Sensational! The Crippled Mister Gong Is A Big-Shot - Chapter 48

Sensational! The Crippled Mister Gong Is A Big-Shot - Chapter 48

Chapter 48: To Save Her   Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios Gong Hao saw the cheeky expression on Fu Xi’s face and nodded slightly.

He reached out to support her as they walked in a certain direction on a higher terrain.

Nighttime in the forest was even more dangerous than during the day.

Many large carnivores would choose to appear at night.

They did not have any weapons on them, so it was better for them not to provoke large animals for the time being.

To avoid these dangers, Gong Hao’s survival experience told him they could either stay on a tree at night or find a cave.

However, no matter how calm and strong Fu Xi was, she was still a woman and her physical fitness was lacking, It was not realistic to stay on the tree for a night, so they could only find a cave to stay in.

Fortunately, there were many caves covered by bushes in this rainforest.

Gong Hao found one nearby and led Fu Xi over.

Gong Hao carefully split open the thorny forest and made Fu Xi retreat behind him.

He went forward to check if there were any signs of animals living in the cave.

But just as he took two steps towards the entrance, a wild roar sounded.

It came from behind Fu Xi.

Fu Xi tured around quickly and was stunned.

Ablack bear, nearly as tall as a man, opened its mouth and bared its fangs.

It roared at her, and the disgusting smell of blood hit her.

Fu Xi’s mind went blank.

Facing a black bear at such a close distance, she could not react for a moment.

“Xier!* .



Gong Hao roared and dashed forward with a face full of fear.

He finally pulled Fu Xi out of the predicament before the black bear pounced.

He pulled Fu Xi into his arms and turned around, forcefully blocking Black Bear’s attack.

He grunted with an ugly expression.

“Ah Hao!” Fu Xi’s pupils trembled slightly.

She came back to her senses and looked nervously at the man protecting her.

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COM The adult black bear’s attack was extremely powerful, almost sending the two of them flying.

There were even a few more bloody wounds on Gong Hao’s back.

The black bear, stimulated by the smell of blood, went even crazier, roaring as it continued to attack the two of them.

Gong Hao endured the pain, knowing that he couldn’t be careless in this situation.

He hurriedly pushed Fu Xi aside and quickly pulled out the sharp stone saber at his waist.

The black bear was huge, but its movements were slow and clumsy.

When Gong Hao discovered this, he immediately made a judgment.

He found a chance and stabbed its smooth fur a few times.

Although it wasn’t fatal, it still caused the black bear to how! in pain.

In order to not cause trouble for Gong Hao, Fu Xi hid far away.

She stared at the battle between the man and bear, anxious to help at any time.

‘The injured black bear was infuriated and chased after Gong Hao with all four limbs.

Gong Hao’s expression was tense.

His movements were nimble, and he didn’t let it touch him again.

Instead, he left several blood wounds on its body.

Finally, under Gong Hao’s counterattack, the black bear whose heart had been pierced, collapsed.

It lay on the ground panting and could no longer move.

At this moment, Gong Hao was also panting from exhaustion.

His entire body was covered in blood and sweat, and it was unknown if it was his blood or the bear’s.

Seeing the motionless black bear, Fu Xi finally ran over boldly and hugged Gong Hao, her eyes filled with heartache.

She didn’t mind that he was covered in blood.

She used her sleeve to wipe the dirt off Gong Hao’s face, revealing a pale face.

If it wasn’t for the sake of protecting her, Gong Hao wouldn’t have suffered such a serious injury.

Fu Xi felt very guilty.

She helped Gong Hao sit down and rest before turning to look at the motionless Black Bear.

The more she thought about it, the angrier she became.

Fu Xi picked up a tree branch on the ground and walked towards the black bear.

She snorted angrily, wanting to avenge Gong Hao with her own hands.