The Cold King and His Spoilt Wife: His Genius Consort Is Breathtaking - Chapter 103

The Cold King and His Spoilt Wife: His Genius Consort Is Breathtaking - Chapter 103

Chapter 103: Reunited Xia Muqing commented happily, “We can just spread these dandelions and grass on the boat.

” They had already created a boat yesterday.

It was made of wooden planks and it couldn’t withstand the impact of the waves at all.

A small wave was still all right.

Now that it had the support of these grass, it should be durable.

Soon, a small green boat was ready.

After testing the boat on the surface of the sea and it worked well, Jin Chao summoned Xia Muqing to join him.

Gungun stayed in Xia Muqing’s arms, afraid that it would touch the grass on the boat.

They headed towards the third island.

She had discussed with Radiant Sun previously that if they were separated, they would gather at the third island.

Radiant Sun and the others could fly across the sea.

Furthermore, with Jiang Yifan around, Xia Muqing wasn’t too worried.

This time, it was much less dangerous.

They survived several waves safely.

Hours later, they reached the third island, and a shadow flew towards them.

The man in the sky spotted Xia Muqing and the rest and quickly swooped down.

When they lowered themselves, Xia Muqing could clearly see that it was Radiant Sun and the others.

Radiant Sun and the little phoenix flew in the sky while Jiang Yifan sat on Radiant Sun’s back.

The moment they landed, the phoenix rushed into Xia Muqing’s arms and whined.

Radiant Sun replied, “I didn’t expect you guys to be faster than us.

” .



When they didn’t see Xia Muqing and Jin Chao on the first island, they knew that they must have been swept by the waves to somewhere else.

So they rushed to the third island.

Jiang Yifan also smiled.


” Xia Muqing nodded.

Seeing that they seemed to be in high spirits, she decided to set off immediately.

There were too many of them this time, and it was obviously impossible for Radiant Sun to fly them there.

Hence, they had to rely on the boat for the journey.

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COM The phoenix was curious and wanted to board the boat, but Jiang Yifan pulled it into his arms.

“This is the Sun Grass.

The rain will turn it into a sticky substance on the surface.

The feathers on your body can’t touch it.

” After that, he turned to Xia Muqing and said, “It’s not easy to find that.

” Xia Muqing grinned and said, “It’s all Gungun’s credit.

” Gungun lay motionless in her arms, but everyone could see the bald patch on its back.

The little phoenix curled into Jiang Yifan’s arms in fear.

Fortunately, it hadn’t acted rashly just now.

A smile flashed across Jiang Yifan’s eyes.

He lowered his head to look at the little phoenix with tenderness and adoration in his eyes.

The few of them set off for the Island of Soro.

The Island of Soro was behind this island.

After circling around, they saw a huge black rock.

The phoenix immediately cried out, “This is the smell of my father’s flames.

” Radiant Sun also nodded.

“These are the tracks left behind by the leader.

” Xia Muqing touched the rock with her hand and nodded.

“It’s still hot.

It seems like they were here not long ago.

I wonder if they were captured or they escaped.

” They glanced at each other and quickened their pace.

They followed the direction of rock and before long, they saw an island floating on the surface of the sea.

Other than being much bigger, this island looked the same as the three islands previously.

However, Xia Muqing and the rest could sense a danger emitting from this island.

The few of them approached cautiously.

To their surprise, nothing happened.

There was no one patrolling the entire island, and they entered the island easily.

The island was covered with black and red cloth.

The cloth was tied to rocks, wrapped around trees, and buried in the soil.

They were everywhere.

Jiang Yifan whispered, “Everyone, be careful.

These strips of cloth are the messenger birds of the shamans.

” The phoenix looked at the cloth curiously.

Were these birds?