The Cold King and His Spoilt Wife: His Genius Consort Is Breathtaking - Chapter 4

The Cold King and His Spoilt Wife: His Genius Consort Is Breathtaking - Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Sunset Mountains Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios “What’s wrong? I can’t go to the Sunset Mountains?” Xia Muqing knew why the waiter was so surprised and she smiled playfully.

He sized Xia Muqing up and said, “You’d better go with your family to the Sunset Mountains.

” Although she was wearing a scary mask, the waiter could tell that she was a girl who had no self-defense skills.

For the past two days, because of Xia Muqing’s generosity, the waiter misunderstood that she was a rich young lady who snuck out to play.

Xia Muqing smiled quickly and ignored the waiter’s advice.

“It’s okay.

Just tell me the directions.

” Seeing how persistent Xia Muqing was, the waiter stopped persuading her.

“It’s too far for you to walk to the Sunset Mountains.

Follow this path all the way to the end.

You can rent a carriage there.

You can get a coachman to bring you there.

” Xia Muqing accepted the waiter’s suggestion and walked towards the carriage.




She successfully found a carriage and set off towards the Sunset Mountains.

The longer they traveled, the fewer people there were.

The sky had already darkened, but they still hadn’t reached their destination.

Fortunately, she had listened to the waiter’s opinion.

Otherwise, she would have taken years to reach the mountains.

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COM She lifted the curtains to look at the surrounding scenery.

The surroundings were already deserted by this time.

“Miss, we’re almost there.

Your courage to come to the Sunset Mountains alone is commendable.

” The coachman laughed heartily, his tone full of admiration for Xia Muqing.

It turned out that Xia Muqing had never traveled far before, and she only knew that the Sunset Mountains was a very dangerous place.

As for the specific reason? She had no idea.

“Master, please tell me more about the Sunset Mountains.

” The coachman was puzzled.

This person was clueless about the Sunset Mountains? And yet, she still dared to come here? “Sunset Mountains is famous for being a dangerous place.

Although there are countless resources there, opportunities and dangers coexist too.

No one has ever entered the depths of the mountain range.

” The coachman sighed and he reminded Xia Muqing.

Never lose your mind over some benefits and risk losing your life in the end.

Xia Muqing smiled faintly.

She was aiming for the resources in the mountains.

They passed by a long path that could only accommodate one carriage.

Xia Muqing’s eyes suddenly lit up.

It was worlds apart from the outside world.

There were people everywhere.

People were walking around and there were many setting up stalls on both sides of the pavement.

They were selling their gains they had gotten from the Sunset Mountains.

Most of them were mercenaries.

“Miss, I can only send you here.

300 meters ahead is the entrance to the Sunset Mountains.

” The coachman stopped the carriage and pointed at the road ahead for Xia Muqing.

She got off the carriage and paid him.

“Miss, there’s the mercenary alliance here.

If you have to go, you can hire a mercenary group to protect you.

Isn’t it safer than entering the mountains alone?” The coachman stopped Xia Muqing, who was about to leave, and advised her kindly again.

Xia Muqing nodded and strode forward.

The man shook his head and boarded the carriage.

Xia Muqing followed the crowd and walked along the streets.

She could glimpse the entrance of the Sunset Mountains at a glance.

She was in a good mood.

Both the waiter and the coachman were good people.

The people here were not too bad.

The next second, Xia Muqing was slapped in the face by her thoughts.

“It seems as if anyone can enter the Sunset Mountains now.

” A mocking female voice sounded.

Xia Muqing didn’t realize that she was talking about her.

Until someone blocked her way.

Xia Muqing was speechless as she looked at the woman, who had her nose high up in the air.

Wasn’t walking like this tiring? “You dare to ignore my words? Do you know…” “Do you know who I am?” Xia Muqing interjected swiftly.

Huangfu You choked.

She looked at Xia Muqing in confusion and asked, “Who are you?”