A President’s Out-of-Body Experience - Chapter 77

A President’s Out-of-Body Experience - Chapter 77

Chapter 77 Renzi fell into a deep sleep in Gu Xiaoshan’s lounge.

The clock ticked to a certain time, and it was when Gu Xiaoshan would normally wake up in the morning.

For Gu Xiaoshan, before he officially started work, his usual schedule would be to run for 30 minutes, complete two sets of weight-lifting exercises, have breakfast, and read the news.

Despite fooling around till very late the previous night, Gu Xiaoshan still woke up according to his inner biological clock.

However, his lover in his arms refused to budge.

Maybe because the air conditioning was cold, Renzi was tightly hugging Gu Xiaoshan this heat source.

Gu Xiaoshan quietly shifted out a little, and Renzi automatically chased after him.

Resigned, he petted at Renzi’s hair, and told himself that he had exercised enough last night.

So, there was no need to wake up to run and train.

He then hugged his lover and snoozed for the first time.

Despite doing so, he still woke up earlier than Renzi, and appeared punctually in the office.

When Xu Yunyun pushed open the door to the office, she happened to see Gu Xiaoshan eating breakfast and reading the newspaper at his desk, and she was startled.

In truth, Gu Xiaoshan would normally have completed these daily tasks before work.

Xu Yunyun smiled, “President Gu is very hardworking.

You’re even reading the news as you have your breakfast.

” “Are you mocking me?” Gu Xiaoshan laughed.

“I woke up late today.

” “Woke up late?” Xu Yunyun was still surprised.

“Is President Gu feeling unwell?” For President Gu to wake up late, Xu Yunyun could only think of illnesses and bodily discomfort, and so she asked President Gu in concern.

The truth was that President Gu was feeling pretty good.

Before Gu Xiaoshan could respond, the door to the lounge opened.

The sleepy-headed Renzi walked out from within, and he was dressed in a shirt that was a size too big for him.

Xu Yunyun had a good memory, and knew that Gu Xiaoshan had worn this shirt yesterday — as a refined gay, why did Gu Xiaoshan not place yesterday’s clothes in the laundry? Forget about not putting it in the laundry, how did it end up on Renzi? Xu Yunyun seemed to know the answer to this question, and also understood the reason for Gu Xiaoshan’s unprecedented “woke up late”.

Renzi probably did not think that Xu Yunyun would be around, and his bottom half was only covered in a pair of boxers.

Both his legs were exposed, and under the shirt they looked fair and slender.

Gu Xiaoshan frowned, shooting Xu Yunyun a look.

Xu Yunyun hurriedly retreated, you think I’ll want to peep at your boyfriend? Gu Xiaoshan pulled Renzi onto his knee, stroking his legs.

“Why didn’t you wear any pants?” .



Renzi shivered, pulling his legs away, but they were caught by Gu Xiaoshan and he kneaded at them.

Renzi explained, “My clothes all disappeared?” “I remembered, I’ve tossed the clothes you wore yesterday in the laundry basket already.

” When Gu Xiaoshan woke up today, he had placed all of Renzi’s clothes that he dropped on the floor into the laundry basket.

The laundry basket was located outside, and there would be someone coming by to pick it up regularly.

Gu Xiaoshan’s shirt had been removed last, and tossed by the side of the bed.

Renzi had fallen asleep on it, and so he did not take it away.

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COM Renzi spoke, “Then I’ll ask my butler to deliver some clothes over.

” “Can’t you just wear mine out?” “Your clothes are a little big, and the pants are especially long.

I look very short in them.

” This answer was very honest, and it was complimentary to Gu Xiaoshan.

However, Gu Xiaoshan could not be happy hearing it.

He smiled, “That wasn’t what you said when you wore Shu Jingyi’s clothes in Country C.

” “That’s because there was nothing else to wear! If there was, I wouldn’t have worn his either!” Renzi answered accordingly, and was very frank.

This was fine, it proved that Renzi was big-hearted, and had no intentions towards Shu Jingyi, which made Gu Xiaoshan thankful.

On the other hand, Renzi was always this careless, and it also gave him a headache.

