Reborn Little Girl Won’t Give Up - Chapter 65

Reborn Little Girl Won’t Give Up - Chapter 65

The next day, I began preparations to pick Lei up.

 She seems to be living well now, but I don’t know what can happen to her.

I have to go get her as soon as possible.

 Over everything else, I’m in a rush to see her.

 Luke also restlessly got up at the same time as me.

The mansion was brighter for the first time in a long time.

But I suddenly remembered.

“Come to think of it, the Moleseys might come over to visit.

” Well, they’ll come when they send a message.

  But the investigator yesterday also brought back bad news.

It was about Hannah.

  The report only stated that a young woman in maid clothes, which was unusual in Frontier, became victim to Hollows in the direction where Lei’s Rug Dragon rode off to.

Apparently, a large number of bandits also became victims to the Hollows.

There were no mentions of a small child at the scene.

Therefore they exerted more effort into the search for her.

I don’t know if that person was Hannah.

Her family, who I should tell, is missing and Sebas, who is concerned about her future, is also not here.

  However, during the investigation, the people who kidnapped Lei didn’t doubt that it wasn’t Hannah.

But, Lei would probably be sad if people judge Hannah.

  People won’t judge her if she doesn’t come back.

It might seem cold, but that was the only thing that came to my mind.

  “Can we leave tomorrow…?” .



“It’s still early, but I can leave at any time.

” “I, I see.

” Jude is proactive, and I oddly wondered if he is actually like this.

Ever since Sebas left, he has had to control the personnel in the mansion as well, increasing his workload.


Even if this mansion is large, it doesn’t come with the splendour of a building that has been passed down for generations, and only the minimum amount of people work here.

However, the minutest details are often left to the servants each time because of this, and you could even say we hadn’t looked after Lei-sama properly because of this, and that was what had caused her to be kidnapped.

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COM It was mainly my fault that I couldn’t take care of Lei properly.

“Therefore, if one person is left out of the equation, then the house doesn’t function well.

Since Sebas’s matter, we have confirmed the identities while hiring young butler apprentices and maids little by little and their training has started.

My absence will be a good experience for the young ones.

” Jude is talkative today.

And as I thought, the Moleseys came to visit even though they didn’t need to.

“Looks like I’ve caught you at a busy time.

” Harold, who was with his young successor, probably saw that there was a commotion going on in the mansion, became a little reserved.

“I don’t think this is the first time you’ve met him, but I’ll introduce him again.

This is my son, Marcus.

” “I am Marcus Molesey.

I’ve met you a few times near the barrier room,” he said as he slightly bowed.

He is the 2nd generation of the Molesey House and had probably turned 20 this year.

He, who is a slender young man, had blue-grey eyes that were a shade lighter than his father’s.

His slightly long hair was tied in a ponytail at the back.

“I’m Dean Albans.

This is my son Luke.

” “Nice to meet you.

I’ve wanted to meet you after I read the report you left at the academy on magic discussion.

” “That crude report? If you’re alright with me, then we can talk as much as you want.

” Marcus loosened up in response to Luke’s pure admiration for his senpai .

When I was at the academy, I also checked out all the documents and read a lot of reports written by my so-called senpais.

As a result, I only found out that they were all of no use.

  Therefore, sometimes, I think that Luke is an abnormal being since he takes the initiative and tries to connect with others.

I couldn’t help but be proud that he is my son.

Then I looked at Marcus, who was standing beside Luke and looking down gently at him, and felt uncomfortable for some reason.

 Harold’s son.

The person with the most outstanding magic in his House.

But information has it that his magic power is a little low for someone who is a part of the Four Marquises.

“How strange,” Harold, who had softened his poker-face a little as he watched the two, heard my mutter.

“What is?” “Harold, you said your son doesn’t have much magic power?” “Yeah.

That’s why I brought him here.

” “His magic power isn’t inferior to that of Luke’s, and I think he has enough magic at least for someone who belongs to the Four Marquis Houses.

