Sensational! The Crippled Mister Gong Is A Big-Shot - Chapter 54

Sensational! The Crippled Mister Gong Is A Big-Shot - Chapter 54

Chapter 54: Someone Wanted Their Lives Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios Late at night, a helicopter hovered outside the rainforest.

There were people in professional rescue team uniforms jumping into the rainforest one after another.

The leader in the helicopter ordered them, “Don’t inform us when you find him.

Deal with him on the spot.

” “Yes.

” The leader called the satellite phone and reported to the man on the other end, “We can confirm that the person should be in this rainforest.

We will be able to find him within a day.

” “Yes, I’ll be right there.

” Late at night, other than this group, there was another pair of rescue teams sent by Gong You that were also shuttling through the rainforest.

Gong Hao and Fu Xi, who were resting in the cave, were still unaware.

Another day passed.

The wound on Gong Hao’s back had already disappeared due to the herbal medicine applied yesterday, so he could move.

After Fu Xi woke up, the two of them went out to find food.

“This fruit is called a saline fruit.

The fruit is very sour, and the white substance wrapped around it has a salty smell.

It can supplement the salt that a person needs, but it doesn’t taste good.

” Gong Hao was like a walking encyclopedia as he searched for food and explained to Fu Xi patiently.

The admiration in Fu Xi’s eyes became stronger and stronger.

After taking a few steps, the two of them were already holding a lot of food.

Just as they were about to turn around, Gong Hao acutely heard a faint sound from the grass beside him.

Seeing the man beside her suddenly stop, Fu Xi looked up in confusion.

“What’s wrong?” .



Gong Hao didn’t say anything, gesturing for her to remain silent.

He then moved closer to the bushes silently.

Just as Fu Xi was a few steps away from the thicket, she held her breath.

A figure suddenly dashed out from the thicket, holding a dagger that flickered with a cold light.

He stabbed towards Gong Hao.

“Ah Hao.

” Fu Xi, who was standing behind him, was shocked and subconsciously screamed.

She opened her mouth and scattered the food in her arms onto the ground.

She pulled out the stone knife that Gong Hao had polished previously from her waist.

Gong Hao was already fighting with that person.

Although the other party had a weapon in his hand, Gong Hao was skilled and easily dodged the attack in a few moves.

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COM Fu Xi approached with a stone knife in her hand.

While the two of them were fighting, she took advantage of her advantage in size and quietly went behind the attacker.

She raised her hand high and stabbed downwards.

“Ab” The man let out a miserable cry as a deep wound was slashed open on his back by Fu Xi.

Bright red blood gushed out from the wound and he staggered a little.

Gong Hao grabbed his opportunity to snatch the dagger from his hand and placed it against his neck.

“Tell me, who sent you?” Gong Hao’s gaze was like a knife as he sized up his attire from top to bottom.

He quickly came to a conclusion.

This person was dressed in the search team’s uniform and had professional equipment on him.

Someone must have sent someone to deliberately attack them.

But before the man could say anything, there was a cold flash beside him.

A small knife suddenly pierced into the man’s aorta and blood gushed out.

Gong Hao’s eyes turned cold.

He looked that person in the eye and his body collapsed weakly, no longer breathing.

“Who is it?” Fu Xi frowned and looked in the direction where the small knife came from.

A familiar figure slowly walked over from behind a tree not far away.

It was Gong Cheng.

“Gong Cheng? Why are you here?” Gong Hao frowned as he watched that person approach, a strange feeling rising in his heart.