The Cold King and His Spoilt Wife: His Genius Consort Is Breathtaking - Chapter 157

The Cold King and His Spoilt Wife: His Genius Consort Is Breathtaking - Chapter 157

Chapter 157: Becoming the Holy Lady Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios “It’s a lie that you don’t have a heart.

It’s because your heart is on the right, am I right?” Xia Muqing inserted her dagger into the right side of his chest and said.

Although this was rare, it wasn’t unheard of.

Mu Si’s body stiffened.

He looked down at the dagger in his chest and silently harnessed his strength to push Xia Muqing away.

She was caught by Ye Qingxuan.

Mu Si’s eyes were filled with hatred as he said, “Your mother ruined my plans back then.

Now, you, a b*stard, have come to ruin my plans too.

One day, I will kill you with my own hands.

” With that, he covered the wound in his chest and ran away with his men.

He wanted to return to the holy spring.

He would be saved once he returned.

Xia Muqing watched as he left.

She had just heaved a sigh of relief when she was shocked by Ye Qingxuan, who had suddenly collapsed.

“Ye Qingxuan!” She only realized the terrible state his body was in, after feeling his pulse.

She had no idea how he had forced himself to fight Mu Si for so long.

Ye Qingxuan laid in her arms and kept vomiting blood.

Xia Muqing had no choice but to protect his heart meridians to stop the bleeding.

However, the situation didn’t improve.

Instead, it became worse.

Could it be the Gu worm? “That’s right, he was poisoned by a Gu worm.

” You Lanchen appeared suddenly, or rather, he had been secretly watching them.

He could tell what Xia Muqing was thinking and answered.

Xia Muqing looked up at him and asked, “Do you have a way to treat the poison?” .



You Lanchen shook his head and said, “I can;t.

He will definitely die after being poisoned for an hour.

It is already a miracle that he can last for so long.

” Xia Muqing was even more panic-stricken.

She wanted to find Mu Si.

Since the Gu worm was his, he must have a way.

You Lanchen, who could read her thoughts again, said slowly, “Firstly, by the time you find Mu Si, he will be dead.

Secondly, even if you find Mu Si, do you think he will tell you?” Xia Muqing glared at him and said, “Since you don’t want to help, stop making fun of me.

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COM You Lanchen pouted in grievance.

“I’m truly here to help you.

” Seeing that she was about to panic, he quickly said, “Although I can’t save him, you can.

” Xia Muqing frowned.

“What do you mean?” Youlan City’s alluring voice sounded, “Isn’t the lotus jade pendant in your hand? It can kill all the Gu worms.

As long as you become the Holy Lady of the Jin Country, you can use its power.

How about that? Are you satisfied with this method?” Xia Muqing recalled the advice her mother had given her in the letter, asking her not to become the Holy Lady of the Jin Country.

However, when she saw Ye Qingxuan vomiting blood again, she closed her eyes and replied, “Okay.

” You Lanchen was delighted and immediately quipped, “Give me the jade pendant.

” She had been carrying this jade pendant with her all this time.

She took it off and handed it to You Lanchen.

Under his instructions, she bit her index finger and dripped a droplet of blood on the jade pendant.

The jade pendant appeared even more translucent after being nourished by the blood.

There were traces of red silk inside and it was very bizarre.

You Lanchen gazed at the jade pendant with a fanatical expression before placing the jade pendant in Ye Qingxuan’s mouth.

In less than 15 minutes, Ye Qingxuan’s body recovered.

Xia Muqing raised her eyebrows at the sight of it.

Was this thing really that magical? Youlan City replied, “This is only a temporary suppression.

As long as you remain the Holy Lady of the Jin Country, nothing will happen to him.

Once you have second thoughts, the Gu worm in his body will be activated and he will die instantly.

” After threatening her, he stared intently at Xia Muqing’s expression.

Xia Muqing’s expression remained impassive.

“You don’t have to test me.

Since I’ve promised you, I’ll do it.

” Despite saying that, she was still guessing if his words were true.

Seeing how sincere she was, You Lanchen heaved a sigh of relief.

With a smile, he said, “Then let’s set off, Holy Lady.

” Xia Muqing was a little curious about his identity.

Who was he? But no matter how she asked, You Lanchen would always tell her that she would find out when she arrived in Jin country.

Xia Muqing could only keep her curiosity to herself.

After handing Ye Qingxuan to his men and leaving him a letter, she followed You Lanchen back to the Jin Country.

They traveled for ten days before arriving at Jin Country.

After entering the city gates, Xia Muqing realized that this place was very different.

All the women were covered in a white cloth and their bodies were tightly wrapped, leaving only their eyes exposed.

This strange sight attracted Xia Muqing’s attention.

You Lanchen explained, “The people of the Jin Country aren’t as open-minded as the other countries.

The women here are not allowed to reveal themselves.

But you don’t have to care about these.

If you’re really not used to it, I can change this rule for you.

” Xia Muqing nodded and stopped paying attention to it.