” “What did you say?” Harold was surprised and glanced at Marcus.

“Right?” “Don’t ask me.

Magic power isn’t something you can see.

” “Hah?” There’s no way that you can’t see it.

Magic is like another body that overlaps your own.

  “Then, Harold.

Why do you think that Marcus doesn’t have enough magic power?” That point is stranger.

  “That’s because, of course, he’s always on the verge of running out of magic when he fills the barrier magic stones.

” “That’s the reason?” I got fed up with him.

 That problem isn’t caused by low magic power, but probably because Marcus wasn’t taught how to control his magic well.

What is the Academy teaching their kids?  “Otou-sama.

” “What is it, Luke?” “Otou-sama teaches me magic control every weekend because the Academy doesn’t teach us properly, right?” Come to think of it, that is true.

The Academy wasn’t built just for the Four Marquises, but for all nobles.

Of course, some commoners attend the Academy as well.

Therefore, the way they handle people with lots of magic isn’t ideal.

  “Jude, bring me the magic stone we use for the barrier boxes.

” “Certainly.

” First, we should use a large magic stone and check how much magic he can manage.

Should I use a large magic stone to confirm, even though Luke had trained using a small magic stone?  Marcus could fill the nearly empty magic stone that Jude had brought without his complexion changing.

But Luke and I looked at each other and slightly shook our heads.

He really doesn’t know how to use his magic.


” “It seems like he won’t be able to adjust the magic in his body if he doesn’t start from circulating it around his body first.

” “That’s right.

I feel the strain from what he’s been doing for a long time.

Therefore, the magic power in his body is scattering into the air wastefully whenever he fills magic stones.

In short, his magic is leaking out.

” Luke and I looked a little bitter, while Harold scrunched up his lips and Marcus looked flabbergasted.

 They probably didn’t expect that we would point that out.

  “Luke, can you do it?” “Leave it to me.

I usually train with Gill, don’t I? I’m used to training with people who aren’t aware of their magic.

” “Wait a minute.

” I dismissed Harold and Marcus and left my seat with Luke for a minute.

“Luke, about before…” “Yes?’ “Harold said he can’t see magic.

Did you also know that there are people who aren’t aware of magic…?” “Yes.

Otou-sama, you didn’t notice this at all.

” Luke shrugged like an adult.

“I found out right away when I went to the Academy.

A lot of people can’t see magic with their eyes.

” “Seriously?” I was shocked from the bottom of my heart.

“So Stan being that stupid is…” “He’s not stupid.

Otou-sama, you don’t even go easy on your friends.

” Luke looked at me in amazement.

“They have to rely on their five senses since they can’t see magic.

Those senses are vague, and it’s really difficult to find.

Even more so when you become an adult.

” “Then, Gill and Stan…” “They can’t see magic.

Gill just remembered the senses quickly because he experienced the Hollows with me.

” Luke looked straight at me, who was unusually surprised and couldn’t utter a single word.

“And it’s better if others don’t know about this.

There’s no need for us to increase the Albans value any further.

” I was supposed to raise Molesey’ power, but instead, I raised my own awareness.

Of course, Luke will firmly train the Molesey father and child.

The Molesey felt some kind of reaction and said that they want to come to train their magic again when it’s a suitable time.

It seems like they’ll visit a lot.

I saw the two off and sent a messenger directly to the King instead of the supervision department.

 I may have caught some news about my daughter, so I’m going to send someone to confirm that it’s her and bring her back.

 The destination was only Wester, so I don’t want them to complain about various things afterwards.

However, the King never complains.

The annoying ones are the supervision department.

  I didn’t need to submit a request to the supervision department because I’m not sending the direct line to the Four Marquises to Frontier.

 I felt a little satisfied at that.

However, my messenger came back straight away.

The only message he came back with was that a messenger from the Royal Palace will come by later.