Sensational! The Crippled Mister Gong Is A Big-Shot - Chapter 52

Sensational! The Crippled Mister Gong Is A Big-Shot - Chapter 52

Chapter 52: He’s Better Than She Imagined   Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios Fu Xi’s entire body was knocked back continuously by Gong Hao.

She raised her head slightly, her face flushed red, and she kept begging for mercy with a seductive voice.

“Too fast… ah…” Gong Hao became even more excited when he heard her voice, especially when Fu Xi’s breasts were also rippling alluringly with her body.

Her long black hair scattered across her chest, and her tender nipples were faintly discernible under the cover of her hair.

Gong Hao couldn’t help but lower his head and suck on one.

“Ah” Fu Xilet out a scream.

The other ball of softness was grabbed by Gong Hao’s large palm and groped.

An unbearable numbness instantly spread throughout her cells.

Gong Hao’s movements became faster and faster.

In the end, he straightened his waist.

Fu Xi, who was under him, immediately rolled her eyes and kept screaming.

“Ahhh—I can’t take it anymore—” “Uh” Gong Hao snorted.

A few drops of sweat slid down his forehead and onto Fu Xi’s chest.

The two of them were slightly out of breath.

Gong Hao held the woman’s delicate body in his arms and lowered his head to kiss her with care.




After recovering, Fu Xi suddenly thought of something and hurriedly sat up to push him.

“What’s wrong?” Gong Hao asked in confusion when he saw that the woman was agitated.

“Let me see if your wound has split open.

Just now, it was so.

Fu Xi blushed and was too embarrassed to continue.

Gong Hao reacted and chuckled, but he pulled her into his arms instead of letting her see.

“I saw you bandage my wound.

You did well.

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COM Fu Xi thought of his hideous wound and the blood that had dried up around it.

Her heart ached and her eyes turned red.

“But I don’t know what medication to use.

Was your fever because of your wound? Will something happen to you?”Gong Hao lowered his head and kissed her brow, his voice deep.

“It’s afternoon outside now.

Help me find a few herbs…” According to Gong Hao’s instructions, Fu Xi got dressed and went out.

Not long after, she found the few of the things he had described among the surrounding plants and brought them back to the cave.

“Good, these are the ones.

Crush them with stones and apply them to the wounds.

” Fu Xi did as instructed.

As she applied the herbs on his wound, she asked strangely, “How do you know so much about herbs? Did you learn it when you were a soldier?” An awkward expression flashed across Gong Hao’s face, but he still told the truth in the end.

“Actually, I obtained a double degree as a medical doctor in university.

” “What?” Fu Xi widened her eyes in surprise.

She stopped what she was doing and was stunned for a moment, her eyes filled with admiration.

“You’re too amazing.

I heard that it’s already difficult for ordinary people to study medicine alone!” Fu Xi’s praise was sincere.

Gong Hao couldn’t help but feel his heart itch when he saw the admiration on the woman’s face.

A fire burned in his lower abdomen as he spoke hoarsely.

“Bandage the wound first.

” Fu Xi nodded and quickly treated the wound on his back.

“It’s done.

” Fu Xi looked at her work in satisfaction, but her arm was suddenly pulled by Gong Hao.

He then lowered his head and kissed her.

“Mmm…” Her voice was suddenly blocked.

Fu Xi quickly raised her arms and gently wrapped them around the back of his head.

She looked up and responded to the kiss.

Their lips and tongues intertwined.

Gong Hao’s breathing became heavier and heavier.

He reached under her skirt with one hand and felt wetness.