Sensational! The Crippled Mister Gong Is A Big-Shot - Chapter 30

Sensational! The Crippled Mister Gong Is A Big-Shot - Chapter 30

Chapter 30: Learning Postures from Soft-core Movies Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios In the villa, Fu Xi was asking Gong Hao for credit.

“Unfortunately, the old man still wants to keep her alive to balance the power dynamics.

He won’t really chase her away.

However, Liu Yun will likely behave herself for a few days and we will have some peace and quiet.

” “You did well.

” Gong Hao pinched her cheek, feeling the smoothness from his fingertips.

His eyes burned.

“Xi’er, you can graduate now.

” “That’s because Teacher Gong has taught me well.

” Fu Xi leaned against him and glanced at the document he had just approved.

“I have done so well.

Teacher, do you have a reward for me?” “Of course.

” Gong Hao smiled and pulled her onto his lap.

He hugged her and shifted his laptop over as well.

He opened the topmost folder.

It was filled with hundreds of Japanese videos.

There were pure and innocent-looking girls with high-definition profiles.

There were also hot girls.

Fu Xi was dazzled by all kinds of headlines.

She rubbed her eyes, but before she could ask, she saw Gong Hao casually click on one of the videos.

The naked woman’s body and her seductive moans filled her eyes and ears.




“Tsk tsk, so impressive.

” Fu Xi wasn’t shy at all.

In fact, she was a little excited as she stared fixedly.

The woman’s legs were lifted so high that her body was twisted like a beautiful snake.

“Won’t her bones break if she does that?” “Of course not, and it tastes good.

” Gong Hao pointed at the woman’s private area, his large hand slowly caressing the cherry blossoms on Fu Xi’s chest.

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COM “Xi’er, why don’t… we learn from this?” “Sure.

” Fu Xi’s fingers slowly slid across his shirt.

“I also want to know if Ah Hao can keep up for as long as the man in the video.

” Gong Hao patted her butt and flipped her over, pressing her under him.

For a moment, the moans in the video were mixed with Fu Xi’s lascivious voice, making it especially alluring.

Liu Yun sat on the bed in the main bedroom of the Gong family mansion, hugging her computer and waiting for news.

Gong Ming and her subordinates had a brilliant hacker, but they wouldn’t normally use him.

However, this was obviously a critical juncture.

She had to find out who was behind this.

Her phone suddenly rang.

Liu Yun shuddered and hurriedly opened the screen.

It was a message from the hacker.

“2nd Ring Road, Golden Light Villa District.

” Looking at the address sent by the hacker and the cracked IP address, Liu Yun snorted.

It was indeed Gong Hao and Fu Xi’s doing! Their villa was in the Golden Light Villa area! “Was it Gong Hao or Fu Xi?” Liu Yun thought about it and her eyes turned cold.

Gong Hao would not have the ability to change so much after marrying Fu Xi.

He was a good-for-nothing, so there was no need to pay attention to him.

On the other hand, she had to pay more attention to Fu XI.

Fu Xi must have been irked by how Liu Yun was making things difficult for Gong Hao and came to take revenge on her.

“The trash who only knows how to rely on women.

” Liu Yun cursed and gave the hacker an order.

“Lock down this IP address.

I want to see Gong You.

” Gong You was most angry at his own family for stirring trouble for their own kin.

She would expose them and teach that little slut a lesson.

But before she could do anything, the hacker sent another message.

“Ma’ am, that IP address has disappeared.

I can’t find it.

” Liu Yun hurriedly urged the hacker, but no matter how hard he tried, he could not crack it.

Damn it, Fu Xi must have discovered it and encrypted the address layer by layer, throwing away the evidence.

Bitch, consider yourself lucky this time!