A President’s Out-of-Body Experience - Chapter 62

A President’s Out-of-Body Experience - Chapter 62

Chapter 62 Friday evening was when many couples would choose to have their dates, and the same went for Yu Yuntao and Zhi Xuan.

Only that they were a little like an old couple, and lit two candles at home to accompany their dinner and they considered that a date.

After dinner they had sex, and then Zhi Xuan said that he was too tired and wanted to sleep after only one time.

Facing his lover that was six years older than him, Yu Yuntao joked, “Getting old?” Zhi Xuan accepted his age gratefully.

“Yes, exactly.

I’m getting weak.

My waist aches, massage it for me.

” Yu Yuntao had nothing to say to that, as he massaged Zhi Xuan’s waist with one hand, he looked through his phone with the other.

Scrolling through his social media account, he saw the photo of Gu Xiaoshan kissing Renzi on the front page.

Despite knowing that the two of them were dating, Yu Yuntao was still slightly surprised.

Looking at the photo, the caption was: It’s not a prank, it’s not a dare, we’re officially dating now.

Gu Xiaoshan and Renzi had sent the same content within fifteen minutes of each other.

Evidently, they had planned it.

As Yu Yuntao thought about it, he discovered that Zhi Xuan had already fallen asleep.

He then covered him up with a blanket, and left the bedroom with his phone and gave a call to Renzi in the living room.

Renzi only answered after a while, “Lao-ge, what’s wrong?” Yu Yuntao felt that Renzi’s voice did not sound very natural, and asked, “Gu Xiaoshan is next to you?” “Mn… That’s right.

” Renzi was really a little awkward because of this reason.

Yu Yuntao then asked, “It’s already so late, you guys are still together?” .



“Is it very late?” Renzi looked at his watch.

“Not really? It’s only 10.


” “Didn’t you say that you were having dinner with him? How long have you guys been eating?” “We went to catch a movie after dinner.

Didn’t you say that dating was shopping, eating and watching a movie?” Renzi was quite uncertain, “I went according to what you said.

” Yu Yuntao heard Reniz’ voice becoming a lot more natural.

“Gu Xiaoshan has walked away?” Continue reading on MYB0X N0 VEL.

COM Renzi was alarmed.

“Are you spying on me?” “I’m asking you, am I not?!” Yu Yuntao explained, annoyed.

“If I’m spying on you, would I still need to ask?” Renzi was a little relieved, replying, “He went to get his car.

” “Oh! It’s so late now, and you’ve finished watching the movie.

Where are you going next?” When Gu Xiaoshan said that he had the draft of the book that wrote nonsense about Renzi’s scandals, Renzi had said that he wanted to look at it.

However, Renzi felt that he should not tell Yu Yuntao the details about this matter, and so he said, “Mn… There’s a photobook… that’s no longer in print.

It’s the only existing copy, I’m pretty interested in it, so I’m going to go take a look.

” “Where are you going to look at it?” “I’m going to his place.

” “You’re going to your boyfriend’s house in the middle of the night to look at a photobook?” Renzi replied composedly, “Yes.

” “Uhh…” Yu Yuntao thought about it, and felt since that Renzi was not an underaged kid, would he be poking in their matters a little too much? However, he also felt that he could not ignore it, and so just said, “If you’re not coming home to sleep tonight, you should still tell our father, if not he may call the police.

” “If I don’t go home to sleep, where would I sleep then?” Renzi asked, startled.

However, after saying that, he seemed to realised something, and he blushed.

“Lao-ge, what, what are you trying to say?” “How old are you already? You’re still asking about this?!”Yu Yuntao’s voice was filled with scorn.

“Whatever, remember to stay safe!” Yu Yuntao then hung up.

The conversation ended quickly, but Renzi’s thoughts starting going all over the place.

Gu Xiaoshan had got into his car, and drove to where Renzi was.

Renzi opened the door and took the passenger seat next to the driver.

Gu Xiaoshan asked, “Why did your brother call you?” “He’s urging me to go home.

” Gu Xiaoshan was taken aback, hearing that.

He laughed, “How strange.

Does he do this every time you’re out late?” Renzi became shy.

“Hmm, not really…” Gu Xiaoshan smiled.

“It must be because you’ve been sick recently.

They want you to go home earlier to rest, not wanting you to be too tired.

” “Yes, yes!” Renzi hurriedly nodded his head.

Gu Xiaoshan started the car.

“Then I better send you home first, if not your father and brother will worry too much.

” Renzi had not expect Gu Xiaoshan to say this, and was a little stunned.

“We’re just going to go home?” “Yes, I’m going back to the villa too, it’s on the way.

” Gu Xiaoshan then drove towards the direction of the villa district.

Renzi thought about it.

“But I really wanted to see that draft…” Gu Xiaoshan could not hold back a smile.

“We’ll look at it next time.

It won’t go missing anyway.

” “Forget it,” Renzi lay back into his seat, looking out at the starless night sky.

His heart had also felt clearer and brighter.

“I don’t want to think about things in the past already! If you didn’t mention it, I had nearly forgotten all about it.

” Gu Xiaoshan was a little surprised, and turned to glance at Renzi, then back to the road.

