Sensational! The Crippled Mister Gong Is A Big-Shot - Chapter 67

Sensational! The Crippled Mister Gong Is A Big-Shot - Chapter 67

“We’ve been discovered.


” More than ten figures rushed out of the cave.

Their bodies were covered in long weeds and they were wearing rough clothes made of tree bark and leaves.

Their faces were covered in dirt and their original appearance could not be seen.

Savages? But how could savages say such fluent words? Fu Xi and Gong Hao knew that something was wrong, but they had no time to retreat, so they could only face the four of them.

Seeing the weapons in their hands, the two of them understood.

They were not savages, but killers! In an instant, they fought.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Gong Hao took two steps back and wiped the blood off his lips.

One against many, and the other party had a professional weapon.

Gong Hao split his attention to note Fu Xi’s situation and this caused him to be disadvantaged compared to his opponents.

Fu Xi did not have any foundation to begin with.

Coupled with Little Bear, she quickly suffered when facing an assassin.

If this continued, they would definitely die here.

At this, Gong Hao and Fu Xi looked at each other and muttered at the same time.

“Let’s go.

” Fu Xi carried Little Bear and ran towards the left with Gong Hao.

Only the left side was free from the killers! The two of them were very fast.

The killers were stunned for a moment before they followed closely behind.

The forest was filled with vegetation and the ground was not flat.

The two of them did not run fast with Little Bear.

Seeing that the killers were about to catch up, the knives in their hands were still reflecting a harsh light.

The two of them stopped in their tracks.

In front of them was a rapid river.

Waves rolled and slapped, blocking their way.

There was no other way! From the looks of the surging water, it was probably the point where rivers converged to the estuary.

Before the two of them could catch their breath, the killers had caught up.

“Why aren’t you running anymore?” The leader laughed loudly and brandished the knife in his hand sinisterly.

Gong Hao and Fu Xi made up their minds.

They glanced coldly at the assassins and retreated together.

The killers’ pupils constricted.

They were going to jump into the river! “Stop them.

” The leader called out, and the killers flocked over, but they were still a step too late.

They watched helplessly as Fu Xi and Gong Hao jumped into the river with Little Bear in their arms.

They were almost instantly engulfed by the water and could no longer be seen.

“Damn it.

” The leader of the assassins stomped his foot heavily.

These two lunatics would rather jump into the river and risk drowning than stay.

Forget it, they were both going to die anyway.

He spat and turned to wave at his teammates behind him.

“Let’s go and report to the boss.

” If the two of them survived, they might reach the seaside and they need to warn their boss.