A President’s Out-of-Body Experience - Chapter 58

A President’s Out-of-Body Experience - Chapter 58

Chapter 58 Yu Yuntao said to Gu Xiaoshan, “Say something!” Gu Xiaoshan replied, “Getting engaged is a big thing, we can’t treat it like a game.

” Old Mister Yu sneered.

“Then, doing that with Renzi, it can be considered a game?” Gu Xiaoshan responded, “As they say, these are things usually handled by parents.

I have to at least get my father’s approval.

” Old Mister Yu believed that this was how Gu Xiaoshan planned to delay the proceedings, so how could he agree to it? “Then, when you did that to our Renzi, did you get your father’s approval?” Gu Xiaoshan maintained his composure as a “reasonable defendant”, and again repeated, “I don’t remember.

” Old Mister Yu also rebutted.

“Then, when you don’t remember, did you get your father’s approval?” Gu Xiaoshan was confused, and carelessly fell into Old Mister Yu’s trap.

Yu Yuntao followed up on their success.

“You think our Yu family doesn’t want its dignity? If your dad knew, he’ll also beat you up, then deliver you here to admit your guilt!” “What are you saying?” Gu Xiaoshan regained his wits and said jokingly, “All these things, shouldn’t seeing be believing? For all we know, I’m the one who Renzi did that to!” .



“Hmm???!!!” Yu Yuntao was stunned.

“Huh???!!!” Old Mister Yu paused.

“Hmm???!!!” Renzi’s eyes rounded.

“Huh???!!!” Gu Xiaoshan touched his stomach, sighing, “I think I’m feeling a little discomfort.

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COM Yu Yuntao whipped his head around, pointing at Renzi, scolding, “You beast!” “Hmm???!!!” Renzi’s eyes rounded even more.

“Huh???!!!” Yu Yuntao only said, “Gu Xiaoshan has treated you like his brother, but because your love confession failed, you actually fucked him using intoxication as an excuse?! Are you still human?” Old Mister Yu added, “Mn, you really shouldn’t have done that.

Let’s go to the Gu house today to apologise, and propose marriage!” “Hmm???!!!” Renzi’s eyes were completely wide now.

“Huh???!!!” Gu Xiaoshan then spoke up, “You should write an apology letter for me to see first then.

Your Yu family wants its face, you think my Gu family doesn’t want ours?” The Yu family members were also taken aback.

Gu Xiaoshan took out his fountain pen from his pocket, and tore off a piece of paper from the organiser on the dining table and passed them both to Renzi.

Renzi was stunned.

“What? I didn’t… No, I… I also don’t know if I did or not…” Gu Xiaoshan said, “Who knows if you did or not? You write an apology and guarantee letter first.

Once you’re done, we’ll start dating.

” “Hmm???!!! Huh???!!!” The Yu father and sons all exclaimed in shock.

Renzi immediately bowed his head and wrote the apology letter.

“I, Yu Yunren, has wronged Gu Xiaoshan.

I gave him fake wine, and tarnished his spotless reputation.

I’m willing to take responsibility for him, and be his husband.

” Done, Renzi felt that it was not enough, and so dabbed his thumb in the chili sauce and left his thumbprint, together with his identification number.

Gu Xiaoshan blew at the chili sauce thumbprint to dry it, then folded it and kept it in his pocket.

“About today’s matter, we’ll leave it like this first.

If Renzi can treat me well in the future, and don’t make any mistakes, I’ll take it as nothing has happened.

If not, I, Gu Xiaoshan, won’t take it lying down.

” The three Yu family members suddenly felt that their status had been lowered, but could not say a word.

They even sent Young Master Gu Xiaoshan swaggering off.

Renzi was still out of the circle, completely lost.

However, his face was bright, his original sickly complexion now had a healthy flush to it.

Yu Yuntao scolded, “Useless!” He then went to wash his face — the porridge Renzi sprayed on him was still there.

Renzi did not comprehend the situation at all, but he knew one thing at least — Gu Xiaoshan had agreed to date him! It was like a dream.

He smiled foolishly, and even when Old Mister Yu scolded him, he was still smiling.

“There’s no hope, this child has become a fool.

” Old Mister Yu finally acknowledged that Renzi was hopeless.

By the time Renzi recovered his senses, it was already mid afternoon.

He relied on Yu Yuntao to patiently explain the situation to him, but Yu Yuntao would naturally not mention to Renzi that this was a premeditated “seizing the yellow-legged chicken” plan.

He spoke half-truthfully, “I think nothing did happen between Gu Xiaoshan and you, you guys were just black out drunk, and we’ve misunderstood.

However, since you’ve admitted to it, then we’ll just let things continue.

” Renzi contemplated over it, then started worrying, “Isn’t this a scam then? Would Brother Xiaoshan get angry?” Yu Yuntao instead said, “Then you’ve really underestimated Gu Xiaoshan.

If he really was a 100% against it, who would be able to force him?” Renzi was wild with joy.

As long as Gu Xiaoshan had 1% of willingness, he would be happy already.

