Reborn Little Girl Won’t Give Up - Chapter 84

Reborn Little Girl Won’t Give Up - Chapter 84

“This is why it’s called problems caused by the elderly.

Isn’t that a statement that the Supervision Department can’t help but say?” My quiet voice resounded surprisingly well.

“Pr-problems caused by the elderly, you say?!” “My apologies, I’ve always thought this and it just accidentally slipped out.

However, that doesn’t matter.

” “Do-doesn’t matter, you say…” “You’ll faint if you get angry like that.

Old people should stay calm.

” “Who do you think is making me angry?” “Well-…” I said a single word, and the person from the Supervision Department immediately quietened down.

“Lord Rouge, you may think that way, but you should realise that no one else said that except for the Supervision Department.

” “But-…” “No buts.

We got a request from Wester.

They want us to dispatch magic users.

They happen to find people of the Four Marquis lines and are protecting them in the capital.

That’s all there is to it,” I pointed out indifferently to Earl Rouge.

“By the way, we, Albans, already know that my daughter is in Lentforce, and I was arranging a rescue party for her.

As an Albans, I thank Wester, but there’s no reason for me to feel indebted to them,” I said calmly, and the excitement at the round-table calmed down.

Then, Stan quietly spoke, “We Lisburns are happy to discover my brother who had disappeared two years ago.

But, I hadn’t brought him back because we don’t need him.

So there’s no reason for us to be indebted to Wester.

” .



“That’s…” “I know what the Supervision Department wants to say.

Then, shouldn’t people of the Supervision Department go to take them back?” The two old men fell silent again at Stan’s words.

The Supervision Department supervises and gives advice, but they easily forget that that is only if the Four Marquises obediently obey.

“No matter what decision Kingdom makes, I will go to Wester to pick up my daughter.

” “That’s…” It’s the Supervision Department again.

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COM “I know I can’t leave Kingdom.

I’m saying that my Albans House will surely go to pick her up.

” “The Lisburns will also go.

But my brother is 11.

We will follow his wishes.

” Stan and I declared.

“In short, no matter what decision we make as a country, the Albans and the Lisburns will make their move.

So, I want you to think about what decision we should make as a country,” Prince Lambert suggested again.

Blaze answered as if he was annoyed, “If so, then why didn’t they say so at the beginning?” “Whatever Albans and Lisburn say, I’m sure I said that this has nothing to do with my fief.

” There were a few words that made the Prince’s eyes wander.

I calmly observed this.

“Kingdom is protected by the barrier, and the citizens live safely inside.

Frontier has measures in place for when Hollows appear, but there’s no doubt that their actions and movements are restricted, and they’re at a disadvantage.

Even so, it’s impossible to gather everyone into Kingdom.

This has been a dilemma since the founding of Kingdom,” the Prince said quietly.

“Given that this country was founded to protect the people, I would like you to reconsider whether it is right to abandon Wester’s desire to protect the people of the capital just because it has nothing to do with Kingdom.

” Even the royal family is a speaker at the round-table.

He is also the chairman.

Even so, it was clear that a member of the royal family was positive about Wester’s request, which had a small impact on the participants.

Silence reigned the round-table for a while, and finally, Earl Neville eventually spoke, “I basically think that Kingdom shouldn’t easily extend our hands to other countries.

But, if Albans is going to take some sort of action, then I will give him guards from my Neville House.

Neville is a militant fief.

And if necessary, we will also recruit magic users, but to be honest, there’s not much of them in the north.

” Earl Neville, who had originally opposed, made it clear that he was still against this, but he also declared that he was on Albans’ side and that he would support him.

“Earl Neville, you’re-… I see, the Albans baby is your granddaughter.

I see.

” Dutton, who reached an understanding, was also from the north.

“Then, we Coulters will also provide some sort of help,” Coulter, who had been neutral, also shifted.

The Supervision Department looked grim because the Four Marquises were acting on their own.

But, many of the Earls also approved because they understood that their own load wouldn’t be much.

“It wouldn’t be realistic to send magic users from Kingdom at fixed intervals like the worried people have been saying.

This time, they used having people of the Four Marquis lines against us as ransom, so for the time being, I want Albans and Lisburn to help them.

This is how our country will support them,” the King, who had been silent until now, spoke slowly.

Stan and I nodded.

The royal family and Four Marquises have already discussed this.

“However, it’s not preferable for that burden to lean only on two Marquises.

On the other hand, it wouldn’t be preferable for Wester to befriend only two Marquises.

” On the contrary, the Earls were taken aback since he had spoken in a tone that indicated this had nothing to do with the royal family.

Because they realised that not announcing their cooperation now would be a disadvantage when trading with Wester, which might flourish soon.

In the end, Kingdom didn’t publicly respond to Wester’s request, but the Albans and Lisburns will be cooperating with them as individuals, and each fief settled with some form of support.

“However, even if we say we will cooperate with them, as Lord Coulter said earlier, there isn’t anyone with a lot of magic power apart from the Four Marquis heads.

Just how are you planning on cooperating with them?” Earl Rouge was puzzled over this.

If this conversation could end without bringing it up, then I won’t talk about it.

I glanced at Prince Lambert.

He shrugged.

He was telling me I could do what I want.

“With Luke.

I intend to send my son.

” “Of course, us Lisburns will send Gilbert.

” The round-table instantly fell silent.

“You can’t!” “What do you mean?!” “Aren’t they your heirs?!” “The Four Marquises shouldn’t go out of Kingdom!” Screams flew from all directions, and Earl Neville widened his eyes in surprise and nodded quietly.

Blaze spoke after the fuss was over, “The heir of the Four Marquises are the ones to support the next generation.

They’re like shared property of Kingdom that should never be lost.

What the heck are you thinking about letting them go out of the barrier?” He is right.

“There are two people in Wester who are like shared property that should never be lost.

It’s obvious that it’s not safe in Kingdom.

” However, no further opposition went against my words.

“If anything happens after they get to Wester, or even before they leave, then it’ll be a big problem.

I’m sending them because I believe that they would return without any problems.

” Luke is 11 and Gill is 14.

They’re still young, surprisingly young.

But, nothing is more safe than letting them bring Lei home.

I believe this.

Thus, messengers are sent to Wester with Luke and Gill at the center.