A President’s Out-of-Body Experience - Chapter 90

A President’s Out-of-Body Experience - Chapter 90

Chapter 90 Edited by Planetes Shu Jingyi was really made to drink quite a fair bit, and he seemed a little drunk.

Mu Chutong held onto Shu Jingyi, saying, “Let me bring you inside to rest.

” Although drunk, Shu Jingyi was still aware of what was going on.

He waved his hand and rejected him.

“You’re injured, it’s too much trouble for you.

” Renzi then said, “I’ll bring you in then.

” Shu Jingyi was of course very willing.

Renzi supported Shu Jingyi into a room to rest.

With the excuse of being drunk, Shu Jingyi caught hold of Renzi and fell into bed with him.

Renzi was extremely shock, hurriedly trying to push Shu Jingyi away.

He did not expect that Shu Jingyi to be so strong, his hand caught in Shu Jingyi’s grip.

Shu Jingyi spoke, “I’ve always wanted to say this, but never dared to say it.

I really like you… But you have someone, and I don’t dare—” Renzi’s stomach was rolling, the nausea that he felt after being assaulted by He Jun again welled up in him.

However, this time he was not as panicked as before, only lifting his hand and slapping Shu Jingyi across the face.

Shu Jingyi did not expect that Renzi would suddenly hit him.

He was leaning in very closely, and his head rang with the slap.

As he was also drunk, all he could see were stars, and he fell back onto the bed.

Renzi held on to his anger.

“Mr Shu, you’ve drank too much.

Rest well.

” Shu Jingyi knew that his actions had angered Renzi.

He then kept silent and started to feign drunkenness, closing his eyes and pretending to fall dead asleep, thinking that he would just wake up the next day and pretend that nothing had happened.

Shu Jingyi was actually quite dizzy from the alcohol.

At first he was still pretending as he lay on the bed, but as time went on he really fell asleep.

When he woke up in the middle of the night, his hand stretched out and touched something smooth.

Startled, he sat up on the bed.

Pulling the blanket away, he saw a nude man next to him.

The naked man was very good looking, but he smelt strongly of alcohol.

It was clear that just like him, the man was drunk.

Shu Jingyi did not understand what was going on, but he knew this was a trap.

Without even pulling his pants on, he grabbed his clothes and ran, but was caught when he opened the door.

The reason was that Gu Xiaoshan had brought a few men along and stopped him.

“Mr Shu, you’re really too much! The previous time, Brother Jiu Man had already given you a chance, but you still haven’t got rid of this habit of yours? Do you still want your leg?” Hearing the name Jiu Man, Shu Jingyi instantly got a headache.

“What? What did you say?” .



Gu Xiaoshan patted Shu Jingyi on the face.

“Jiu Man scorned the little lover you touched for being dirty, and didn’t want him anymore.

The one inside is Jiu Man’s new pet.

” Shu Jingyi was extremely astounded.

“Am I supposed to believe you? Shouldn’t his new pet be in Country C?” Gu Xiaoshan smiled.

“I’m discussing a partnership with Jiu Man.

He’s very interested, but he still wants to see the capability of the Gu empire for himself, and so I invited him here.

You still don’t know?” Shu Jingyi did hear about this matter, and it had made him rather concerned.

Gu Xiaoshan’s hunting licenses in City O were provided by Shu Jingyi, and the casino license for their new project was also under Shu Jingyi.

Hence, Shu Jingyi was not the slightest bit afraid of Gu Xiaoshan at all, and brazenly tried to snatch his man without any respect for him.

He knew that for a foreigner like Gu Xiaoshan, if he wanted to expand in Country C, he needed a backer.

As such, Shu Jingyi deliberately put on airs.

However, he did not expect that Gu Xiaoshan would now directly liaise with Jiu Man.

If this worked out, then Shu Jingyi would be out of the equation.

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COM Gu Xiaoshan continued, “This is the best hotel under the Gu empire, of course I’ll put them up here.

Jiu Man is now playing cards upstairs! If you don’t believe me, why don’t I let Jiu Man talk to you himself, whether that one inside the room is his pet?” Shu Jingyi really did not know whether to believe him or not.

