The Cold King and His Spoilt Wife: His Genius Consort Is Breathtaking - Chapter 7

The Cold King and His Spoilt Wife: His Genius Consort Is Breathtaking - Chapter 7

Chapter 7: A Greedy Little Fox Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios Xia Muqing had specially bought these items before she entered the mountains.

While cooking the meat, she glanced at the mushroom and pork soup in the pot.

Xia Muqing leaned comfortably against a tall tree behind her.

She had lived in the mountains with her master since she was young.

Now, entering the mountains felt as if she was back home.

Xia Muqing was a little sorrowful.

After she died, would her master cry? The corner of her lips twitched helplessly when she recalled how the old man loved to cry.

He looked like a refined and unworldly man, yet he spoke and acted like a gangster.

If she didn’t agree to his request, he would cry his eyes out.




With Master’s personality, he should be fine.

Xia Muqing stopped letting her imagination run wild.

The meat had already been cooked.

She picked up a piece and bit into it.

She ended up biting nothing.

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COM Xia Muqing looked at the meat skewer in her hand.

She raised her eyebrows and scanned her surroundings.

She didn’t find anything.

She quietly picked up another stick, and just when she was about to take a bite, the same thing happened again.

But this unknown creature was too fast.

Xia Muqing didn’t catch a glimpse of it.

She picked up another stick but that creature ate it once more.

It was as if it was showing off.

The unknown creature even swept away all the roasted meat on the grill.

She looked at the row of bare sticks.

This time, Xia Muqing could see clearly that it was a palm-sized black shadow.

Xia Muqing didn’t chase after it.

The little thing was extremely quick and she knew she could never catch it.

She took out more meat and speared the pieces on the sticks.

She acted as though she wasn’t in a hurry as she slowly roasted the meat.

Noticing how easily bullied Xia Muqing was, the little beast hiding in the distance studied her with a hint of contempt.

Xia Muqing waited until the meat was roasted before picking up a piece to eat.

That shadow appeared again.

However, the little thing didn’t leave this time after snatching the meat.

Instead, it lay on the ground and spat out the food in its mouth.

It stuck out its tongue and looked like it was in pain.

Xia Muqing looked at the black lump on the ground.

Its palm-sized body was round and it was covered in soft black fur.

Except for its claws and eyes, it was entirely black.

She poked its meaty little butt with a stick.

The poke reminded the little thing of the culprit who caused it so much pain.

It turned around and glared at Xia Muqing while making sounds.

Although she couldn’t understand the sounds, it wasn’t hard to guess that it was cursing at her.

Xia Muqing laughed and said, “You dare to scold me after stealing my roasted meat?” The little one wasn’t afraid that Xia Muqing would take revenge at all.

It raised its head and looked up at Xia Muqing scornfully.

It seemed to be saying, “It’s your blessing that I’m eating your roast meat.

” She was amused by what she had imagined in her head.

Xia Muqing had always liked furry things.

Now that the angry little beast seemed even rounder, Xia Muqing had the urge to go and rub it.

It would be quite sad if it died for no reason.

A tinge of pity flashed across Xia Muqing’s heart.

The little beast gestured and pointed at the stick in Xia Muqing’s hand as it pretended to vomit.

Strangely, Xia Muqing understood what it meant.

It was probably asking why this thing tasted so bad.

Xia Muqing threw the fruit she had just crushed towards it.

This was what she had found in the forest previously.

It was a type of medicinal herb that had a tough outer shell that was comparable to a lingzhi.

It had a hard shell and didn’t have much taste.

Once it was opened, the smell was guaranteed to keep one alert.

The fruit was so smelly that the name was directly named after the smell.

Just now, Xia Muqing had to hold her breath before she could spread it on the meat.

The little beast was surprised that Xia Muqing could understand its meaning.

It took a step forward and sniffed carefully.

It smelled the same smell as the one it had just eaten.

Its two little paws covered its nose as it retreated, looking at the small fruit on the ground in horror.