Gu Xiaoshan had thought that Renzi was like Ha-cube, running here and there.

A whistle and he would wag his tail, kissing everyone he saw, and it was fun to play with him.

Now that Renzi was his, he was now peeved by this.

Renzi was not that rough-skinned, thick-face Ha-cube, he was now a little prey.

If Gu Xiaoshan was not careful, Renzi would be snapped up by those dirty, shameless predators outside.

He really wished that he could build a fence around him and fix a sign there, and on the sign would be “Private Property”.

Renzi called the butler and asked him to deliver some clothes.

The butler asked, “Young Master, didn’t you bring a set with you last night?” Renzi’s face reddened, and he spoke boorishly, “Why are you asking so much?” The butler too felt that he had said too much.

He then had the staff deliver ten sets of clothes over, sending with him a message.

“The weather has been cooler recently.

Young Master should put on more clothes, so I have a few sets delivered.

If it’s enough that’s good, if there’s too many you can temporarily leave it with Young Master Gu, it’ll be the same.

” Renzi then changed into a set and left the office, not disturbing Gu Xiaoshan from his work.

Old Mister Yu woke up to see that Renzi was not at home.

The butler told him that Renzi had gone to Gu Xiaoshan’s office again, saying that he was going to “learning how to be a fucktastic president from Brother Xiaoshan”.

Hearing that, Old Mister Yu was vexed.

“This child! Eagerly running to deliver himself into the jaws of a predator!” The butler could not say anything, and only smiled.

“They’re still young.

” “In my opinion, Gu Xiaoshan is a vixen, seducing our Renzi until he’s out of his mind.

The way he indulges in alcohol and men, it always goes overboard! Like this, Zhi Xuan is still more steady and practical, and makes me relieved! Yuntao is definitely the one who has a good eye!” The butler wanted to say that Zhi Xuan might not be that steady, but after thinking about it, he thought he should not say anything that would upset his employer.

Gu Xiaoshan heard that Shu Jingyi had a record.

His preferences were strange, and liked to snatched what belonged to others.

If he was heterosexual, he would be targeting other people’s wives.

Gu Xiaoshan really wanted to cursed him, then he thought that it would be great fun if Shu Jingyi decided to go for Zhi Xuan.

Yu Yuntao would definitely be able to let Shu Jingyi have a few brand new experiences, and a few new understandings of life.

Shu Jingyi had met Zhi Xuan a few times in a work setting, but he was not attracted to this “wife”, probably because he felt that Zhi Xuan’s appearance was not exquisite enough, his character cold and boring, unlike Renzi who was lively and adorable.

So, Shu Jingyi still pressed ahead with his evil intentions, insisting on seducing Renzi.

The more Renzi did not think about him, the more he thought about Renzi.

After being stood up by Renzi, Shu Jingyi gave Renzi a call, speaking reproachfully, “Is this how you’re paying me back for my help?” Renzi did feel quite guilty.

“I’m really sorry! I’ll treat you to a meal next time!” “When?” Shu Jingyi asked.

“Don’t fool me again.

” “I definitely won’t this time.

” Renzi replied, “Because Brother Xiaoshan will be the one paying, so don’t worry.

He’s much more reliable than me.

” Hearing Renzi’s response, Shu Jingyi thought that Renzi was really very unreliable.

“Didn’t I ask you not to tell him? You told him? Was he angry?” “He was angry, but his anger abated very quickly.

It’s fine, don’t worry.

My relationship with him is very good.

” Shu Jingyi was speechless, and only laughed after a moment.

“Then do you have time now? Let’s not decide about the meal first, let’s go grab a coffee.

” Renzi was troubled.

“That won’t work.

I’ve promised Brother Xiaoshan to never go out with anyone alone again.

” Shu Jingyi laughed.

“He’s so strict? Is he afraid of losing you somewhere?” “Probably.

” Renzi replied.

“Anyway, I’ve already promised him and written a letter of guarantee, so I can’t go back on my words.

If not, I’ll become a bastard.

” Shu Jingyi’s tone was always smiling.

“Alright, I understand.

Then I won’t disturb you for now.

” This Shu Jingyi was truly sick.

