Reborn Little Girl Won’t Give Up - Chapter 134

Reborn Little Girl Won’t Give Up - Chapter 134

Chapter 134: Let’s Play a GameTranslator: BlushyEditor: delishnoodles “Wh-what? I’m five.

I know a lot more than His Highness Nico, and even more than Lei,” Chris said in amazement.

However, Nico ignored her.

“Then, write out a, i, u, e, o in order.

” “I don’t want to.

” “Write it.

” He pointed at the paper and pencil on the table.


I just need to write it, right? Why do I have to listen to a little baby…?” Chris muttered, but she began writing.

“A, i, u.

See, I can write it just fine.

E, o, done.

” “Again.

” “What?” “Your e is the wrong way.

” .



Nico opened his arms and shrugged.

Are you Western? I looked up at Odds-sensei, and the edge of his lips were twitching.

I know.

I know.

Nico didn’t know how to write them until recently.

“You only made a little mistake.

This one needs to be done properly too.

” “What did you say?!” Continue reading on MYB0X N0 VEL.

COM Oh, this is bad.

Chris was about to flip the table.

Chris’s maid and guard also went on alert.


Leth’sh pway a game,” I interrupted them stupidly.

Oh, I mean cutely.

“Game?” “Game?” Both of them turned around at the same time.

“The game ish cawwed 『find thhe reaw e』.

” “Leila-sama, what kind of game is that?” To do this quickly, I will need the help of Odds-sensei, who had just asked a question.

“Puth a woth of papersh withh e on thhe fwoor.

” (Put a lot of papers with e on the floor) “Oh.

Like the one you hit?” I’m the one who wants to say, oh Odds-sensei remembered.

“Puth thhe reaw e among thhe fawe e.

” (Put the real e among the fake e) “I get it!” Nico yelled.

“The one who finds the real e the fastest wins, right?!” “Thath’sh righth.

” That’s right.

I gave Odds-sensei a demand, “Please write the correct e and a lot of wrong e’s.

” “So, that’s the game? Well, alright.

” It would take a lot of time for us to write it.

So, I got Odds-sensei to write too.

“In thhe meanthime, woow for weththersh thhath Chrish ish bad ath writhing.

” (In the meantime, look for letters that Chris is bad at writing) “I don’t have any letters that I’m bad at writing.

” “Chrish.

Thath’sh for thhe nexth game.

” Chris thought the game would finish in one round and fidgeted.

“… Fine.

” “I’ww confirm ith.

” “So arrogant.

” However, Chris wasn’t good at writing a lot of letters.

“It’s hard to read.

Whatever’s fine, right?” Apparently, that’s what she thinks.

It might be alright since she’s five.

However, the Prince can write these letters properly, so his study buddy should be able to too.

What about me, you ask? Of course, I can read.

But, my hands won’t move the way I want them too, so I don’t force myself to write.

Of course, I practice writing, but I draw more.

Both Nico and Odds-sensei said that was fine.

Odds-sensei immediately understood the game that I proposed.

“I just have to mix the real e with the fake e’s and put them on the ground, right?” “Ai.

” The three of us stood before the paper and looked at it in excitement.

There are three correct e’s.

“Then, this is the wrong e, and this is the correct e.

Let’s find the correct e.

Now, let’s begin!” Nico flew out like the wind and grabbed two correct e’s in no time at all, and Chris also picked up the correct e after hesitating for a moment.

The two proudly showed Odds-sensei their papers.

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com “Christine-sama, which way did you draw the last line on your e?” “Hmm, towards the hand that I take oranges with.

” “Oranges? Well, okay.

That’s right.

You can remember it as the hand that you harvest oranges with.

Then, please write it again.

” “Okay!” Chris replied frankly and wrote her e.

Chris looked happy, and Odds-sensei seemed impressed.

So she can do it.

Even so.

I thought it was funny.

Apparently, I had only moved two steps.

“Lei…” Wouldn’t it be better if you had left one for me if you’re going to look at me pitifully? If it’s like this then… “I’m changing thhe ruwesh.

” (I’m changing the rules.

) “Lei, that’s not fair.

” “Ith ish! Grabbing thwo piecesh of papersh ishn’th fair!” (It is! Grabbing two pieces of papers isn’t fair) Nico looked at the two pieces of paper in his hand and gave me one.

I stomped my feet.

“I! I wanth tho geth ith myshewf!” Nico rubbed my head while feeling troubled.

That’s fine, but this is a battle.

“You can onwy thawe one! The pershon who thawesh ith tho Oddsh-shenshei winsh!” Nico and Chris thought for a while.

“Well, that’s fine.

” “That sounds good.

” “Then, thhath’sh thhath!” I snorted.

I’ll get Natalie and the others to help me this time.

“Now then, second round.

Begin!” Nico ran to the other side when Odds-sensei said this.

He took the furthest e and ran back to Odds-sensei to show him.

Next was Chris.

In the meantime, I quietly took an e, and was the last one to show Odds-sensei.

“Leila-sama passes too.

” “Ai!” I also showed the paper to Natalie.

“Lei-sama, it’s good that you were able to get the paper!” “Ai!” I felt satisfied.

Next, I showed it to Hans.

“That’s good, you were able to get it properly.

” “Ai!” Naturally.

Like this, Chris started showing the strength of a five-year-old and competed with Nico.

We ran around the whole morning.

I was always last, but I had lots of fun.

Otou-sama and Felicia came at lunchtime.

Felicia looked like she was going to faint when she saw the mess of papers on the ground, and it was funny.

“Now thhen, thhe pershon who cowwecthsh thhe moshth papersh wiww be thhe winner.

” (Now then, the person who collects the most papers will be the winner) “Begin!” Odds-sensei spoke pleasantly, so Nico and Chris moved conditionally.

One paper, two papers, three papers, one fell, so one more.

Huh? There’s no more? I looked around restlessly.

“Lei…” “Lei…” “Buffo.

” It seems like Nico and Chris collected the rest of the papers.

I think Hans laughed, but why is Otou-sama making a strange face? “Hah, thhath wash though.

” (That was tough) I said as I gave Odds-sensei the papers, and he complimented me with a smile, “Leila-sama, you did a great job.

” Odds-sensei has become quite an understanding person.

We each went our separate ways during lunch.

When I returned, I fell asleep because I was tired, and Chris got angry, “Why is she sleeping?!” I don’t understand why she was mad.