The Cold King and His Spoilt Wife: His Genius Consort Is Breathtaking - Chapter 16

The Cold King and His Spoilt Wife: His Genius Consort Is Breathtaking - Chapter 16

Chapter 16: Saving the White Snake Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios Xia Muqing finally understood.

The green snake cared so much about this lotus because it wanted to save its wife.

The lotus had the effect of connecting and healing meridians.

The white snake’s meridians had been severed.

If that was the case, the lotus could indeed be used to treat it.

However, when it was pregnant, its had lost too much blood and energy.

There was no way its body could process the medicinal properties of the lotus.

On the contrary, it would cause a relapse of its old injuries if it wasn’t nourished properly.

The green snake stopped moving and looked at Xia Muqing in doubt.

Xia Muqing heaved a sigh of relief when she saw that the green snake had listened to her.

“I know that your wife’s meridians are ruptured, but her body is already severely weak.

She can’t eat the meat lotus which has very strong medicinal properties.

It will backfire.

” Xia Muqing spoke tactfully.




When Gungun translated, it was simple and crude.

“Your wife is too weak to eat the meat lotus.

She will die.

” The green snake was even more puzzled.

It has no concept of relapses or a weak body.

For a long time, beasts had a keen understanding of medicinal herbs.

They knew what was fatal to them.

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COM It was like a natural ability.

But it didn’t know when one should eat a medicinal herb.

The number of beasts that died from eating herbs was countless.

For beasts with minor illnesses that weren’t life-threatening, they would be willing to try any kind of medicinal herb as long as it wasn’t fatal.

Xia Muqing didn’t know how to explain it to the green snake.

The green snake was a little anxious.

It had waited so long for the lotus to ripen, but now, it couldn’t let the white snake eat it.

Because of its trust in Xia Muqing, the green snake chose to wait patiently.

Xia Muqing took a step forward and carefully examined the body of the white snake.

The green snake took a step back and did not stop her.

The white snake lay down obediently so that Xia Muqing could put her hands on it.

With the white snake’s cooperation, Xia Muqing easily came to a conclusion.

She took out a small pot and herbs from her bag.

She asked Gungun to get firewood and water.

Gungun was very familiar with this chore.

After all, it would offer to help every time they roasted meat.

Gungun sat on the head of the green snake.

With a wave of its paw, it commanded the green snake to find a water source.

Soon, the two beasts returned.

The green snake pushed the water and firewood to Xia Muqing.

Xia Muqing brewed a bowl of medicine for the white snake.

The white snake obeyed her obediently.

After drinking the medicine, it felt that the rampaging aura within its body had lessened.

The white snake was conversing with the green snake excitedly.

All these years, it had endured the pain of having its meridians ruptured and its essential energy within its body in disarray.

For the sake of the green snake, it had endured.

The green snake was also very agitated.

It had witnessed the pain of the white snake, but there was nothing it could do.

“The white snake needs to be taken care of for a period of time.

Every day, it will need to drink a bowl of medicinal soup.

It will no longer be able to eat the lotus.

After the body has recovered, it can be healed with white ginseng.

” With Gungun’s translation, Xia Muqing’s words were accurately conveyed to the green snake.

The green snake thanked Xia Muqing earnestly and gratefully.

Without needing Gungun to translate, Xia Muqing already understood what the green snake meant.

“I’ll stay here for a while, but I don’t have any white ginseng with me.

I have to look for it.

The white snake’s illness has dragged on for quite some time, and it will require at least a hundred year old white ginseng.

” The green snake was even more grateful.

It laid itself on the ground and used its head to gently touch the back of Xia Muqing’s hand.

The white snake followed suit.

This was the highest level of etiquette among the snake species.

Xia Muqing had originally planned to stay in the mountains for a period of time.

If they ventured deeper, her safety wasn’t guaranteed.

The borders of the Sunset Mountains had been exploited by many and there weren’t many resources left.

This area was in the middle of the mountain range, and very few people could enter here.

Having fewer people meant more resources.

In the following period of time, a strange scene appeared in the Sunset Mountains.

A human ran in front, followed by a large group of beasts.

There were all sorts of animals like monkeys, elephants, mountain deer, eagles, snakes… In short, there were animals flying in the sky and beasts running on the ground.