It Seems Like I Got Reincarnated Into The World of a Yandere Otome Game - Chapter 24

It Seems Like I Got Reincarnated Into The World of a Yandere Otome Game - Chapter 24

School Arc – Chapter 5 Although it wasn’t strange since we were in the same school, I instantly met her face-to-face.

Since lessons on manners were carried out by combining all the school year levels, she and I came to be in the same class.

Even in the game, this had been so.

Since there had been no alterations in the previous year, I could recognize the members coming from the second year until the sixth year simply by sight.

Continuing after the freshmen, it was Lily who began her self-introduction.

「I’m Lilium Valley.

Please – kindly take care of me」(1) Her gesture of bowing was even clumsier than the first year students’.

The fact that she was a commoner was well-known by almost everyone in the entire school.

Her voice, which I’d heard for the first time, fit the impression a little when matched with her charming appearance.

Even while her greeting was clumsy, it was easy to follow; I somehow managed to breathe again.

The subject of the first day’s etiquette lessons was determined by the newcomers’ greeting etiquette.

Although already well beyond the years and having a tensely-strained back, the etiquette teacher would speak gently when talking about greetings in regards to manners.

Things such as not to carelessly talk when other people are giving their introduction, and, after giving a reminder on the very basic parts concerning things like the introduction’s procedures, it was brought to a close with the most important point – to constantly bear in mind not to allow ourselves to have unpleasant thoughts towards other people.

Even though there are also people who put out students’ every single move as hopeless among the etiquette teachers, this teacher’s lessons were popular with the students for being somewhat gentle.

Of course, there might be some significance to those strict coachings, but, for me to also think 『I want to be a woman like that』 meant I was holding this teacher’s methods in high esteem.

「The accumulation of day-to-day effort gives birth to beautiful actions.

Observe your upperclassmen’s ways closely and use them as reference, okay? Especially since Miss Dormitory Head is also in this class」 .



And so, I ended up feeling the pressure when I considered those kind words.

Of course, since I can’t disregard it, while chanting in my mind 『don’t rush it, do it slowly』, I picked up the hem of my dress and with a 「I’ll work hard to meet your expectations」, I gave my thanks.

What happened after what was, so to speak, a『mock introduction』 and 『mock greeting』 .

I believe another purpose for this was to ease the new students’ nervousness, and it seemed to be successful with that.

Every girl seemed to be having fun – with this slightly embarrassing game of pretend, they were enjoying themselves.

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COM The girls don’t know.

Although this teacher was a person who never loses that Buddha-like smile, this person’s own expectations for us just continues to become higher and higher.

I will never forget about being made to do pseudo-weight training everyday for『the sake of beautiful actions』.

Ah, no, I respect this person.


It wasn’t limited to this person, but, for the etiquette teacher, she can’t help but think of pumping blood through means that were fundamentally athletic-oriented.

With the likes of what was called my pensiveness concluding at an appropriate point, I tried to participate in the lessons as well.

It was a little around that time.

At a short distance away from where I and the teacher were, several people raised their voices in laughter.

In this lesson, we were to greet our fellow companions as we were setting up the common desks with a 「Nice to meet you」.

That was certainly a spectacle that would invite laughter.

In fact, I did hear some who couldn’t hold back their giggles.

But at that time, somehow or other, the laughter seemed to have been coloured with contempt for someone.

I ended up concealing my unintentional frown after hearing such a laugh.

For that reason, my feet directed me there.

At the destination I walked to, was a golden-haired young girl — Lily, who was looking troubled with her head hanging down.

「You are terribly unused to bowing, aren’t you.

How strange」 The person that had said this was in the same year as Lily, one of the fifth year students.

Talking as if remembering a funny joke, it wasn’t clear whether or not she held ill will towards the person herself.

But for the girls in the same group who’d ended up bursting out laughing once more so as to follow her lead, this was definitely a composition of bullying.

Before the laughter spread around, I thought I had to stop it.

「If」, I began a little louder than usual.

「… if, being inexperienced is something to be laughed about, then I suppose every one of us will surely be mocked in high society after this, won’t we?」 Saying this, I dropped my gaze, with my head slightly lowered.

Though the words I spoke were unmistakably my true feelings, when I made eye contact with the girl that spoke, my gaze was capable of forcing out an apology.

Even without that, I wanted to believe that she’d come to understand.

Since, so long as there wasn’t any special reason, the magical academy students were to exit into high society after the school graduation, holding unease towards the unknown had to be the same for everyone.

「U-uhm… I… I-I’m sorry!」 Fortunately, starting with her, the girls who had laughed at Lily competed frantically in order to begin apologizing.

With a flash of relief, I smiled at those girls; they even sent an apology in my direction.

They weren’t bad girls at heart.

With the intention of appearing nonchalant as I glanced at Lily’s situation, which had been on my mind, eyes of fresh verdure met mine.

What a marvel it was, the look on her face was fascinating.

If I don’t include Wolf or Shade, it was fair to say that I almost never receive such a sincere glance from another person.

It was probably because of that.

「Come now, everyone, don’t forget that we’re in the middle of our lessons」 With the teacher’s calm, though resolute voice, the classroom’s atmosphere returned back to normal.

However, the following words, no matter how soothing to the heart it seemed, couldn’t stop the blow.

「Oh, that’s right.

Perhaps it would be a good idea for Miss Lilium to be instructed by Miss Dormitory Head for a while?」 The teacher smiled broadly in such a way as if struck with a good idea.

That sort of development wasn’t even in the game though!? (1) Her name comes from Lily of the Valley.