The Cold King and His Spoilt Wife: His Genius Consort Is Breathtaking - Chapter 108

The Cold King and His Spoilt Wife: His Genius Consort Is Breathtaking - Chapter 108

Chapter 108: Saving the Black Eagle As long as they left the secret room, she had a hundred ways to escape.

When they brought everything over, there were three large buckets of water and rolls of gauze.

The black eagle was really too massive.

Xia Muqing quickly washed the black eagle’s wounds.

After being pierced by the steel nails for a long time, its wounds had started to become infected.

After treating its external injuries, all that was left were the more serious eyes and ears injuries.

She took out a dagger and disinfected it before removing the iron nails on its ears.

She then quickly sealed its acupoints to stop the bleeding.

At this moment, the black eagle had already become bald in many areas.

The feathers on its body had been shaved off.

In addition to the gauze covering its body, it looked extremely pitiful.

While Xia Muqing was saving the black eagle as fast as she could, Jin Chao and the others had already begun to look for her.

Fortunately, Gungun could smell Xia Muqing’s scent to determine her location.

The few of them darted around and it wasn’t easy for them to reach the entrance of the Hundred Flowers Garden.

Seeing the women standing guard at the door, they didn’t barge in.

Instead, they observed and waited for the timing for them to change shifts before they snuck in.

After entering, they saw a row of houses.

There was a sign hanging at each door with different names.




“The Hundred Flowers Garden is the core headquarters of the Goddess clan.

It is split into different factions.

These houses are the territory of each of their clans,” Jiang Yifan explained calmly.

“But I don’t know where Sister is.

” As they spoke, a group of people strode towards them.

Jin Chao quickly pushed Jiang Yifan and the two of them quickly hid.

“Xiaomeng, later give this to…” It was Flying Bird.

As she spoke, she couldn’t remember Xia Muqing’s name.

She then realized that she knew very little about that unfamiliar woman.

“Give it to that woman just now.

” After contemplating for a while, she instructed her vaguely.

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COM The woman named Xiaomeng was one of the women who had just carried the black eagle.

She accepted the bottle from Flying Bird and nodded.

“Yes, Palace Mistress.

” Jin Chao and Jiang Yifan glanced at each other.

For some reason, they sensed that the woman they were talking about was Xia Muqing.

They could only try their luck now.

After Flying Bird left, they finally caught up with Xiaomeng.

They followed her to a room which meant that they couldn’t advance any further.

There was a guard at the door.

Xiaomeng walked in and handed the bottle to Xia Muqing.

Xia Muqing had just said that she needed medicine for external injuries.

They announced that Hundred Flowers Clan had a magical medicine that could heal wounds.

Xia Muqing was curious and asked them to get it.

Taking the bottle from Xiaomeng, Xia Muqing placed it under her nose and took a sniff.

This medicine… Xiaomeng reminded her, “You might not know since you’re new here.

You just have to pour it on the wounds.

” Xia Muqing smiled and agreed.

She pretended to pour the medicine on the black eagle.

After she approached it, she paused and asked, “Can you bring me some hot water? It needs to be washed again later.

There’s only cold water here.

” Xiaomeng nodded and left.

Xia Muqing poured out a little of the medicine from the bottle, but instead of pouring it on the black eagle, she aimed it at the ground.

It was a yellow liquid that resembled oil.

There were also black impurities inside.

What was it? However, this was definitely not medicine for external injuries.

Xia Muqing was studying the bottle when a small thing fell from the roof.

After realizing what it was, she quickly caught it.

“Gungun, how did you get in?” Gungun rolled over and changed its position comfortably in her arms.

“Master, Jiang Yifan and Jin Chao led us in.

They attracted the attention of the people at the door just now, so we took the opportunity to enter.