eating breakfast.

Since class lectures were relatively quiet, I realized once I came into the classroom that if my stomach grumbled loudly there, it would be bad.

I attended the lessons while trembling with fear, but thankfully, I didn’t meet social death.

Honestly, it’s a relief.

If I were to say the reason why I was looking forward to lunch, it was because for today’s lunch, our group of four, comprising of Lily, Wolf, Shade and I, had a prearranged plan to have lunch outdoors.

An inconspicuous yet comfortable-looking place was marked as our choice of venue.

From an upper-classman serving the dorm-head to a lower-classman, it was a treasured spot that was passed down through word of mouth.

I was in charge of deciding and& securing the spot, Wolf’s was cooking, Shade’s was transporting the baggage and Lily’s was being the guest.

Those were the allotment of responsibilities.

To be honest, Wolf was an infinitely better cook than me.

I wasn’t particularly bad at cooking, but when Wolf makes it, the skill and taste was, without exaggeration, a level on its own; in regards to this, I admit my defeat.

Although at one period in the past, I was the one who taught him how to cook, I couldn’t have imagined that since then, Wolf would end up having an interest in cooking.

Maybe it was due to Wolf’s earnest personality, he has the tendency to stick to things once he decides to do it.

It seems he brought some fairly decent cooking equipment into his room at the dormitory.

Of course, he didn’t do something like have a kitchen from his home installed into the dormitory room.

But, having such an unrestrained side, Wolf was still a rich young master from a well-to-do family.

Well, as a woman, I was the slightest bit torn by complicated thoughts with regards to the gap in cooking skill between us.

But, when I considered the poisoning attempt that happened to him in the past, him simply agreeing to an invitation of a “let’s eat lunch outside” with a smile on his face should be enough to be delighted about.

Incidentally, Shade was an eating expert.

And, since it seems like Lily is willing to show her cooking abilities to me one of these days, I’m looking forward to it from now on.

Today should have been a wonderful lunch, at any rate.

Right as I was leaving the classroom to hurriedly head towards the specified location, it would’ve gone better if I hadn’t gotten involved with the blonde.

「Huh? Boss! Boss! Lady boss!」 Do you think I’d turn around just because you want me to? Ignoring him as I walked, Art, not giving up, ran up to me with a trot.

Naturally, he took his entourage along behind him.

As expected, when you become plainly involved with a mass of swarming people to this extent, the only thing you can do is stop your feet.

「… I’d already told you I wasn’t going to reply if you used that nickname, hadn’t I?」 「Understood, Dorm Head Lycoris」 Since it was rare that Art would obediently change his words, I went ‘oh?’ then thought.

Art, who was smiling and appearing to be in good humour, narrowed his light-brown eyes which were the spitting image of his elder sister’s, with ample charm; only his outward appearance was undisputably like that of an angel.

「You’re awfully obedient today, aren’t you?」 「I’m always obediennttt.

Let’s go to the cafeteria together!」 「Sorry, but I have something else planned.

Maybe next time」 「When’s next time going to be?」 「I’m okay with any time.

So long as you just tell me beforehand」 「But we met today, so now should be fine!」 Even though it was troublesome, I was cornered.

「Give up for today.

This should be fine, right? Anyway, it’s not like you’re alone」 I implicitly hinted at his entourage while I said it, but he objected right away.

「I don’t wanna! Unless you go with me, I’ll die of loneliness!」 Is he trying to act like a rabbit? This rascal.

Even if he’s the cute type, nevertheless, is this behavior really acceptable for a man in his mid-teens? I wish he’d pay even a little attention to his honour as a man.

「You won’t die.



 Discussion」 When I said this, leaving no option to talk back, Art puffed out his cheeks.

Ahh, if only Wolf or Shade was here! They would’ve been able to pin Art down by force or something, but with me alone, that’s impossible.

The plan to head to the designated place individually in order for us not to stand out has backfired.

Of course, in this situation, Art’s “look-only” watchdog was useless.

「Please listen to reason, Art」 When I tried asking him imploringly, Art’s expression changed slightly.


You must be doing something important」 「That’s right! Do you understand it now?」 「Well… fine.

As long as you go with me to the cafeteria next time」 「I understand! See you, Art」 I walked away in great spirits.

Of course, I had wanted to run out, but I can’t recklessly run inside the school with the public’s eyes on me.

But then again, it wouldn’t look well if the person responsible for securing the place came last.

I guess Art has finally exuded the self-awareness to be an upper-classman, huh? What optimistic things I’ve started to think about.

Eventually, I was first to arrive at the specified spot.

After a while, Lily showed up, and we both started setting up the things needed for lunch.

With the way we were, we never noticed the gaze of the light brown eye watching us intently.