Faced with such an obstacle, he instead became even more eager, and wanted even more to snatch Renzi from Gu Xiaoshan.

Shu Jingyi had someone watch the Yu offices, and this happened to be where Yu Yunren’s office was.

On paper, Yu Yunren was still the vice president.

No matter how much he loafed about, it was impossible that he would not go into work during an entire month.

Today, as expected, Renzi appeared at the office to attend a meeting about an event that had his name on it.

Renzi did not care at all about work, but he was very easy to get along with.

After the meeting, although he did not understand anything, he still felt that “other than me, everyone in this department is working hard!” He then smiled at everyone, “You’ve all worked hard, I’ll treat you all to dinner tonight!” He clapped the shoulder of the person-in-charge.

“Work hard, the reward once this project is completed is definitely not going to be small!” In the eyes of his subordinates, Renzi was a perfect immediate superior.

He was generous and kind, and the best part, he never came to work.

So, they all gathered and left the office, and “coincidentally” bumped into Shu Jingyi outside the building.

Next to Shu Jingyi was two other people, and he said he was in the area about to go have dinner.

Renzi loved the bustle of a crowd, and so invited them along.

Shu Jingyi then suggested to go to Prosperous Garden.

Renzi was fine with it, and after hearing that Shu Jingyi had ordered something special there, he then happily dragged everyone along.

Shu Jingyi said they had too many people, and it was difficult to fit everyone in a private room.

He then called his secretary to get the restaurant manager to prepare a pavilion for them, reserving the entire space.

The manager quickly handled it.

Prosperous Garden was the place where Renzi had treated Shu Jingyi to BBQ.

The courtyard was fairly spacious, and there were even a few chinese-style pavilions, usually for customers to enjoy their meals there.

The cost was not low as well, and had to be booked in advance.

However, as Shu Jingyi, Yu Yunren and others were long-term customers, there were not as many restrictions for them.

When all of them reached Prosperous Garden, the space had been reserved, and red lanterns had also been hung up on the eaves, looking extremely festive from afar.

Shu Jingyi’s secretary was a hot and sexy lady.

At first, many had thought that this secretary was Shu Jingyi’s lover, but they learnt that she was not after a while.

It just happened that Shu Jingyi found a capable secretary, and she was a female, and it just happened that she was very pretty, as well as having a big chest.

That secretary even complained jokingly that it was fortunate that Shu Jingyi was a well-known homosexual, if not there would be no way of clearing her reputation.

The secretary ran around settling the reservation, inviting everyone to take a seat and pouring tea, doing the job of a server.

Luckily, the pavilion was split into two levels.

Renzi’s subordinates were in the first floor, while Shu Jingyi, Renzi and the two other guests were on the second floor, and the secretary only had to attend to this table.

After having some food, Renzi said that he was going downstairs to toast his staff.

Shu Jingyi smiled, “Why trouble yourself? They should know to come up and toast you instead.

” Renzi laughed, “It’s to prevent them from coming up one by one and tiring themselves!” As such, Renzi went downstairs with his glass, drinking with his subordinates.

They said some pleasantries, then Renzi took out his phone and gave them a big e-red packet in the chat group, saying that they had worked themselves too hard these days.

The subordinates all secretly said that although President Ren was lazy, he was still a very good person.

Only drinking beer, and with such amount, Renzi would not get drunk on it.

However, he still had to go to the restroom.

The restroom of the pavilion was being renovated, and so Renzi rushed into the restroom of the courtyard instead.

As he made his way there, he suddenly saw a familiar figure.

Looking carefully, he saw that person wearing a fitting magenta suit, with a light purple skinny tie.

In the lush greenery of the courtyard, he was very eye-catching, looking like a signboard out in the open.

His fitted pants emphasised the slimness of his legs, together with the colour of his suit, he looked just like a flamingo.

“Mu—” Renzi saw that person’s face under the lights, and registered who it was.

“Mu — Chutong!” His voice was not loud, and he was also standing a far distance from Mu Chutong, and so Mu Chutong did not hear him.

Renzi however could not help running to him.

Didn’t Mu Chutong left the country many years ago? Didn’t he migrate already? Why is he here?