Sensational! The Crippled Mister Gong Is A Big-Shot - Chapter 8

Sensational! The Crippled Mister Gong Is A Big-Shot - Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Can Your Little Buddy Stand Up Now? Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios She would never forget this voice until her death.

It was Feng Yuan.

Feng Yuan stood at the door.

His clothes were a little tattered and he looked especially disheveled.

Seeing Fu Xi, his eyes turned red and tears flowed down his face.

“Xi’er, my heart is filled with you.

You had promised to be with me.

Why did you turn around and get engaged to him?” “Have you forgotten the promise between us? That night, you said that you wanted to give yourself to me.

What can he give you? A cripple with a broken leg.

You won’t be happy with him.

” “Shut up,” Father Fu shouted coldly.

His eyes were filled with disgust.

“My Xi’er is noble and pure.

She’s not someone you can cling to as you please.

Where did this beggar come from? Stop talking nonsense.

” Fu Xi’s mother didn’t look too pleased either.

She made a gesture for people to take Feng Yuan away.

However, when she scanned her surroundings, she did not see anyone.

Gong Ming laughed coldly in his heart.

The bodyguards and waiters on this floor had all been sent away by him.

He was waiting to see Gong Hao and Fu Xi make a fool of themselves.

What Gong You hated the most was people whose private lives were not proper.

As expected, Gong You’s expression turned cold as he looked at Feng Yuan.




“You have a past with Xi’er?” “It’s true.

I was still dating her a few days ago.

She promised to elope with me.

” Feng Yuan said repeatedly with hatred in his heart.

No matter what, he had to cling onto Fu Xi, his money tree.

Feng Yuan was the boss of a small company that had just started business.

He had no connections or funds.

Ever since Fu Xi left, he had lost his ATM.

His quality of life had plummeted and he had not been able to earn money.

He was now poor.

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COM There was no way Fu Xi could kick him away.

Gong You’s face was cold and dark.

He looked at Fu Xi and said in a clear and cold voice,”Xi’er, explain yourself.

Our Gong Family doesn’t want an unclean daughter-in-law.

” His words were laced with anger.

If Fu Xi’s parents weren’t around, he would have left immediately.

Fu Xi knew Gong You’s temper, so she wasn’t angry.

She only looked at Feng Yuan coldly.

“He doesn’t deserve me.

” “But you really loved me.

It was you…” Feng Yuan still wanted to argue, but Fu Xi smiled coldly.

“I was just teasing you because you were infatuated with me.

When you wanted to touch me that night, I gave you a kick.

Can your little buddy still stand up now?” With his secret exposed, Feng Yuan was furious.

He gritted his teeth and did not speak.

His penis was almost broken by her kick.

How could he still use it? Gong Hao spoke coldly, “Feng Yuan, you hooked up with Sister Zhang from the clubhouse when you were in university and got her to provide for you.

Later on, you got to know the wife of the president of the Wang Corporation through her.

After getting her pregnant, you used her child as a means of extortion.

” “You started your business with those ill-gotten gains.

After that, you met Xi’er at an auction and started to pursue her.

How can someone like you be worthy of the word ‘true’?” Every word that came out of his mouth drained the color from Feng Yuan’s face.

Ever since he decided to get on Fu Xi’s boat, he had deleted all the contacts of those people in the past and stopped contacting them.

How could those things still be dug out? Gong Hao’s lips curled into a cruel smile as a cold glint flickered in his eyes.

“Do you think your name is worthy of being placed together with Xi’er’s? Get lost!” A few of Fu Xi’s subordinates rushed to the door and stared at Feng Yuan fiercely.

Feng Yuan shivered and looked at Fu Xi pitifully, wanting to plead for mercy.

“Xi’er, I’m sincere to you.

Give me another chance.

” Fu Xi covered her mouth in disgust.

“I don’t keep scum around me.

” She waved her hand and the bodyguards dragged him out.

Feng Yuan’s screams could be heard from outside as the door closed.