The Cold King and His Spoilt Wife: His Genius Consort Is Breathtaking - Chapter 62

The Cold King and His Spoilt Wife: His Genius Consort Is Breathtaking - Chapter 62

Chapter 62: Marrying Prince Yu Xia Churan was also in a dilemma.

Her father had made up his mind.

Seeing her sister’s hesitation, Xia Chuxing felt hatred but she still begged her, “Sister, you’ve been smart since you were young.

Help me.

I really can’t marry him.

” Xia Churan could only say, “Prince Yu’s men are already here.

Mother is stalling for time.

Let’s wait a little longer.

” Xia Chuxing’s expression fell and she lowered her head, refusing to speak.

Xia Jingtian didn’t dare to reject Prince Yu.

In the end, Xia Chuxing was stuffed into a small carriage and sent to Prince Yu’s residence.

The Xia family waited nervously for the entire night but they didn’t receive any news from Prince Yu.

No news was good news at this time.

The next day, the Xia family, who had felt relieved, received a message from Prince Yu asking them to bring back the imposter.

Xia Jingtian’s face was livid as he paced back and forth in the study.

Prince Yu had really gone too far.

He didn’t say anything on the night itself, and Xia Chuxing had already stayed in his residence for the entire night before she was being returned.

Wasn’t he taking advantage of the Xia family? Prince Yu had clearly stated that he wanted Xia Muqing.

The Xia family had sent an imposter who wasn’t a virgin to fool him.

They didn’t care about their family’s reputation at all.




The matchmaker came to them again.

Beside her was a stretcher with a woman lying on it.

She was covered with a white cloth.

Tears streamed down Ruan Yu’s face as soon as she saw this.

Trembling, she lifted the white cloth and revealed Xia Chuxing’s pale face.

Ruan Yu hugged her and burst into tears.

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COM Xia Jingtian’s eyes lit up when he noticed the small marks scattered all over on her bare skin.

An idea struck him.

She said, “If Prince Yu doesn’t like my second daughter, he can tell me.

Why did he ruin one of my daughters and still hoped to have another?” The matchmaker wasn’t flustered at all.

There was even a hint of disdain on her face as she said, “Old Master Xia, that’s not right.

This second daughter of your family had already arranged a private meeting with our Prince Yu previously, and she wasn’t a virgin at that time.

This time, she eagerly stole Third Young Mistress’ place.

Doesn’t this show that she has designs on our Prince Yu since long ago.

” Xia Jingtian wanted to shout, “Bullshit!” but he held himself back.

His daughter had fancied Prince Yu, how could she say that? However, what was the private meeting between Xia Chuxing and Prince Yu? Recalling that day, Ruan Yu’s face turned pale.

Noticing Ruan Yu’s expression, Xia Jingtian knew that it was true.

He closed his eyes and completely gave up on his daughter.

Seeing that Ruan Yu was still crying, he immediately kicked her and yelled, “What are you crying for? Lock her in the firewood room.

” After a series of ghastly wails, Xia Chuxing was carried away.

Prince Yu’s men watched quietly without a word.

Their eyes were filled with anticipation for a good show.

Xia Jingtian said, “If you want her, go to King Zhennan’s residence.

Xia Muqing already belongs to him.

” Not only did this marriage not benefit him, but it also caused him trouble.

Just the thought of it made Xia Jingtian’s heart ache.

Hearing King Zhennan’s name, the few of them had a grim expression on their faces.

They decided to return and report the situation first.

After all, one had to be cautious when it came to that man.

The Xia family suddenly fell silent.

Everyone held their breaths and acted cautiously.

At King Zhennan’s manor.

The secret guards assigned to the Xia family reported everything that had happened today to Xia Muqing.

Xia Muqing raised her eyebrows, feeling gleeful.

Someone reported that people from Prince Yu’s residence had come to investigate the situation.

Xia Muqing brought some servants with her as she took a stroll around the manor.

The people from Prince Yu’s residence left when they saw her.

The corners of Ye Qingxuan’s mouth twitched when he saw Xia Muqing taking everything for granted despite borrowing the power of his name.

However, to his surprise, he didn’t feel annoyed.

In fact, he even remained nonchalant.

Xia Muqing was also testing Ye Qingxuan’s limits step by step.

Looking at Ye Qingxuan sitting in the courtyard, she flashed a huge smile and rushed over.