Reborn Little Girl Won’t Give Up - Chapter 240

Reborn Little Girl Won’t Give Up - Chapter 240

The guests from Wester finished their visit of the Capital at the end of summer.

On their way home, Alistair, Bart and the crew, and even Prince Huu took the trouble to visit us at the Albans residence.

“Come again Huu.

” “A Prince can’t come that often.

It’s probably easier for you to move around since you’re a Four Marquis.

So…” Huu crouched down in front of me and raised the corners of his mouth a little.

I’m shocked, is this supposed to be a smile? “You should come to Wester again.

Next year we will attempt to put the barrier around the capital for the weekends.

You played a big role in allowing this to happen, so you should come check it out.

” “I wiww!” It’s an invitation from a Prince of Wester.

This probably wasn’t a social call, but a real invitation.

Huu stood up and looked at Nii-sama and Gill seriously.

He has already greeted Otou-sama.

“I know it’s not easy to travel as an heir to the Four Marquises, but the magic stones you have brought me has allowed our plan to come alive.

It would be great if you could come and see with your own eyes how the barrier will be set up in the capital.

Of course, we will officially invite you to Wester.

” “The Four Marquises and Royal Family are able to move more freely now due to various circumstances.

We can leave Kingdom if we’re invited to Wester,” Gill answered with a smile.

Easter is now temporarily occupied by Kingdom.

It’s no longer a situation where someone could rule in proxy without the royal family or the Four Marquises going.

The Supervision Department, which annoys Otou-sama so much, is chaotic because they had to send guards to Easter.

“If Lei is going, then I must go with her.

Besides…” Nii-sama looked down at me gently, and his eyes told me that we had to go see Sebas as well.

Of course, we will.




“You’ll be visiting us too, right?” Huu was leaving which unfortunately meant that Bart and everyone else will be leaving as well.

“Ai!” I replied cheerfully and Alistair crouched down in front of me this time.

“Hey, Lei.

I was worried about whether you were happy or not.

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COM “Lei ish happy.

” “That’s what you said back then too even though you had just been kidnapped and were clearly unhappy.

” Alistair narrowed his eyes nostalgically.

“But I’m glad to see that everyone here cares for you and that you’re having fun every day.

” “Ai.

” “So, pfft.

” He laughed.

“I really thought you were a noble girl.

” “Rude!” No matter how you look at me, I have an aura of nobility emanating from within.

I crossed my arms and snorted.

“Well, you should remember that noble girls don’t usually cross their arms or snort.

” “You’re righth.

” I uncrossed my arms, put my right leg forward a little and put my hands on my hips.

“Liwe thhish?” “Buffo.

” My guard is pathetic even though everyone else was struggling to hold back their laughter.

“D-don’t force yourself.

” “That’s right, you don’t have to grow up that fast, Lei.

You’re cute even if you don’t do anything.

” I stayed in my pose as Nii-sama quickly picked me up.

Nii-sama has always been weak compared to the sturdy Alistair, but he has become very strong and has grown taller these days.

Alistair looked a little sad, but he smiled gently.

“It was worth the wait, wasn’t it?” “Ai.

” When I was in Lentforce, I wasn’t deceived because I believed in Otou-sama.

I never doubted his love for me.

“Alright, I’ll do my best too!” Alistair stood up and clenched his fist.

“I’ww cheer for you.

” “Thanks.

I’ll see you again.

” “Ai!” “Kyee!” And with that, the Wester crew rode away on their Rug Dragons.

“That kind of mobility is a characteristic of the younger Wester generation,” Otou-sama quietly said as he stood behind me.

“At first, I thought he was a foolish Prince who wanted to lose his freedom because he wanted to use the barrier box in the capital.

” “Dean, you talk too much.

” Stan-ojisama scolded him.

Otou-sama shrugged.

“I still think that.

But I also think that I was wrong.

” He changed his opinion after seeing Huu, Alistair and the others up close.

“But I do think he’s as naïve as our Prince.

” “Dean! How many times do I have to tell you?!” Stan-ojisama scolded him again.

He’s someone who never learns, that is who Otou-sama is.

“I can’t believe Prince Lambert would go to Easter himself.

I never imagined that the Crown Prince would break the unwritten rules of Kingdom and go to Frontier.

” “I also can’t believe it.

I thought they were going to send Prince Albert.

” That’s right.

The royal family broke the unwritten rule, ‘the Royal Family and Four Marquises are not allowed to leave Kingdom’.

When I had first heard this, I was surprised that that childish Prince would take the initiative.

However, even though this was initiated by Easter, the rule of another country wasn’t so easy-going that it can be done by a substitute.

The current King of Easter has retired, and the First and Second Princes have been downgraded to being lords, with supervision.

The throne will be left to a talented person from their subsidiary line even though he barely has any royal blood in him, and Prince Lambert will rule with him until his reign stabilises.

“And he’s taking Harold with him.

” He wasn’t taking the active Albans or Lisburn, but Molesey, who has never even left the capital.

But they needed the strength of Molesey, who has been in charge of domestic affairs.

He also has a grown-up son, Mark, who can help fill the magic stone for the barrier in place of him.

“We’re stuck here until things settle down, but it’s fortunate that we, the Four Marquises, can get out of Kingdom without any problems because of this.

It’s ironic that Easter’s Third Prince ended up burying this country’s bigoted traditions.

” “That said, I wouldn’t want an incident like that to happen again.

” Still, Otou-sama and Stan-ojisama looked happy.

Everything was starting to move forward.

I looked at Otou-sama and Stan-ojisama with a smile on my face, and suddenly felt as if I had forgotten something.

Oh right.

“Otou-syama, when’sh your birthhday?” “Birthday? Whose?” “Yoursh.

” “Mine? Well, it’s at the beginning of summer and I spent this birthday doing nothing as well.

” I was shocked.

I promised that I would give you mashed potatoes for your birthday, didn’t I? “This year as well you say.

Otou-sama, aren’t you always lazy on your birthday?” “Really? Well, it doesn’t really matter.

” It doesn’t matter.

“Pothathoesh! Lei!” I shouted and Otou-sama widened his eyes and looked at me suspiciously.

“Oh yeah! Lei promised me that she would feed me potatoes!” “I did!” “You can feed me now.

It’s a few months late, but so what? Come on, let’s have a birthday party.

” Otou-sama was suddenly happy.

“Invite us too!” “Well, fine.

You can come.

” We held a birthday party for Otou-sama at the end of summer after all that has been said and done.