Reborn Little Girl Won’t Give Up - Chapter 211

Reborn Little Girl Won’t Give Up - Chapter 211

The guest room was originally across the stairs from the building where my room was located, but it seemed to have moved to this building for security reasons when close people such as Gill came to stay.

There was a guard in front of the door, and Jude, who had guided us here, spoke to the guard, “Lei-sama is here.

” The guard looked at Jude questioningly, then he looked at Hans and Natalie, then finally noticed me when he moved his eyes down.

You won’t be useful as a guard if you can’t see everything straight away.


” “She said you’re disqualified.

” “N-no way, Lei-sama.

” He seemed dejected, but I didn’t have time to play with him.

The guard also quickly straightened up, called inside the room and waited for an answer before letting us in.


” “You barely pass.

” “Thank you very much!” .



I entered the room while Hans pointlessly translated what I said.

I scanned the room and saw that Felicia was sitting tiredly on the sofa, and next to her was a faint Chris.

Felicia had her hands tightly around Chris’s back.

She looked as if she didn’t have any allies in this world.

In the corner of the room stood Graces, dressed like a townsperson, talking to Otou-sama, and the room was full of chatting people.


Chrish,” Felicia noticed me when I called out to them quietly and tried to stand up.

She realised that her arms were hugging Chris and gently sat down again.

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COM “Lei!” “Lei?” Chris’s faded eyes became focused when she heard Felicia’s voice.




Wewcome home.

” Tears welled up in Felicia’s eyes even though she wasn’t usually a sensitive person.

I thought about the hardships she must have faced and felt sad.

However, I had to confirm this with Jude first, “Where’sh thhe thea and food?” “They’re being prepared now.

” “Whath abouth thhe bathh?” “That hasn’t been prepared yet.

I’ll get it prepared right away.

” “Whath abouth pyjamash and bedsh?” “They have been prepared.

” “Food, bathh and weth thhem reshth immediathewy.

” (Food, bath and let them rest immediately) “Understood.

” “And bring me an empthy magic shthone righth away.

” Jude bowed silently at the end and immediately began giving out instructions.

Then, I called out to Otou-sama, who was talking to Graces.

It was unusual for him not to notice that I had entered the room.


” “O, oh, Lei.

You came here?” He really hadn’t noticed that I had entered, and his expression softened when he saw me.

“Otou-syama, geth Juwia-obasama tho come here.

” “You want Julia here? I was just about to contact Stan now.

” “Juwia-obasama.

” “Alright.

” It would be better to have a woman around.

Otou-sama looked puzzled by my request, but immediately went to fulfil it.

When I finished talking to everyone, I ran to the sofa where Felicia and Chris were.

“You’ll fall if you run.

” I clung tightly to Felicia’s knees when I reached her.

She was worried about people even at a time like this.

Felicia kept her right hand around Chris and slowly patted my back with her left hand.

“Lei, I ran away.

” “Ai.

” “I wonder if I’m a bad girl.

” “You’re a good girw.

” Jude called out softly from behind, “Lei-sama, I’ve brought the magic stone.

” I lifted my face from Felicia’s knees.



” I took the magic stone and handed it to Chris, who was dazed and made her hold it from the outside.


” “Lei?” “Yesh.

Chrish puth your unpweashanth feewingsh intho thhish magic shthone.

” “Magic stone.

” “Liwe you awwaysh did ath thhe cashthwe.

Sway ith shwowwy.

” (Like you always did at the castle.

Sway it slowly) I felt Chris slightly put magic into her hand and move it to the magic stone.


Chrish, how long haven’t you done this?” “I don’t know.

We’ve been so busy, so we haven’t been able to stay together.

” Chris won’t demand for magic stones herself and channel her magic into it.

Chris might have been dazed partly because she was tired, but she had already passed the stage where she got angry because of an increase in magic.

“Jude bring me anothher one.

” “But…” “Bring me anothher one.

” “… Yes.

” He had already prepared another one since he handed me it.

I opened Chris’s hand and took the darker magic stone before making her hold the empty one.

“Lei?” “Again Chrish.

” “But…” Chris’s mind seemed to have cleared up.

“Lei ish fine.

” “Oh my Lei, you’re amazing.

” The normal Chris was back, and Felicia relaxed a little.

“Can you do ith Chrish?” “Of course.

” Chris hmphed, then placed the magic stone in the palm of her hand and began channelling magic into it.

Chris’s magic returned to the usual amount by the time she filled up two magic stones.

“Chris!” Felicia hugged Chris tightly in relief and Chris hugged her back, but she was still looking at me and finally realised that she was in an unfamiliar room.

She didn’t seem frightened, perhaps because Felicia and I were here, but she seemed puzzled, then frowned as if she had recalled something.

Chris would have gotten angry right now if she were still like how she was when I had first met her.

But Chris didn’t get angry.

“Where is this Lei?” “Lei’sh houshe.

” “Lei’s house.

Then, are we back in Kingdom?” “Ai.

” She found the answer herself.

“Chris I’m sorry for taking you with me without saying anything.

” “Don’t cry Nee-sama.

” Felicia continued to hug Chris while crying.

I tapped on Felicia’s knees.

Then, the door opened, and a nice smell drifted in the air.

“Lei-sama we’ve brought the snacks and drinks.

” “Ai.


Food firshth.

Ith’sh importhanth.

” I nodded at Jude and the maid who brought the food in.

“Eath Fewicia and Chrish.

” “It looks delicious!” Chris seemed to be hungry.

There were bite size sandwiches and sweets, hot soup, and tea.

Felicia seemed to have no appetite, but she seemed to have felt better after she drank a mouthful of soup.

Then, she helped Chris eat while properly having some light food herself.

It’s fine if they can eat.

This is more important than asking them what happened.

I was relieved.

“Have you eathen Gracesh?” Graces looked at me in surprise and looked at Jude before answering, “Us subordinates have already had a light snack and some rest.

” “Thanks.

But…” “Graces.

It’s fine.

A lot of food has been prepared.

We can’t eat it all by ourselves,” Felicia invited Graces to eat.

Well then, let’s hear what happened now that they’ve calmed down.

Before that, “Lei wiww eath thoo.

” “I thought you would say that.

” I have to get my stomach ready.