Sensational! The Crippled Mister Gong Is A Big-Shot - Chapter 78

Sensational! The Crippled Mister Gong Is A Big-Shot - Chapter 78

Chapter 78: Let’s Leave Together Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios Gong Hao jumped off the ship with Fu Xi.

The pirate leader’s roar just now woke up all the pirates on the ship.

They didn’t have time to find a lifeboat at the stern of the ship.

They could only jump to the island and hide first.

“Aiyo,” Fu Xi groaned.

Her face immediately paled and she frowned tightly.

When she jumped down earlier, she had sprained her right ankle and felt a sharp pain.

Her ankle swelled up rapidly and she slowed down.

Gong Hao ran out two steps and saw that she didn’t follow, so he hurriedly returned and held her hand.

“Xi’er, endure it.

We have to escape.

” “You should run.

” Fu Xi pointed at her ankle and gritted her teeth as she moved behind the large rock beside her.

She wasn’t fast, and she would be caught sooner or later.

She couldn’t be a burden to Gong Hao.

She might as well let him run first.

She would stay and buy time, waiting for help.




It was better than nothing.

“We will leave together.

” Gong Hao cursed under his breath.

He placed Fu Xi’s arm on his body and dragged her away.

The pirates had already caught up.

Seeing the two of them escape at a slow speed, the pirate leader raised his shotgun.

“Everyone says that hunting is boring.

Watch me beat someone up.

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COM Bang! A gunshot.

At the critical moment, Gong Hao dragged Fu Xi to the left to dodge.

“Be careful!” “Pfft.

” There was the sound of a bullet hitting flesh.

Fu Xi’s pupils constricted.

He had been shot.

Gong Hao had blocked her just now, and the bullet had hit the side of his abdomen.

Blood quickly spread around Gong Hao.

The bleak redness made Fu Xi dizzy.

“Ah Hao.

” “Ah Hao.

” Fu Xi gritted her teeth and wanted to help him walk.

Gong Hao’s blood flowed rapidly.

He had no strength left.

He could only clench his teeth and drag her to hide behind the rock.

Fu Xi quickly tore off her jacket and bandaged the wound with the cloth.

“Xi’er, you should go.

” Gong Hao panted heavily, exuding a weakness from excessive blood loss.

He pressed his brow.

He couldn’t leave.


” Fu Xi’s face was filled with determination and coldness.

“You said it before.

We will leave ” together.

“Even if we can’t escape.

” Gong Hao laughed bitterly.

He could hear the footsteps of the pirate leader and his men approaching.

This island was not big.

He was injured again and she had sprained her ankle.

If she did not leave now, she would not be able to leave.

They did not expect to die here.

“Ah Hao, I don’t regret it.

” Fu Xi suddenly held his hand.

She really did not regret dying with him.

Gong Hao paused and pulled her into his arms.

Fu Xi also opened her arms and hugged him tightly.

The pirate leader and the pirates had caught up.

Seeing that the two of them were no longer running and were instead hugging each other, a rare warmth flashed across his eyes.

“Alright, I didn’t misjudge you guys.

Since you guys have a deep relationship, I’ll let you go to hell together.

” The pirate leader raised the gun in his hand.

The black muzzle was pointed at their heads.

Gong Hao raised his hand and gently covered Fu Xi’s eyes.

“Don’t look.

” This was the last gentleness he could give her before death.

Fu Xi closed her eyes obediently.

But the gunshots didn’t come.

What happened? Fu Xi pushed Gong Hao’s hand away in confusion and turned to see the pirate leader staring fixedly at the two of them with widened eyes.

To be precise, he was staring at Gong Hao’s left arm.

The pirate leader’s mouth trembled as he suddenly threw away the gun in his hand.

“Let me see your tattoo.

” When he saw it clearly, he was even more excited.

“You… are you the King of the Sea?”.