Reborn Little Girl Won’t Give Up - Chapter 125

Reborn Little Girl Won’t Give Up - Chapter 125

Chapter 125: Nii-sama’s Okaa-samaTranslator: BlushyEditor: Sam I felt like I lived in a gentle world even though I’ve been through dangerous situations.

They weren’t speaking to me, but their conversation was a little scary.

“Lei, I had fun.

” I liked being hugged by Julia-obasama, but I didn’t particularly enjoy their scary conversation.

“It’s hard for people to come to congratulate you when the Four Marquises and the royal family are here.

You should move around a bit.

” Otou-sama nodded, and I glanced at the table in regret.

“Of course, let’s get something to drink.

” “Ai!” Julia-obasama put me down, and I was able to get a drink.

I was able to drink it while others watched to make sure I wouldn’t spill it.

Of course, no one tried to pour juice on me.

“Come now, it’s dangerous to walk between adults.

” Otou-sama picked me up as soon as I finished drinking.

Then, we slowly walked, and Nii-sama joined us to talk to people.

But, I stopped caring halfway through.

For now, I just have to smile.




We walked around and met up with Gill’s family again.

I was relieved to see them again.

Julia-obasama looked at me gently and reached out to me again, so I was held by her again.

I’m a little happy.

Julia-obasama said while swaying me gently, “Luke, Diana’s here.

” “Julia-sama, I heard that she was coming.

” “Yes.

” Continue reading on MYB0X N0 VEL.

COM Their conversation ended, and there was an awkward silence.

Is Diana Nii-sama’s birth mother? Just then, I saw a woman strolling from the other side of the room as if their conversation was the signal.

She had blonde hair and green eyes, looked the same age as Otou-sama.

She was probably the same age as Julia-obasama, or a little younger, and had a calm aura.

“Diana-okaasama…” Nii-sama said.

Otou-sama put a hand around Nii-sama when his shoulders started shaking.

There was trust in Nii-sama’s eyes when he looked up at Otou-sama.

People say that she was on bad terms with Otou-sama, so she divorced him and married another person.

I heard that she kept Nii-sama at a distance because she didn’t care about him much, but that’s all I know.

She walked as her high pony swayed behind her and stopped in front of Nii-sama.

“Luke, I haven’t seen you since summer.

” ‘Summer’, when I was in Frontier.

Does that mean they met during summer? I stared at Diana-sama in Julia-obasama’s arms, and her eyes certainly showed that she was happy to see Nii-sama.


” “Happy 12th birthday, Luke.

” “Thank you very much.

” It was awkward, but I felt relieved because their aura was warm.

However, Diana separated from Nii-sama awkwardly and turned towards me.

Her eyes were opened wide.

“Oh, you have the same eyes as Luke.

” Same as Nii-sama, not Otou-sama.

“You’re the star today.

Happy birthday.

I’m Diana, Luke’s Okaa-sama.

” “I’m Leiwa Awbansh.


” “My, how cute.

Will you come to Oba-sama?” She wasn’t against being called Oba-sama.

She also thinks children are cute.

She wants to hold me, so she likes children.

So why did she leave Nii-sama? Of course, it’s because he’s the Albans heir.

She couldn’t bring him with her even if she wanted to.

I don’t know the truth.

However, it looked to me as if she ran away from Nii-sama and Otou-sama like she did just before.


” “What is it?” “Reach outh to Nii-sama.

” “Huh…” Otou-sama was in the wrong first, but Diana-obasama is also in the wrong.

I’m sure Nii-sama doesn’t reach out to her because she doesn’t say anything or reach out to him first.

“Nii-syama’s Okaa-sama.

Hug Nii-syama firshth.

” For some reason, Julia-obasama hugged me tighter.

“Hug Luke.

” Diana-obasama looked at Nii-sama as if asking if it was alright.

Nii-sama had been staring at her since she arrived.

“Can Okaa-sama hug you, Luke?” Otou-sama didn’t say anything, since I shut him up with my eyes when it looked like he wanted to say something.

“If that’s what you want to do.

” Nii-sama looked down a bit.

Diana-obasama timidly approached Nii-sama and reached out to him.

He flinched back at first, but then let her hug him properly.

Compared to Otou-sama, Nii-sama looked like a small child, but when hugged by Diana-obasama, their heights weren’t much different, and it made him look bigger.

“You’ve gotten bigger.

You’ve grown up, but I wonder if you’re like me.

You’re a lot nicer compared to how Dean was back then.

” “I don’t know if I’m nice or not.

” I know that he’s kind.

Otou-sama, stay quiet.

I turned my head towards Otou-sama, who looked like he wanted to say something.

“Was Otou-sama not kind?” I don’t think you should stick your nose into that.

“He didn’t care no matter what I said or did.

He was mean.

” “I don’t know if he’s mean, but he’s still the same indifferent Otou-sama.

” “He doesn’t change even though he’s had a second child.

” This time, I reached out to Otou-sama, who looked like he wanted to say something.


” “Lei.

” Don’t look as if you haven’t held me for two days.

“I wanth tho drinw juice.

” “Then, let’s go.


” “It’s alright.

Take Lei with you.

” “Okay.

Then, Diana, take your time.

” “Thanks.

” Leaving Nii-sama and Diana-obasama, we moved to the table.

They’re talking about something.

That’s good.

“Lei, I wish you had met Julia earlier.

” “Ai.

” But, does that mean you didn’t let her see me? “I should have given you a wet nurse, but the timing was off, and you might miss having a mother, so I kept all the women around that age away from you.

” What? Then, maybe… “Nico’s Okaa-sama.

” “I asked her not to come.

I took away your mother, Clair, but I was scared you would miss her.

” So that’s why there are only middle-aged men around me? But I don’t know what to say.

“Lei’sh awrighth.

Lei wiwesh Julia-obasama and Diana-obasama.

” “Even Diana? That’s strange.

” Isn’t Diana-obasama cute? I feel like Otou-sama doesn’t have eyes for women.

It must have been a miracle for him to be able to marry my Okaa-sama.

And he didn’t realise that I didn’t say that I liked Ange-obasama.