However, he did not know that not only was Gu Xiaoshan not a “100% against it”, and he did not just have a “1% of willingness”, but he was already “100% completely willing”.

Old Mister Yu had informed Old Mister Gu immediately about Renzi dating Gu Xiaoshan.

Old Mister Gu fell over from shock, and thought he was still dreaming.

He looked at his calendar and confirmed that it was not April’s Fools Day.

His heart leapt out from his chest, and it took him some time before he could swallow it back.

He had no choice but to head down to the president’ office of the Gu Empire, looking for Gu Xiaoshan for a clarification.

Gu Xiaoshan too gave him a confirmation.

Old Mister Gu’s jaw dropped, unable to put it back up.

“W-why?” Gu Xiaoshan was rather helpless.

“Didn’t the two of you arrange for a blind date between Yu Yuntao and me? Now that I’m with Renzi, you’re not used to it?” “How did it turn out like this?” Old Mister Gu thought about it.

“Also, didn’t you look down on him for being stupid, and that he wasn’t suitable to be your partner?” Gu Xiaoshan also seemed to recall something like this.

When his blind date with Yu Yuntao was unsuccessful, Old Mister Gu had jokingly asked if he would consider Renzi.

Gu Xiaoshan had said that Renzi was not smart enough, and was not suitable as a partner.

At that time, Gu Xiaoshan had only said it casually, as he could see that Old Mister Gu was not very keen on Renzi, and only made a casual remark.

So he dodged the question, putting an end to the topic.

Now that things were like this, Gu Xiaoshan could only say, “Oh? Did I say that before? I think you remembered wrongly.

” With this response, Old Mister Gu too did not know how to continue.

Gu Xiaoshan speculated, “It’s actually you who look down on him for being stupid, right?” Old Mister Gu was taken aback.

“It’s not exactly like that.

That child has his good points, kind and innocent.

It’s only that his character is a little too simple, and I’m afraid he won’t be used to our ways.

” In the past when Old Mister Yu had half-jokingly asked to let Renzi have a blind date with Gu Xiaowu, Old Mister Gu got such a fright that his dentures nearly flew out of his mouth, and had been anxious for quite some time that Old Mister Yu would mention it again.

Now that he had finally calmed down, news came that his heir and Renzi were dating and even planned on getting engaged, would he not be frightened to death? Old Mister Gu then said, “Look at you, only coming home every few days.

Actually, there’s no hurry for you to settle down.

Even if you want to settle down, you should consider it carefully.

You also know about how Renzi was like in the past, changing girlfriends faster than he changed his clothes.

To suddenly say that he’s become a homosexual, it just sounds like a joke.

If it’s someone else, we’ll just forget about it, but he does have some status on our society.

Marriage is really not a game, you must think through it properly!” Gu Xiaoshan could hear his father’s misgivings.

First, with his father’s way of arranging for blind dates, he knew that Old Mister Gu preferred Gu Xiaoshan’s partner to be more decisive and bold.

Second, with Renzi’s rich dating history, his frivolous actions, irresponsibility, it made Old Mister Gu, who had suffered from love before, unable to not worry.

This happened to be the thing Gu Xiaoshan was also apprehensive about.

He quietened down, not knowing how to respond.

Seeing his child fall silent, Old Mister Gu worried even more.

“What exactly happened? The two of you grew up together, if you wanted to be together, you’ll long have done so.

Why did you suddenly say that you’re dating each other?” Gu Xiaoshan sighed deeply, knowing that no matter what he said, he would never receive his father’s approval.

He thus spread his hands helplessly, “Seems like Old Mister Yu didn’t tell you what happened last night.

” “What happened?” “Last night, I went over to see him.

We both got drunk, and did that.

The next morning when we woke up, we were both naked, and got caught by Old Mister Yu, so we were forced to be together.

” Old Mister Gu nearly fell from the couch from shock.

After that, he had no choice but to agree.

“Then, then there’s no other way.

The two of you should try being together then.

” Gu Xiaoshan had to be a little thankful for that “seizing the yellow-legged chicken” scam.

If not, to make his father accept Renzi, it would probably be a brand new storm.

However, Renzi kept feeling a sense of unease about this matter.

He had clearly chased after Gu Xiaoshan for such a long time, but now that he was suddenly accepted, Renzi was instead at a loss for what to do, and did not know how he should handle it.

He was troubled, and so again seeked help from Yu Yuntao.

Yu Yuntao was both angry and embarrassed by him, and only said, “It’s not like you’ve never dated anyone before, why are you asking about this?” Renzi was a little blank.

He had to admit that even though he had dated others before, but it felt like Gu Xiaoshan was different from others, and this made him feel like an inexperienced little boy.

So, Renzi thought about it and found an excuse.

“But this is the first time I’m dating a man.

” “Uhh…” Yu Yuntao seemed to agree with him.

“Dating tropes should be quite similar everywhere.

The first few dates are always shopping, watching a movie and eating.

” Yu Yuntao paused, then clapped Renzi on the shoulder.

“Don’t worry! You’re the only without experience! Gu Xiaoshan has a lot.

” Hearing that, Renzi instead got a little unhappy.