Gu Xiaoshan then made a call on loudspeaker mode, and Jiu Man’s voice rang out, “What’s going on?” Shu Jingyi got an instant headache hearing Jiu Man’s voice.

Gu Xiaoshan smiled, “I heard someone said that there’s a commotion going on in Room A3112, I was wondering if it was Brother Xiaoyu making a drunken fuss.

” Jiu Man spoke, “Let him fuss! Don’t bother with him!” “Yes, yes.

However, I still have to go take a look.

I’ll be back soon to continue playing cards with you.

” “It’s fine, it’s only a small matter!” Jiu Man said.

Gu Xiaoshan only smiled, then ended the call.

Shu Jingyi had a lingering fear of Jiu Man’s brutality.

He panicked, but as he was a person who had been through various sorts of trouble, he carefully thought it through, then laughed, “I don’t believe it! To get Jiu Man’s trust, you must have spent quite a lot of effort, right? You wouldn’t use his lover as a joke to just get back at me!” “It’s not a joke!” Gu Xiaoshan chuckled.

“I’m also not the one who slept with his lover.

It’s you.

Also, you’re a previous offender.

I’m now his business partner, who do you think he’ll believe?” Cold sweat dripped down Shu Jingyi’s face.

After considering it, he finally understood and sneered, “I really didn’t expect this! A simple and pure person like Renzi could actually learn to do such things from you.

He actually learnt how to lead me into a trap?” “You’re clearly the one who taught him this!” Gu Xiaoshan got angry hearing him mention Renzi, lifting his leg up and giving him a kick.

“How would he know about such wretched things in the first place! It’s all because of a scum like you!” Shu Jingyi was suddenly kicked, but as he was used to fighting, he did not really feel the pain.

He only mocked, “A decent, proper president actually has a hand in such an illegal matter just to get back at me on his little boyfriend’s behalf? You’re unable to watch over him properly, and yet you’re blaming me?” Gu Xiaoshan too felt that he had lost his composure just now, and so patted Shu Jingyi’s face harshly, smiling at him.

“Sorry, I lost my composure just now.

Since you’re so good with words, you can just talk to Brother Jiu Man yourself!” Shu Jingyi’s knees turned weak, but he did his best to look calm.

“This is your territory.

For something like this to happen here, you’re responsible for some of it.

Let’s just settle this privately!” Gu Xiaoshan was waiting for Shu Jingyi to say this.

“Privately? How do you want to settle this privately?” Shu Jingyi himself had trapped Renzi in a case of “seizing the yellow legged-chicken”.

Now, he had also fallen for the same trap.

Resigned, Shu Jingyi could only sign the agreement that Gu Xiaoshan had prepared, pulling out from their partnership peacefully, but he had to leave the casino license with Gu Xiaoshan.

At that time, Shu Jingyi’s mind was whirling.

Still drunk, his judgement was not on point, and he was in the midst of a shock.

When he returned and thought over it carefully, he kept feeling that there were too many flaws in the situation.

Jiu Man was such a ferocious person, no matter how much Gu Xiaoshan wanted to get back at him on Renzi’s behalf, he would not dare to really use Jiu Man’s new pet as a bait.

When he investigated, he then learnt that the naked man lying next to him then truly was not Jiu Man’s new pet.

As for Shu Jingyi’s two subordinates, at first, they were standing on guard outside the door.

However, after learning that Jiu Man had appeared outside the hotel, they too got a shock.

Gu Xiaoshan warned them not to appear in front of Jiu Man, and invited them into the room next door to hide.

In any case, Shu Jingyi was sleeping in the room, nothing major should happen.

The two subordinates agreed, and so went along with the suggestions of Gu Xiaoshan, the wily fox.

And so, Shu Jingyi was repaid with the same badger game.

It was the first time Renzi had done something bad like this.

He was quite anxious.

After getting Shu Jingyi drunk, he returned to Gu Xiaoshan’s apartment in a fluster, not knowing what to do.

Gu Xiaoshan only returned the next day.

Hearing the door open, Renzi ran out as though he was Ha-cube, hugging Gu Xiaoshan.

