The Cold King and His Spoilt Wife: His Genius Consort Is Breathtaking - Chapter 21

The Cold King and His Spoilt Wife: His Genius Consort Is Breathtaking - Chapter 21

Chapter 21: Beast Soul Pearl Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios Xia Muqing’s path was blocked by the black eagle and she couldn’t move.

Before long, the giant eagle returned.

There was a box hanging from the giant eagle’s mouth.

Approaching Xia Muqing, the giant eagle spat out the box and handed it to her.

Xia Muqing didn’t understand what the eagle meant and didn’t reach out to take the box.

The black eagle made a high pitched sound again.

Xia Muqing had no choice but to accept the box.

However, the giant eagle didn’t allow them to leave and gestured for her to open the box.

When Xia Muqing opened the box, she saw a black pearl lying inside.

The occasional swirl of blood inside the pearl made one feel its ferocity.




Xia Muqing couldn’t help but be attracted by the pearl.

She took it out of the box with her hand.

Just as she picked it up to observe it, she felt a suction force.

The pearl penetrated Xia Muqing’s forehead and entered her body.

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COM Xia Muqing could even feel the pearl moving down from her forehead to her stomach.

However, there was still a faint burning sensation between her eyebrows.

Xia Muqing raised her hand but she didn’t feel anything.

She glared at the giant eagle in front of her angrily.

“What did you do?” “I apologize for what happened earlier on.

” The giant eagle bowed slightly to Xia Muqing to express its apology before continuing, “What I’ve just given you was the Green Cloud Eagle Clan’s most precious Beast Soul Pearl.

” Xia Muqing was puzzled.

“What is the Beast Soul Pearl? Why did it enter my body?” After asking, Xia Muqing felt that her eyebrows were getting hotter and hotter.

“The Beast Soul Pearl is a pearl and core that was formed after the death of the ancient beasts in the clan, who have reached the final realm.

It contains all of the previous owners’ power.

The person who obtains the Beast Soul Pearl can use its power after training.

” After the giant eagle’s explanation, Xia Muqing understood.

However, that didn’t mean that she had accepted its apology.

She had no idea if Gungun was still alive.

Seeing Xia Muqing’s expression, the giant eagle felt even more guilty.

“This fox is still a cub.

It forcefully used powers beyond its own body’s limits and it fainted from overexertion.

” At the mention of Gungun, Xia Muqing’s expression tightened.

“Then how do I save it?” “The Beast Soul Pearl can nourish its body.

As for how long it takes, that will depend on its fate.

” Pain was written all over Xia Muqing’s face.

She had initially wanted to return the Beast Soul Pearl, but now, she had no choice but to keep it.

A question suddenly occurred to her.

How did she understand the giant eagle? “I can understand beast language because of the Beast Soul Pearl?” The giant eagle nodded.

It had no reason to stop Xia Muqing.

“Let me send you, Sister.

” Just as the giant eagle was about to bring Xia Muqing back, it was blocked by the black eagle.

Xia Muqing heard a young man’s clear voice.

She looked at the black eagle.

She didn’t expect this raven black fellow to have such a clear voice.

It didn’t matter who accompanied her.

Xia Muqing nodded at the black eagle.

The black eagle cried out in excitement.

It charged into the air and circled the sky.

Xia Muqing didn’t understand why it was so excited.

The black eagle didn’t grab Xia Muqing with its claws.

Instead, it laid on the ground and gestured for Xia Muqing to sit on its back.

The giant eagle watched as the black eagle became a speck gradually in the sky.

It felt a little melancholic.

It knew that the black eagle would never return.

It didn’t stop its son because the child had grown up.

And it was time for him to walk its own path.

It couldn’t protect its child forever.

Most importantly, Xia Muqing’s attitude towards the fox allowed the giant eagle to know that she would be a good master.