Reborn Little Girl Won’t Give Up - Chapter 121

Reborn Little Girl Won’t Give Up - Chapter 121

Chapter 121: Nii-sama’s Birthday The tree was actually very low, and I somehow managed to climb the rugged tree, but I was no match for Nico, nor was I match for Gill or Nii-sama.

Still, I did my best at climbing and stood on the lower branch.

From there, I could look down a little bit at Nico and Nii-sama, and I could also see a little further.

A little distance away, Hans was grinning, and Natalie looked worried as she held her hands together.

Still, I folded my arms and looked off into the distance.

I should be able to fold my arms soon.

Then, Nico also climbed the tree, and Nii-sama was here, so he took me off the branch straight away.

And just like that, my climb was ruined in many ways.

Nico and I were quite satisfied since we were able to do something other than running in the cold wind.

Nii-sama and Gill would visit the castle occasionally to train magic, study and play.

By the time our routine was set, it was already December.

I enjoyed my dinner with Otou-sama like always, and he said that I would have my debut in January.

“Debuth?” “Yeah.

It’s to declare that this house had this child.

People usually have a big party and invite a lot of other people.

” “Lei’sh firshth thime.

” “That’s right.

It’s actually something you do when the baby is a year old, but you had that incident.

” “Incidenth?” “Yes, mm, it was when you channelled your magic into the magic stone.

At that time, I thought that I shouldn’t show you off to the world, but it was a mistake.

I should have let everyone know that you were an Albans’s child.

” Otou-sama looked like he was suffering when he said this, and I also felt sad.




Thinking back, I recall Hannah and the other maids talking about why I didn’t have a debut.

Two rumours were floating about at that time.

One was that I was too cute to show off, and the other was that I was being neglected.

In the end, Otou-sama really did treasure me at that time.

“I don’th need a debuth.

” “I can’t have that.

I’m going to let all the nobles know about you this time.

Prince Nicholas will also attend, so this will show that the royal family won’t stay silent if someone were to make a move on you.

Uh, I mean, it’s a threat stating that the royal family will go after them if they kidnap you.

” “Ai.

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COM Otou-sama still seemed to be on guard, but I don’t think I will be kidnapped again.

“Luke’s birthday is in December, so we’re going to celebrate that together with your debut.

Luke and I both don’t like flashy things, so we usually celebrate it with family every year.

” I tilted my head.

I wonder if they celebrated it last year.

“You still couldn’t eat solid food on Luke’s birthday last year, so you fell asleep after having a lick of the cake.

” I see I wasn’t even a year old at that time, so I don’t remember anything apart from eating mashed vegetables and soup.

Huh, will he not celebrate his birthday in December this year? “Nii-syama noth cewebrathing hish birthhday in December?” “We don’t have any plans to celebrate it.

” That won’t do! “When ish hish birthhday?” “It’s next weekend.

” I have to hurry! That day, I talked to Natalie before going to bed.

“I wanth tho cewebrathe Nii-shyama’sh birthhday.

” “Luke-sama’s? But, we already started preparing since he will celebrate it when you have your debut in January.

” “I wanth tho give him shomethhing.

” “You do? Mm…” Natalie tilted her head and thought with me.

“Leila-sama, you’re good at drawing, so how about drawing something for him?” “Otou-syama wiww be annoyed.

” “Ah, yes.


” Otou-sama will be shocked because he didn’t receive one first.

“It’s still too early for you to start embroidering.

Commoners make handmade sweets, but you still can’t move your hands well.

” “Nii-syama doeshn’th wiwe shweethsh much.

” “I see.

” Actually, Nii-sama doesn’t really like sweets that much.

That’s why I always think he’s too thin.

No, wait.

It’s fine as long as it isn’t sweet? “No eashy tho mawe food?” “Something you can make? Let’s see, if it’s just mixing, then… Oh, yes!” “Whath?” “What about mashed potatoes? They’re made from potatoes that Leila-sama and Luke-sama love so much!” “Pothatho!” I love potatoes.

“If you say that you left the boiling and sauce to the chef, and mashed the potatoes yourself, then I’m sure Luke-sama will be happy!” “Oway!” I can mashed potatoes.

“Then, I’ww feed Nii-shyama.

” “He’ll be overjoyed.

Oh yes, Leila-sama.

” “Whath?” Natalie gave me a proposal with sparkling eyes.

Alright, done! “All the maids will be happy.

” Natalie smiled.

◊♦◊♦◊♦◊ Best Birthday Celebration (Nii-sama’s Perspective) “Why? I haven’t seen Leila since my afternoon nap.

” “The maids surrounded Leila and took her away.

” Otou-sama also thought that something was different from usual.

Even so, it was already time to eat, but Leila still hasn’t appeared.

“What is this? The gardener is still wandering around at this time.

And, there are lots of things in this room for some reason.

” Otou-sama looked around the room as if he had just noticed.

The people in the room suddenly got busy.

There were certainly more people than usual.

But, the door opened straight away, and food was brought in.

“Wait, where’s Lei? No, oh.

” “Where did she go? Huh.

” She was holding a plate of mashed potatoes and tottering this way.

“Lei, why are you dressed like that…?” A small maid uniform with a white apron.

A white brim on her head and her cheeks were red.

Oh, the plate’s going to drop! I almost stood up.

“I’m oway.

” “Lei…” Lei tried her best to stretch out her hands, and put the plate in front of me.

Of course, Natalie was behind her so that she wouldn’t drop the plate or fall down.

“Nii-syama, happy birthhday.

” “Lei, this is…” Lei stuck out her nose and puffed her chest out, “Lei made ith.

” Her white apron lightly swayed.

“For me?” “Ai!” Why, why is she so cute? I got up from my chair and hugged her tightly.

“It’s the best present!” “Happy 12thh birthhday.

” “Thanks.

” We bumped our foreheads together.

As if this was a signal, people brought food to where Otou-sama was sitting.

“Where’s Otou-sama’s potatoes? Say, Lei, where’s Otou-sama’s potatoes?” Lei looked away.

“I’ww mawe ith on Otou-shyama’sh birthhday.

” “What?! Are you telling me to wait until August?! Luke, give me some.

” “No.

This is all mine!” “Nii-syama, aah?” “YES!” “Lei, Otou-sama too!” “No.

” It was a lot, but I ate it all.

I won’t forget my 12th birthday.