Smelling the alcohol and cigarettes on him, he asked, “You’ve entertained your clients the entire night?” Gu Xiaoshan removed his coat, smiling, “Jiu Man is really full of energy.

” “Then Shu Jingyi…” “Everything went according to our plan.

” Gu Xiaoshan caught hold of Renzi’s hand, kissing Renzi on his forehead, “You’re really amazing!” “Me, me?” Renzi looked at Gu Xiaoshan, not comprehending.

Gu Xiaoshan laughed.

“This time, everything went so smoothly all thanks to you.

You’re the big enabler of our success.

” Renzi was embarrassed.

“You’re lying, aren’t you? You’re so smart… And Tongzi as well, he’s also very sharp-witted.

Even without me, you’ll be able to find a way to cause Shu Jingyi trouble.

” “How could it be that easy? Shu Jingyi is so shrewd, it’s difficult to deceive him.

It’s you who made him lower his guard.

” Renzi laughed hearing that.

“Doesn’t that mean I’m the slyest one of all?” “Yes, you’re the most impressive one.

” Gu Xiaoshan kissed Renzi’s face, “No matter how astute I am, I would never be able to get the better of you.

” Renzi wrapped his arms around Gu Xiaoshan’s shoulders.

“It’s really the first time I did something like this…” “What’s wrong? Is it prickling at your conscience?” Gu Xiaoshan’s brows knitted.

“No, it’s the opposite.

“ Renzi’s eyes curved in a smile, “I feel like I’ve worked off my anger.

” Gu Xiaoshan too was relieved.

Renzi laughed and continued, “It’s actually quite fun.

” Gu Xiaoshan pinched Renzi on his nose.

“You’ve learnt to be bad.

” Renzi considered it, but did not reply, his unhappiness evident on his face.

Gu Xiaoshan noticed it and asked, “What’s wrong? You’re unhappy?” “Tongzi says that you’ve all always protected me because you were afraid I’ll get hurt, and I’ll lose my innocence.

Now that I’ve ‘lost my innocence’, would you feel that I’m bad, and not good anymore?” Gu Xiaoshan burst out laughing.

“What are you laughing about?” Renzi was earnestly worried about this.

“Looking at you now, you’re still far from ‘losing your innocence’!” Gu Xiaoshan held Renzi’s shoulders, “Why would it be bad? I’ll say that it’s even better.

” Gu Xiaoshan then laid a kiss on those pouting lips.

The two of them twined intimately for a bit, but because of the smell of alcohol and cigarettes on Gu Xiaoshan, he went to take a shower.

When he was done, he no longer had the interest he had before.

He had been busy for the past few days, and even stayed up the entire night.

As he pushed through the day, he still had some energy, but now, in a relaxed environment, he was exhausted, and fell asleep once he hit his bed.

Seeing this, Renzi tucked Gu Xiaoshan under the blanket, adjusted the temperature of the air-conditioning, and sat next to him reading.

However, in less than three minutes, Renzi got tired of the book.

He then picked up his phone and scrolled through it, and it was way more interesting.

By the time Gu Xiaoshan had enough rest and woke up, it was past noon.

Getting up from the bed, he headed downstairs to see Renzi decorating the kennel.

Hearing a noise, Renzi came out from the kennel with two dog toys in his hands, “You’re awake?” Gu Xiaoshan tugged at the toys.

“What’s going on? You’re even playing with Ha-cube’s toys?” Renzi explained, “I’m throwing away those that have been damaged by him.

I was thinking, now that we’re staying here, I can’t leave Ha-cube back at home.

I should bring him over, if not, he would feel sad when he can’t see me.

” “Does Ha-cube know how to be sad?” Gu Xiaoshan laughed at him for thinking too much.

“No matter how many days you’re away from him, he would still eat and drink like the usual.

Whoever leaves, he would still carry on, even if it’s you.

” Renzi was unhappy hearing that, but Gu Xiaoshan stroked his face as he continued, “Instead, I’m the one who can’t carry on without you.

” Renzi’s upset instantly changed into joy, and his heart was overwhelmed with sweetness.

Gu Xiaoshan ruffled through Renzi’s hair.

He still says he has learnt to be bad, and has lost his innocence.

Isn’t he still the same as usual?