Sensational! The Crippled Mister Gong Is A Big-Shot - Chapter 63

Sensational! The Crippled Mister Gong Is A Big-Shot - Chapter 63

Chapter 63: There’s Someone Else Here Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios Not far away, Little Bear’s cry rang out.

Fu Xi listened for a moment and pulled Gong Hao into the forest.

“Something seems to have happened to Little Bear.

” Seeing her anxiety, Gong Hao quickened his footsteps and followed her.

The two of them followed the sound and quickly found Little Bear, who was howling under a tree.

It kept pawing the ground with its fur standing on ends.

Fu Xi walked over and gently stroked its head, calming it down.

“Don’t be afraid, I’m here.

” Her voice was gentle and Little Bear gradually calmed down.

It rubbed his head against her hand and let out a low moan.

Gong Hao called out to her from the side.

“Xi’er, come take a look at this.

” Fu Xi carried Little Bear and looked over.

She saw a row of clear footsteps.

The marks of the toe joints were very clear, seemingly left by someone barefoot.

She frowned and asked Gong Hao to take a look.

The footprint was very large and didn’t seem to belong to an ordinary person.




“Could there be someone else on the island other than us and Gong Cheng?” After Fu Xi finished speaking, she felt even more certain of the truth.


” Gong Hao frowned and looked at Little Bear in her arms, having a rough guess.

“If it’s someone familiar’s scent, Little Bear won’t be so irritable.

”‘As soon as he finished speaking, it slid down Fu Xi’s thigh and onto the ground.

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COM Little Bear roared and started running.

Fu Xi and Gong Hao exchanged glances and hurriedly caught up to it.

The two of them were quickly brought to a hidden cave.

‘There were banana leaves blocking the entrance of the cave, and there was a crudely made fence made of thin branches and dried grass.

There was a patch of weeds on the top of the cave.

If it wasn’t for Little Bear, they really wouldn’t have found it.

Gong Hao pulled Fu Xi back as he looked at the dark hole.

“Do you want to enter?” He felt that there was danger here.

“Let’s go and take a look.

” Fu Xi wasn’t afraid.

She tightened her pants and tied her cuffs.

‘The sudden appearance of the cave on the island and the traces of humans made her want to verify if they were savages.

Gong Hao shook his head helplessly as he watched Fu Xi follow Little Bear into the cave.

With such a daring wife, he could only protect and follow her.

Fortunately, there was moonlight, so the cave was relatively illuminated.

Little Bear lay on the pile of hay and didn’t move.

Fu Xi walked over and stared at the footprints beside the hay.

Her eyebrows were almost furrowed into a frown.

“We guessed correctly.

There are really traces of human activity here.

”But there was no one there now.

It seemed like they had left.

“Then let’s go back first.

” Gong Hao pressed her hand down.

“We can’t tell what his attitude was when we barged in.

He could be an enemy or a friend.

” ‘They were now surrounded by Gong Cheng’s men and were still stranded on this island.

Only by leaving this place could he be completely at ease.

Fu Xi nodded and followed him out.

‘When the two of them came, they made a mark on the way and went back smoothly.

Little Bear followed beside them steadily and did not scream.

But in the dense forest not far behind them, there was a mysterious figure following them.

The two of them didn’t notice.

After returning to the tent, Fu Xi lay down to rest.

“The storm isn’t over yet.

We have to stay another day.

” “Sleep, I’ll accompany you.

” Gong Hao’s tone was gentle.

She smiled.

She was indeed tired and closed her eyes.

‘A few minutes later, the sneaky figure entered Gong Cheng’s tent.

“Boss, I discovered something.

” He whispered about how he had followed the two of them.

‘When he heard that there was a cave where humans had been active before, Gong Cheng’s eyes lit up.

“Where are the people inside?”