The Cold King and His Spoilt Wife: His Genius Consort Is Breathtaking - Chapter 9

The Cold King and His Spoilt Wife: His Genius Consort Is Breathtaking - Chapter 9

Chapter 9: You’re Actually a Fox Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios The little beast mocked Xia Muqing for being ignorant.

It propped itself up and wanted to show off its imposing figure to Xia Muqing.

She actually thought that it was a puppy.

Xia Muqing took a closer look at the animal.

It really behaved like a puppy asking for food.

She couldn’t help but hand over a piece of barbecued meat to the little beast, who was putting in effort to perform.

Its body, which was moving, stiffened.

Understanding Xia Muqing’s intentions, it was instantly enraged.




Just as it was about to flare up, it caught a whiff of the roasted meat.

It decided to vent its anger after eating.

It swiftly finished the roasted meat presented before it.

When it finished and looked up, it made a series of angry squeaks.

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COM The change in its mood was extremely smooth.

Even after taking the food, it didn’t feel ashamed.

“I really can’t tell.

” Facing the little beast’s anger, Xia Muqing shrugged innocently.

Her ignorance left the little beast helpless.

The human and the beast stared at each other.

Xia Muqing had a suggestion.

“Why don’t I guess? If I guess correctly, you’ll nod?” The little beast nodded and accepted Xia Muqing’s suggestion.

This time, Xia Muqing was even more astounded.

This little beast was no longer simply smart.

Clearly, it could understand human language.

Xia Muqing had a vague feeling that this little beast came from an extraordinary background.

Then, the human and beast began to talk.

If anyone witnessed this scene, they would think that Xia Muqing was crazy.

The little beast had become even more furious.

Xia Muqing had no choice.

This was all she knew about small animals with long fur.

An animal struck her and Xia Muqing asked in disbelief, “A monkey?” The little beast could no longer be bothered with Xia Muqing.

Its apparent disdain made Xia Muqing despise herself too.

She then tried her best to recall Xia Muqing’s earlier memories seriously.

The animals in this world were basically the same as her world.

Except for their larger sizes, they all looked the same.

She watched as the little beast licked its fur, Xia Muqing had an idea.

She suddenly thought of an animal that she had subconsciously ignored.

As Xia Muqing had experienced the little beast’s contempt many times, she was hesitant when she spoke.

It gave Xia Muqing a look that conveyed that she had finally understood.

The corners of Xia Muqing’s mouth twitched.

This little fellow was chubby and round all over.

It didn’t look like a fox at all.

It was understandable that she couldn’t tell.

Knowing the little beast’s identity, Xia Muqing watched its every move.

It indeed had the elegance and arrogance of a fox.

But should a fox be this size and shape? Did it get fat from eating too much? It was very likely that this fellow was a glutton.

The little best licked the fur on its paws elegantly and looked at Xia Muqing with disdain.

It was the king of the snow fox clan.

It was really not Xia Muqing’s fault.

No one would be able to recognize its identity here.

The snow fox was a national treasure in this world.

It was a mascot that was worshiped by various countries.

Thousands of years ago, there was even a rumor that the Snow Fox King ruled the world.

However, ever since it appeared once thousands of years ago, no one had seen the Snow Fox King again.

Today, the Snow Fox King had become a legendary existence.

Snow foxes had always been known for their snow-white fur.

The more pure and white a snow fox was, the more popular it would be.

No one would have thought that the Snow Fox King was actually covered in black fur.

Xia Muqing scooped a bowl of mushroom and pork soup.

She drank the soup while observing the little beast’s reaction.

She was thinking about how she could kidnap it.