Reborn Little Girl Won’t Give Up - Chapter 57

Reborn Little Girl Won’t Give Up - Chapter 57

“But I can’t go right now.

At least, give me another week,” Alistair said charismatically.

“You want me to wait a week?” “He’s saying that if you can’t wait, then we’ll take him to the capital later.

Don’t worry, you can go ahead and report,” Bart criticised the shocked Prince.

The Prince thought a little and said, “Hmm.

Then we’ll do that.

A week later, Alistair Lisburn, you will come to the fief capital with that violet-eyed baby who’s playing innocent.

” Alistair looked like he wanted to add something, but he kept quiet and looked down.

I wanted to complain about being called an infant who was playing innocent, but it would be immature of me, so I stayed quiet.

“It’s a bit annoying how you won’t say anything,” The Prince was probably saying that to me, but I didn’t care.

I went back to playing with the blocks.

Behind me, everyone was surrounding Alistair.

“Are you sure?” “Yes.

I thought this would happen one day.

At least I was with my mum since I was born and I had fun travelling all over.

I’m glad that I was able to settle down here and work as an apprentice hunter.

” “You’re calm and have good intuition.

You definitely would have become a good hunter, uooah,” Bart said disappointingly, and Alistair lightly hit his stomach.

“Bart, why are you acting like I won’t become a hunter? I’ll still be working as a hunter at the fief capital,” Alistair declared.

“But isn’t it hard channelling your magic? I’m sure it will be since the magic stone is bigger than the ones in the barrier boxes,” Mill said worriedly.




“I don’t know, but it’s not like I’ll be doing it every day, right? I can just work as a hunter when I’m not filling the magic stone.

” With his cheery and optimistic attitude, Alistair today, looked completely different from yesterday.

“I guess so, yeah.

You’re right.

He didn’t say you had to stop being a hunter,” Mill also brightened up and said.

I played with the blocks while glancing behind me.

Unlike the two cheerful people, the rest looked like they had mixed emotions.

Of course, they would.

He’ll probably be entrusted to some noble to learn things like etiquette and noble rules.

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COM It’s a bit dreadful to only do those things.

 I remembered brother’s friend, Gill.

 I feel like they’re really similar.

In short, wouldn’t the Lisburn House take him in? Then we can both go back to Kingdom.

  I cheered up a little.

 Then wouldn’t he come to play with Gill? But Alistair probably doesn’t forgive the Lisburn House for causing his mother’s misfortune.

  And, he’ll never be a hunter if he goes back to Kingdom.

 I sunk my head down and reflected on my selfishness.

And, I finally realised.

 I won’t be able to see Alistair anymore when I go back to Kingdom.

Nor Bart, Mill, Kyaro or Clyde.

I won’t be able to eat with them, work with them or hunt with them every day.

  My tears fell down onto the blocks because my head was lowered.

I can’t say selfish things like ‘everyone, don’t leave my side’.

They all have their own lives.

That’s right, Bart and his crew still haven’t gotten married yet.

They’ll keep delaying it if they have to look after an infant.

 My tears continued to fall, but I didn’t wail.

This is fine.

It is.

 I held the blocks which had changed colours from my tears.


” Don’t talk to me right now.

“Lei, turn around.

” I can’t.

Alistair sat behind me, put one hand around my stomach and held my hand, which was holding the blocks, with his other hand.

“We won’t forget you just like how you didn’t forget about your dad or brother.

We’re family, even if we’re apart.

” “…… Ai.

” I somehow managed to squeeze my voice out.

“Lei, don’t cry.

” “Noth cwying!” I rubbed my eyes, and Alistair put a little force into the hand that was hugging my stomach.

“Yeah, you’re not.

Something just got into your eyes.

” “Ai.

” That’s fine.

  [Bart’s POV]   Everyone in the room more or less started crying when they looked at Alistair hugging Lei’s back.

“Mill, at least wipe your snot.

” “I forgot my handkerchief.

” “Even though Lei reminded you so many times not to?” There’s even a guy crying this much.

 I had enough, so I took my handkerchief out from my pocket and gave it to him.

“Isn’t this all wrinkled?” “It’s better than not having one at all.

” Fate is a cruel thing, even when Alistair and his mum got to Lentforce.

But what about Lei? She was kidnapped from her parents and ended up in Frontier.

That wasn’t the end of it.

She was nearly kidnapped again.

But, she was able to assess her situation without forgetting her parents and decided that she wanted to go back.

  To be honest, I admit that I didn’t care what happened to us in the last few months since we’ve been together with her.

  Cause, you know-.

“Lei’s too cute.

” “You’re even blowing your nose.

” It was Mill who blew his nose on the handkerchief he was holding.

 That handkerchief is mine, you know? I looked at the two while remembering the past few months that we’d spent together with a baby.

 Lei sitting on the toddler chair while swinging her legs.

Lei eating as much mashed potatoes as she can because of her love for them.

Lei usually playing with blocks at Brendel’s shop or tampering with magic tools.

She always looks down so seriously, and her chubby cheeks also look like they’re about to drop right now.

  Talkative Lei.

Her expression always changes, even if she doesn’t say anything.

Tottering Lei.

Cheeky Lei.

  Alistair, who always laughs a lot when he cuddles with Lei.

He always tries so hard, but he started to play with blocks whenever he’s with her.

He actually hates potatoes but does his best to eat it, so he could agree with Lei whenever she says, “Yummy”.

  We did our best to look after these kids even though we’re so young.

It’s laughable, but-.

“It was fun.

” Don’t just end it as you like, Mill.

“Now, what’re we gonna do? We’ll talk about it after Alistair and Lei have gone to bed.

” “Aite,” Kyaro answered straight away.

Clyde also nodded.

 Even if we’re discussing it, we probably all have the same opinion.

Even so-.

“So cute.

” Everyone thought that, but they just didn’t say it.

Mill really is a disappointment.