Sensational! The Crippled Mister Gong Is A Big-Shot - Chapter 61

Sensational! The Crippled Mister Gong Is A Big-Shot - Chapter 61

Chapter 61: We’re Alone Here   Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios “Don’t be angry.

” Gong Hao held Fu Xi’s hand and comforted her softly.

“The can of milk powder is gone.

I’ll get my teammates to get you another can.

” Little Bear also came over and stared at Fu Xi with grievance in its small eyes, making her heart soften.

Fu Xi leaned over and hugged Little Bear, her gaze still locked towards the direction Gong Cheng left in.

“Ah Hao, there is a problem with him.

” Gong Hao’s pupils constricted as he lowered his voice.

“You saw through it?” “Right.

” Fu Xi swept her gaze across the sea.

The milk powder had completely dispersed and disappeared.

Only the milk powder jar was left floating on the sea, reflecting the faint light of the sun as it undulated.

Fu Xi’s eyes turned cold.

“Once or twice can be a coincidence, but three or four times? He even stopped me from investigating.

There must be a problem.

” .



If she had guessed correctly, Gong Cheng had probably tampered with the food.

From the meat soup to the milk powder, these were all warnings from Little Bear.

Animals have a keener sense of smell and instincts compared to humans.

Thinking about it now, Gong Cheng had probably killed their attacker the moment he appeared to seal his mouth.

Gong Hao was silent for a moment before grabbing her hand.

“We still have to rely on him to return to the city.

Be careful on the way.

” Fu Xi nodded.

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COM Before Gong Cheng exposed himself, they could not act rashly.

After dinner, Gong Hao and Fu Xi brought Little Bear to the beach to take a bath.

‘They walked far away and completely escaped Gong Cheng and the others‘ vision.

They stood behind a protruding reef and put Little Bear into the sea.

Fu Xi cleaned its fur with the seawater.

“Be good, let me wash you properly.

You’re dirty.

” Little Bear howled unhappily.

Little Bear was indignant since it felt it had been on its best behavior! Hmph! Seeing its cute appearance, Fu Xi couldn’t help but flick the tip of its nose.

“Come, don’t move.

” Water passed through her fingers and scattered on Little Bear.

Gong Hao felt a tug at his heart as he watched and leaned over, his face filled with love.

“Xi’er, I’m dirty too.

It’s time to bathe me.

” Fu Xi ignored him and only placed the cleaned bear on the beach.

Little Bear rubbed his claws in excitement.

Roar! Fu Xi understood what it meant and waved her hand helplessly.

“Go on.

” The little brat wanted to go to the forest to play.

It was a beast after all.

The bestial nature in its bones made it want to return to nature.

Why should she stop it?After gaining permission, Little Bear rushed into the forest happily.

Gong Hao moved to Fu Xi’s side and his hand naturally wrapped around her waist.

“Xi’er, we’re alone here.

” “So?” Fu Xi deliberately turned her head to avoid looking at him.

“Time cannot be wasted.

” Gong Hao’s large hand lingered around the edge of her shirt as his lips stroked her earlobe.

His slightly rough tongue kept licking left and right.

His embrace was fiery.

Fu Xi moaned and her body softened.

“We’re still in the sea, don’t cause trouble.

” “I didn’t.

” Gong Hao leaned against her neck and gently nibbled on her fair skin.

He paused and smiled softly.

“If we want to mess around, we can try another place.

” Mess… around.

Fu Xi’s mind buzzed and she instantly understood what he meant.

“What are you thinking?!” Why was this stinky man always thinking about that? But the next second, a numbing electric sensation covered Fu Xi’s entire body.

Her legs went weak and she reflexively hugged his waist, looking at him with a flushed face.

“Why? Are you not feeling well?”