Sensational! The Crippled Mister Gong Is A Big-Shot - Chapter 44

Sensational! The Crippled Mister Gong Is A Big-Shot - Chapter 44

Chapter 44: Retribution Is Coming Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios ‘When the news of Gong Ming’s legs being crippled reached Liu Yun, she couldn’t take it and fainted.

As she cried and saw the unconscious Gong Ming lying on the bed, the hatred in her heart had already reached its peak.

“Fu Xi! You bitch! I won’t let you off! You deserve to die for what you have done!” Liu Yun was about to break down.

Her face was filled with anger, and she looked like a devil from hell.

Her eyes were red as she rushed out of the hospital with her bag.

Gong Ming’s legs were crippled, but Zhang Shan, who had witnessed the entire process, was fine.

As long as she brought this witness and proved that the perpetrators were Fu Xi’s men, Gong You would definitely not let this bitch off.

Liu Yun drove the car at a high speed.

She was filled with resentment and did not notice that the environment was different.

It was only ten at night, but the road was very quiet.

There was not a single pedestrian, let alone a car.

It took Liu Yun a while to react.

She turned on the GPS on her phone in confusion and realized that she was not on the wrong path.

She frowned as she looked at the vague scenery around her.

Liu Yun tried to calm down and muttered in her heart.

Before she could think too much, a figure appeared by the roadside in front of her and waved at her.

The figure flashed past her speeding car.

Liu Yun subconsciously looked at the rearview mirror and broke out in cold sweat.




That face… hadn’t she already gotten rid of him? A sense of fear grew from the bottom of Liu Yun’s feet and crawled up her spine.

Her scalp felt numb.

She secretly gulped and forced herself to calm down, She silently thought that she must have been mistaken because she was too emotional today.

But just as she felt better, the exact same scene reappeared.

This time, there were two people.

Under the headlights, pale, smiling faces were revealed.

Their appearances were identical to those of the people she had harmed back then.

“ant” Continue reading on MYB0X N0 VEL.

COM Liu Yun was so scared that she almost collapsed.

She screamed and stopped the car.

When she looked up again, she found her surroundings silent.

She mustered up her courage and got out of the car to survey the surroundings.

Other than the shade of the greenery by the roadside, there was nothing.

Just as she heaved a sigh of relief and was about to get into the car, two bleeding faces were reflected in the rearview mirror.

This time, Liu Yun collapsed to the ground and cried while admitting her mistake and apologizing.

“Liu Yun… Give me back my life…”A sinister voice sounded from all directions.

The voice was bone-chilling and seemed to be omnipresent.

After this series of shocks, Liu Yun couldn’t hold it in anymore and broke down.

She cried and laughed as she ran madly on the road.

She had revealed all the tricks she had used to deal with Gong Hao and even caused some messy and dirty outcomes.

At this time, a video was sent to Fu Xi.

“They’re so easily frightened and still dare to do evil things.

This time, they will not be able to make a comeback.

” Fu Xi laughed coldly and handed the phone to Gong Hao, who was beside her.

The scene of Liu Yun going crazy was playing.

Letting Zhang Shan off was not an act of kindness.

It was for this move.

Since she managed a production company, arranging for such a show was a piece of cake.

The next day, the two of them happily brought the video to the hospital to “visit” Gong Ming.

Gong Ming, who had finally woken up with great difficulty, saw the two people he detested the most the moment he opened his eyes.

He closed his eyes in anger and hatred, unwilling to pay attention to them.

Seeing this, Fu Xi took out her phone and played the video of Liu Yun going crazy.

“Sigh, how pitiful.

Second Brother, your leg is gone, and Auntie has gone mad.

It’s really karma that can’t be stopped.