“Yes, that’s pretty good too.

” Renzi’s eyes fell half-shut, nearly falling asleep.

Now that it was later in the night, the road conditions had improved, and Gu Xiaoshan’s car drove very quickly, and soon delivered Renzi back home.

Renzi looked at the familiar villa, a little dazed.

It was only when Gu Xiaoshan got off the car and opened the door for him, with the fresh air blowing into the car did Renzi regain his senses.

Hesitating, he took a step and got off the car.

Gu Xiaoshan laughed.

“Why? You still want to look at that draft?” “No.

” Renzi shook his head, looking up at the night sky.

There was still no stars and moon to be seen.

What he could see was Gu Xiaoshan’s bright and clear eyes, and they did look like the moon and stars.

“I just want to spend more time with you.

” A little stunned, Gu Xiaoshan smiled.

“This is only our first day being together.

There would be many days ahead of us.

” Renzi nodded his head in joy.

Gu Xiaoshan caressed Renzi’s hair, and bent down to kiss his forehead.

Not paying attention, the lips moved away from Renzi’s forehead, but the warm breath still lingered there, like a spring breeze — “Goodnight, boyfriend.

” Gu Xiaoshan said softly.

Renzi was the first one to suggest using “boyfriend”, and when he said it, every syllable was like staccato, like a stone falling on the ground.

However, when Gu Xiaoshan said it, it was soft and gentle, like a willow dancing with the wind.

Renzi turned his head, a little shy, but seeing Gu Xiaoshan walking away, he could not help but shout, “Goodnight to you as well!” Gu Xiaoshan was already in the car.

He wound his window down and asked, “What?” Puffing up his cheeks like a goldfish, it took Renzi a while before he could speak.

“Goodnight to you as well, boyfriend!” Gu Xiaoshan smiled at him.

“Alright, go in first.

If not this would never end.

” Renzi dawdled, turning his head back continuously as he walked to his front door.

Only when Renzi stepped into his house did Gu Xiaoshan start his car and left.

Tonight, Renzi slept extremely well.

Waking up the next day, he discovered that his social media page had exploded.

Many people were looking for him to get a confirmation.

“Is this really not a joke?” “Are you guys working with Old Goo to cheat our money?” Renzi really did not want to reply to them one at a time, and grumbled silently, is it really that hard to believe? Of course, there were also people who left messages saying things like “I’ve long knew there was something between the both of you”.

Renzi also did not want to pay any attention to that, as he felt that there really was nothing between the two of them in the past.

Heizi also sent him a message.

“You’re really capable, why didn’t you drop me a hint or something?! Now I’ve lost so much money to Old Goo.

” “I’ve already told you not to gamble so much, but you didn’t listen.

It’s fine that you didn’t listen, but you even bet on me now.

You deserved it.

” Heizi jokingly swore at him.

“How long have you been together?” Renzi answered honestly.

“Yesterday was our first day together.

” “Hah.

” Heizi was very surprised.

“It’s only your first day together yet you dare to announce it so publicly?” “Why wouldn’t we dare to do so?” “Wouldn’t it be embarrassing if you break up?” “Your parents’ break up would be the embarrassing one.

” Renzi’s and Heizi’s mutual jabs and insults had always been very harsh, and Heizi was not bothered by it.

“Sure then.

I’ll wish you guys a happy ever after.

” “Thank you! No need for you to wish it, we’ll still be happy together.

” Heizi then teased, “The two of you had been sowing your seeds wildly everywhere.

Is this because the both of you are afraid that there would still be people chasing after the other, so you decided to plant your flags on the first day you’re together, and declare your sovereignty?” The so-called flag planting was from the military, referring to seizing the military’s strategic location and declaring their ownership.

Renzi was shocked.

He had really never considered this issue of “flag planting”.

Now that Heizi had said it aloud, Renzi felt that this was pretty important.

Declaring his sovereignty, signalling to others that they should not come and invade as they will, was really something that was very important.

Although he was not very sure about Gu Xiaoshan’s private life, but he believed that there should be quite a lot of admirers around him.

His boyfriend was after all a flower with a heavenly beauty and fragrance! He was bound to attract all sorts of bees and butterflies.

Thinking about it, Renzi felt that it would be safer for him to plant more flags.

A photo on social media was definitely not enough.

So, Renzi ordered 999 stalks of red roses, had them delivered to Gu Xiaoshan’s office, and even instructed them, “Please don’t use a card that’s smaller than A4.

The colour has to be bright and eye-catching, and on it has to be displayed ‘Your one and only boyfriend Yu Yunren’.

” The florist asked, “What should the content be? I love you?” Renzi was extremely shy upon hearing that.

He felt that was not a good choice, as it was too audacious.

Looking outside the window, he realised it was raining.

Worrying that the card might be destroyed in the rain, he paid a little more money and made an urgent change in his order.

So, Gu Xiaoshan’s office received a bouquet of 999 red roses from the florist, and hanging off it was a red silk banner that would never drop nor be destroyed no matter the weather.

On it was words in a gold script: “For the already attached President Gu Xiaoshan, I wish you the best of luck, and your business excellent.

Your one and only boyfriend Yu Yunren.