Reborn Little Girl Won’t Give Up - Chapter 62

Reborn Little Girl Won’t Give Up - Chapter 62

Like usual, Luke came home from the dormitory on the weekend of the week of the incident.

I never thought that having him back would be this enjoyable.

I even thought that it would be fine for him to commute to the academy since it was within the royal capital.

I can’t believe that I would want to have dinner with someone every day.

In a week of 10 days, he has two days off.

I spent my time with Luke, who had come home on the evening of the 8th day, yesterday.

Luke had spent his summer holidays at a remote region, and not only had his magic increased incredibly, but he also seemed to have been taught how to sword fight, and his thin body had returned to normal, or rather he was a little bulkier than usual.

After he’d returned, we spent time together studying how to manipulate magic more efficiently and putting our ideas into practice.

On holidays, Gill and Stan, who can’t increase their magic power as they would like, come over to train.

Luke begged me to remove the Rug Dragon’s basket because he was fed up with it, so I gave him a Rug Dragon.

Rug Dragons are big, so it would be better to do this when he gets a bit bigger, but I couldn’t help it.

I think it’s because when he goes to get Lei, the Rug Dragon will be slow if it has to wear a basket, but the biggest reason of all is that it looks ugly.

Now then, should I get Luke to practice on the Rug Dragon? That message came when I thought that.

“Jude, sorry but can you say that again?” “Certainly.

Diana-sama wishes to visit in at noon.

” I couldn’t answer straight away.

 I didn’t remember this woman until now.

She is Luke’s real mother.

  “I’m sure she remarried into some Duke House.

” “Yes, the Duke who owns the fief next to the capital.

But, that’s not why she wants to see you…” .



“I know,” I interrupted Jude.

 The woman who hardly came to see Luke after we divorced.

What does she want now? “I can’t refuse this…” “It’s about Luke-sama.

” “About Luke?” Continue reading on MYB0X N0 VEL.

COM “Apparently, she wants to discuss his engagement.

” “Engagement!” I almost ripped my hair out.

 Certainly, nobles, especially those belonging to the Four Marquis Houses, hope to quickly marry someone with strong magic, who also doesn’t belong to the Marquis House.

I also got engaged to Diana at 12, but… “It’s too early.

And I can’t trust someone who Diana brings.

” “But, Diana-sama is Luke-sama’s mother.

You can’t stop her from meeting her son.

” “Hmph.


I can’t take away Luke’s right to see his mother, even if I refuse this engagement.

Then, let her come.

” “Yes, Milord.

” Even though I got a little depressed, I decided to ride on the Rug Dragon to move my body this morning.

I rode around the estate with Luke, who was still riding awkwardly.

He has improved his ability to ride it for a longer period of time so I decided to talk about Diana.

“Okaa-sama is coming…” “Apparently, she wants to talk to you about your engagement.

” “I see.

People of my age have already decided on their partner.

” My mature son wasn’t shaken much.

“What do you think, Otou-sama?” “Ah, yeah.

” I didn’t expect him to ask me.

“You’ll have to decide on a partner one day, but you’ll end up unhappy if your feelings don’t match.

” Luke looked down.

I panicked.

 I’m not unhappy right now.

“Of course, Stan is happy with his marriage.

I didn’t like Diana, but I got my happiness in you.

In other words…” In other words, what should I say? “Claire didn’t have much magic, but Lei was born with a lot.

You don’t need to fuss about it and just take your time to choose someone who you would have a good life with.

” “Is that alright?” “Absolutely.

” “Then what if I get engaged to someone who is really dependant?” “Luke…” I gulped at Luke’s indifferent tone.

“It’ll be fine.

I haven’t seen Okaa-sama in a long time.

I’m certain she had beautiful wavy blonde hair and green eyes,” Luke said as if he recalled a portrait.

 Luke hasn’t appeared in high society yet, so he wouldn’t meet any adults unless he has the opportunity to.

Should I not have gotten annoyed and given him more chances to meet his mother? “Otou-sama to me, Claire was my real Okaa-sama.

We may not have been related by blood, but she was my real Okaa-sama.

It’s pointless to worry about trivial things.

” “Yeah, you’re right.

” On the contrary, Luke rebuked me.

We thanked the Rug Dragons and had a simple lunch, then in the mid-afternoon, we were informed that Diana had arrived.

“Listen, I’ve completely forgotten about it, but meeting up with a woman is like this.

They always make you wait.

Remember this.

” “Fufu, okay.

I’ve remembered it,” Luke replied in amusement.

We had plenty to do and talk about while we were waiting for her, but I was still irritated that she made us wait.

The woman that Jude had finally guided here was a beautiful woman who people wouldn’t think was 30.

Like Luke had said, her wavy blonde hair was arranged up, and some bits hung down in a sophisticated way, and next to her was an unfamiliar girl.

She looked like Diana somehow.

When we stood up, Diana elegantly curtsied, and the girl curtsied as well, albeit a little awkwardly.

We also lightly lowered our heads and bowed.

“Long time no see, Dean.

” “Yeah.

” “And Luke.

” “I haven’t seen you in a long time.

” I replied curtly, and Luke returned her greeting tactfully.

“I heard you need something?” “Oh my, do I need something to see my son?” “What’re you saying? You’ve never tried to meet him before.

” “Well…” Diana raised her eyebrows up in surprise.

“You got remarried in no time.

I was thoughtful since your wife was around.

If I show up right after your wife had passed away, then there would be rumours flying around.

” “Hmph.

” It’s a plausible excuse, but she’ll keep hurting Luke if she goes on.

“What do you want?” “Well, you’re the same dull man.

Are you not going to offer me a seat?” Annoying.

“Both of you, Jude is preparing tea now.

This way.

” Luke quickly walked up to the front, offered his hand to Diana and led her to the table set.


” “Yeah.

” I sat across from Diana.

Luke went straight towards the girl.

“Nice to meet you.

I’m Luke, and you are?” “Mm, nice to meet you.

My name is Chelsea.

” “Have you ever heard of the Albans Garden?” “No, but I love going out.

” Luke listened until then and took the girl outside, “Then, we’ll take a walk around the garden for a bit.

Excuse us.

” What a smart thing to do.

“Our son is kind of boring.

” You don’t even know how smart he is.

 I was shocked.

“If you don’t take care of children, then you won’t be able to connect with them.

” “I haven’t heard about you taking care of your youngest.

” “That’s old news.

” “In any case, it’s a horrible incident.

” Diana is always like this.

At least she didn’t say anything rude about Lei.

“So, what?” “That sounds like something you would say.

” “Whatever.

” “Luke’s engagement.

And the girl I just brought with me.

” “So you just introduced them as you liked.

” “Isn’t it fine? The sooner they get to know each other, the better.

” I snorted.

“She’s my cousin’s child.

I married into the House next to the capital, so I’m not that far away.

Chelsea Buxton.

She’s the 2nd daughter of an Earl and has a good heart.

” “It doesn’t matter if she’s from an Earl House or if she has a good heart, Luke doesn’t have any plans to get engaged right now.

” “Oh dear, but it’s the duty of the Four Marquises.

” “I don’t want to hear you say that when you abandoned your duties to raise him,” was how I replied to Diana who had said that on purpose.

“I’m sure you gave up on your duties as his father too.

” We always quarrel for some reason.

So annoying.